Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

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The trilogy from the author of Dust will take place in the same world as It’s Dark Matter.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

Lyra fans, rejoice! Author Philip Pullman announced yesterday that he is writing a new trilogy set in the same world as his popular novels.

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The first book in the yet-to-be-titled novel will be released on October 19, 2017, and will be 10 years before the event.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

While that sounds like a prequel in progress, Pullman assures readers that it’s intended to be a cohesive series, not always prequels or sequences.

The first book takes place earlier than the original trilogy and follows Lyra and Pantaleon. The second book is in November

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

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You may be wondering why Pullman decided to return to Lyra’s world. He has an answer too. In the description of the book, the author writes the following words.

Dust. The question of this mysterious and problematic object has been controversial for a decade before its dark documents appeared, and at the heart of the Book of Dust is a struggle between the This person and an evil organization, all people who want to do thinking and research. believe in thoughts and words. must be free. The idea of ​​dust filled his dark stuff. Little by little the idea of ​​Dust is what is clear from the story, but I always want to go back to it and find out more.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

The trilogy tells the story of Lyra and Will as they travel through parallel worlds. Adventure and conflict are central to the story, but physics, philosophy, and religion play an important role when Mrs. Coulter and the church kidnap the children to test the dust, which they believe is the body of the old sin.

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Want more fantasy news? Sign up for the Portalist newsletter and get our exclusive content straight to your inbox. It could lead to a wave of positive reviews and cultural interest in 2017’s superhero show, leading to a new spin on HBO Max. After all, these releases, especially those that fall into the “director’s cut” category, are very useful for film companies and very good for cultural institutions. between the audience and the filmmakers.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

In this post, I’ll look at some titles from Warner Media’s catalog that could benefit from HBO Max’s exclusive rights.

The trilogy was discussed by the director himself before its theatrical release. In an interview before the unveiling, Weitz made no secret of his desire to see the longer picture of home movies.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

Hbo’s ‘his Dark Materials’ Does Philip Pullman Justice. But The Timing Is Unfortunate

At the same time, it was noted that the last haircut, which was suitable for the show, was short. The general feeling is that the studio wants to make movies as short and fast as possible to maximize its revenue. Just two years after the picture flopped at the US box office, New Line Cinema helped land the film, and Weitz admitted that he had worked on it.

The series that he prepared in 2007 will be around 150 minutes long and will include, among other things, a rematch between Eva Green and Tom Courtney’s characters, which seems not to fit the speed Fast forward to the theatrical version. Many of the theater stages will also be expanded to provide more space for breathing and tissues.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

This conclusion was followed by the previous three chapters of the book (the protagonist Lyra’s friend Roger was killed by his uncle). To fix this, it has been announced that new items will be shot to help “explain” certain points in the story.

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Weitz originally said that he and the other filmmakers realized during the editing process that the film’s ending was the original ending.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

It would work better as the opening scene for the planned sequel. However, he later admitted that he decided after a bad test, where viewers who did not know the source found the ending scary and confusing.

The general consensus was that it was too dark for the casual audience, so Weitz decided to delete it rather than include it in a broken or “clean” form, with the aim of the restoration of it all in the next edition. . .

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

Alpha Book Club

The sequel was never released in American theaters, and Warner/New Line’s interest in releasing the lead album was lost, leaving audiences with neither the 150-minute cut nor the finale finally. (

Some of the images recently appeared in the video game, allowing some fans to guess the entire system available on YouTube.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

In 2014, writer Philip Pullman criticized the decision around the finale, citing the studio’s desire to create a single film opening for the film.

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Assuming Weitz gets the chance to release his version on HBO Max, he will almost always make up for the loss of the theatrical release. The length of the first ending has not been released as far as I know, but the fan break is around 10 minutes. Based on that, we can estimate that his director’s cut can last for 160 minutes or more.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

Due to VFX failure, it will cost $17 million to complete. However, it is doubtful that Warner has the interest and/or budget to make the Snyder Cut.

And I didn’t read the book it was based on. But the story behind the film editing process has always fascinated me. The film has already undergone some significant changes compared to the material during the adaptation, only to be re-edited and the story diluted in post-production.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

Beyond The Golden Compass: The Magic Of Philip Pullman [dvd] [2007]

It is true that most of the video footage was released on the studio floor before it was released in theaters. But it amazes me that Warner still hasn’t released it in print nearly 15 years after it hit theaters. It cannot be said for sure that the official version is required

But there are many signs that this is the case. At the very least, it’s going to be a pretty dark picture and honest to the material, which I think new fans will appreciate.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

The TV adaptation of the novel has received positive reviews in all respects, and the picture is good.

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Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

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Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

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Without the contrast or inconsistency of the material, Golden Compass overcompensates for the story’s weak dialogue and turns into a brilliant visual. Read reviews from reviewers

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

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Lyra Bellaqua (Dakota Blue Richards) lives in a parallel world where human souls take on the behavior of eternal creatures called demons. Dark forces operate in the world of girls, and many children are kidnapped by creatures called Gobblers. Lyra vows to save her best friend Roger after he disappears. He embarks on an epic quest to rescue Roger and save his world with the devil, a group of sailors, a witch, a polar bear, and a Texas pilot.

Will There Ever Be A Golden Compass 2?

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