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Will There Be Another Series Of Victoria – In 2016, PBS released its Netflix competitor “The Crown,” titled “Victoria,” focusing on the life of young Queen Victoria as she ascended to the British throne in the 1830s, when she was only 18. The series will feature Jenna Coleman, who many know from “Doctor Who” and the new Netflix true crime series “Vipers.” Based on the real life of Queen Victoria, the play tells the story of Victoria’s early life as she navigates her wayward masculinity, falls in love with Prince Albert, played by Tom Hughes, and becoming a mother. “Victoria” shows the queen struggling to balance her family life and her role as monarch amid the growing British Empire.

Victoria premiered on August 28, 2016, with eight episodes, followed by a second season in 2017. Season 3 was a slightly longer broadcast, premiering in the United States on January 13, 2019, and March 24, 2019. .U.K. The show has been slow to announce anything about a possible season 4 following the release of “Victoria” season 3, but new word from Coleman suggests that a season 4 could be coming.

Will There Be Another Series Of Victoria

Will There Be Another Series Of Victoria

It is difficult to predict the release date of season 4 for Victoria without mentioning a clear timeline or even the format of the previous season to gauge what fans can expect from the new season . Speaking to the Mirror in January 2021, Coleman said of Victoria’s future: “We’re talking about it now and setting the time. The problem is that there is too much story…I can play that role effectively. , until I’m 60.” The future of the series looked promising, but it certainly created problems for the team behind “Victoria.”

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Queen Victoria was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch until Queen Elizabeth II broke the record in 2015, so the show could cover a lot over the years. Like the similar TV series The Crown, the series changes every two seasons as the characters age. It is unclear how long “Victoria” wants to continue and whether Coleman is willing to stick with the role. Focusing only on season 4 of Victoria, it seems that everyone wants to continue with season 4, but it is difficult to predict when. If the talks continue, fans may see a new episode next year.

In addition to Coleman and Hughes, there are many famous British actors you know about Victoria. In seasons 1 and 2, Rufus Sewell, who will appear in M. Night Shyamalan’s next film, “The Old,” plays Lord Melbourne, Victoria’s friend and mentor, and Katherine Fleming plays the Queen mother. , Duchess of Kent. Among the supporting roles for the three seasons so far are Peter Bowles as the Duke of Wellington, Neil Hudson as Nancy Skerritt, Ferdinand Kingsley as Mr. Frank Carterley, and Jordan Waller as Mr. Lord Aldred Paget.

Considering who is likely to continue on to Victoria season 4, there are some people who had major roles in season 3 who may appear in new episodes. In politics, the Treaty Movement has Lord Palmerston (Lawrence Fox), John Russell (John Sessions) and Fergus O’Connor (Ben Cartwright). Also having an affair are Princess Fyodor (Kate Fleetwood), Victoria’s half-sister Sophie, Duchess of Monmouth (Lily Travers) and the sweepers Sophie and Joseph Weld (David Burnett). Season 4 will likely continue the stories of these characters, while introducing new people who shaped Queen Victoria’s life.

Season 3 of Victoria was great, ending with suspense when Prince Albert fell for Victoria. The season ended in 1851 with the Great Exhibition, which Albert helped pioneer. As the real Prince Albert did not die until 1861, there is much more to tell in Victoria. After the events of Season 3, Queen Victoria had two more children, Prince Leopold and Princess Beatrice, and the Crimean War broke out in 1853.

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As for “Victoria’s” personal story, season four may take a deeper look at the issues Victoria and Albert faced as a couple, such as their disagreements over how to raise their children. At the end of season 3, the couple clashed with Victoria’s half-sister Fodora over her decision to marry their daughter. With nine children of their own, Victoria and Albert soon have to face a difficult decision as well. Another important figure, Lord Palmerston, decided to stay in London with his wife because the politician had a dream of becoming prime minister.

Of course, it is also possible that “Victoria” goes a bit further, since there are so many important events that cover the long life of Queen Victoria. Hopefully, as the factors surrounding season 4 of “Victoria” become more real, there will be more information about the possible plots. Victoria fans are still waiting to learn about the future of the show – and whether Jenna Coleman will return.

While fans of ITV’s period drama Victoria are still holding out hope for a long-awaited fourth season, it looks like the series has been called off (at least for now).

Will There Be Another Series Of Victoria

The broadcaster recently confirmed there are “no plans” to make a fourth series – but said there was no reason it couldn’t “later on”.

Victoria Season 4

“There are currently no plans to shoot Victoria, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see the series with the production team in the future,” ITV said in July 2021.

When Jenna Coleman (“Vipers”) revealed in early 2021 that she was in talks with Victoria for a fourth season, viewers’ hopes for the upcoming fourth season were rekindled – and then she said there would be more to come multi season arrival.

“Honestly, I could play this character until I’m 60,” the 34-year-old said, although she admitted that the series may have reached a point where female characters could be more remove age.

She told the Mirror in January 2021: “Obviously, at the moment, I’m only up to a certain age – unless I’m on a prosthetic leg for a few hours a day.”

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As of July 2021, ITV has confirmed that Victoria has “no plans” to return, at least for now.

Back in May 2019, series star Jenna Coleman confirmed that the series would be “taking a break” after the end of season three.

However, in August 2020, the star confirmed that she would be willing to reprise her role, saying: “I’ll wait until I’m older. Too many good stories [don’t do another series].”

Will There Be Another Series Of Victoria

Creator Daisy Goodwin previously confirmed a fourth season of Victoria, but we still don’t know when the show will hit the small screen. We will contact you as soon as there is an update.

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Another set of Victorian doors were opened, in which the third set was completed by (warning!) Prince Albert falling onto the floor of Buckingham Palace.

But unless author Daisy Goodwin is seriously moved from real life, Prince Albert will survive this terrible health scare. At the end of season three, we reach 1851 and the Universal Exposition, so he has ten years to live before he dies in 1861.

In the years following 1851, Queen Victoria’s last two children, Prince Leopold and Princess Beatrice, were born. They also witnessed the rise of Lord Palmerston as Prime Minister and the start of the Crimean War.

Nevertheless, Coleman’s comments suggest that Victoria may have outgrown it in time. It is also possible that Coleman and Tom Hughes (Prince Albert) will give up their roles and hand them over to older actors… .

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“I’ve got seven kids on the show now, so it’s definitely not true any more,” Coleman told Graham Norton. “I’m continuing my age and my age.”

The actress, who has thought about it before, said: “It’s going to get to the point where I have to [be censored]. The idea of ​​me playing Victoria meets Abdul is absolutely impossible.

“But it was hard to give her up, especially as she got older. She became everything she knew – her patience and honesty, unable to hide her feelings.

Will There Be Another Series Of Victoria

“[The reshoots] present a lot of challenges, and it’s hard to be an actor – once you’ve done that, it’s hard to give up.”

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Writer Daisy Goodwin said she already knew she wanted to write a fourth season, saying she wouldn’t replace Coleman and co-star Tom Hughes.

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