September 27, 2022

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Will There Be Another Series Of Dexter

Will There Be Another Series Of Dexter

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Is There Going To Be A Dexter: New Blood Season 2?

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Dexter Season 10: Every Original Character Who Could Still Return

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Will There Be Another Series Of Dexter

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Dexter: New Blood’ Season 2? What We Know About The Chance Of More Episodes

It tops the worst list. When the Michael C. Hall-directed series ended in 2013 after eight seasons, the way it ended – with Jennifer Carpenter’s Debra dead and Dexter living the life of a lumberjack – left many viewers unhappy.

Original creator and showrunner Clyde Phillips, who left the series after season 4, later shared that he had a different ending in mind.

“In the last scene of the series, Dexter wakes up. And everyone will think, “Oh, it was a dream.” And then the camera goes back and back and back and then we realize, “No, it’s not a dream.” Dexter opened his eyes and laid down on the execution table. in a Florida prison. They just started medicating and he’s looking out the window in the observation gallery,” she told E! after the 2013 series finale. “And in the gallery are all the people that Dexter killed, including the Trinity killer and the ice truck killer. (his brother Rudy), LaGuerta, who was responsible for killing him, Doakes, who I think is responsible, Rita, who is probably responsible for it, Lila. Who were all the major deaths and also the weekly episodic murders. They are all there. … His life literally flashed before his eyes when he was about to die. I think it will be a great, epic and very satisfying conclusion.”

Now that Phillips is back at the helm of the revival series Dexter: New Blood, 10 years have passed, and the creator has no regrets about sharing this original ending with the world.

Dexter Is Being Revived In A Limited Series With Michael C. Hall Returning

“This conversation has nothing to do with how we got to this season and how I wanted to tell this story. That was a conversation 10 years ago,” he said on TV’s Top 5 podcast on Friday, Nov. 5. “It didn’t affect us. We really wanted to show that 10 years have passed.”

As for the new season, fans should be excited, but the creator remains mum about what comes next

“[Anton] Chekhov said the ending should be surprising but inevitable. “Ours is surprising, inevitable and satisfying,” Phillips added. “Audiences will be happy with the ending as their brains explode. … I’m not talking about the end anymore.”

Will There Be Another Series Of Dexter

Showtime entertainment president Gary Levine also downplayed the future of the show when the series was announced in August. “We call it a limited series, but the rules say it can’t be a limited series if it’s from something that’s been in the air for a long time,” Levine told the press in August. “So we call it a special occasion here. It’s a meeting for me

Dexter Revival Coming To Showtime As Limited Series

And a fitting end to a great season.” He added, “You’re way ahead of me,” when asked about a potential sequel to his story.

“It wasn’t my decision, but 28 months ago, July 1, 2019, Showtime president Gary Levine called me and said, ‘Michael is ready.’ And we want you to do that. So I said, ‘Give me 10 days to think about this. and to find a way to get in here,'” Phillips said.

At the premiere in New York. “So I took those 10 days and worked. I was on Martha’s Vineyard. I flew here to meet Michael at his apartment to worship and within half an hour he was up, hugging me and saying, “I love you. Tell me.”

The author added that he called Levine on the way to the airport. “I said, ‘Michael’s in. He loves it.’ And he said, ‘Okay, rent the writing room,'” Phillips recalled. “He didn’t say, ‘Go write a pilot.’ He didn’t say, ‘Show me a concept.’ He said, ‘Hire writers,’ which meant we knew we were on the air.

Watch Dexter Season 1

Listen to Watch with us to learn more about your favorite shows and the latest TV news! (L-R): Michael C. Hall as Dexter and Jennifer Carpenter as Deb in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, “Runaway.” Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME.

We took our time on Showtime, but while the story moves slowly, we’re happy to have Dexter Morgan back on our screens! But with so much still to happen, fans are wondering if

Jim finds Dexter Morgan in a new place called Lindsay. He has a new life, a simple job and a girlfriend who is a cop who looks like Debra (or is it just me?). Harrison breaks his normal routine, finds his father and is desperate for answers. Dexter happily accepts Harrison and tries to bond with him after so many years, but the audience doesn’t trust Harrison. Not to mention that Harrison and Dexter don’t get along for long. at all

Will There Be Another Series Of Dexter

There’s a lot going on, but will it end in time, or will the final episodes be rushed and chaotic…just like the final season of the original series? What I said!

Dexter: New Blood Release Date, Cast, Trailer, How To Watch

At the time of writing, there are no plans to expand the series. In fact, Polygon reminds fans

It will be “breathtaking, surprising, surprising, unexpected.” Oh yeah, Phillips is pushing this new series, even saying that “the finale of this new season … will blow up the internet.” WHOA.

Never say never! I know many “miniseries” that got another season or two. It all depends on the story and if the fans want to see more. And we never want Dexter Morgan again.

New episodes of Dexter: New Blood will air on Showtime on Sunday, December 19 at 12:01 PM ET. We’ll update this post as soon as we get more details! The show has made a surprise comeback more than once. *CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR DEXTER: NEW BLOOD SEASON 1*

Dexter To Return For A New Season After Eight Year Break

Eight years after that disappointing finale, the hit serial killer drama Dexter is back with a reboot called Dexter: New Blood.

The reboot, which picks up 10 years after the end of the original Season 8, was an attempt to right the wrongs of the much-criticized finale (more on that in our Dexter: New Blood review).

And the revival must be doing something right, because it has officially become Showtime’s most-watched series of all time, with the show’s 10 episodes averaging about 8 million viewers per week.

Will There Be Another Series Of Dexter

“We are thrilled by the overwhelming response from millions of fans to Dexter: New Blood over the past 10 weeks,” said Gary Levine, President of Entertainment, Showtime Networks. “Whether they loved the final or couldn’t bear to see it end, we truly appreciate their passion.”

Will There Be A Season 2 Of ‘dexter: New Blood’?

So it’s no surprise that fans addicted to the series are wondering if there will be a second season of Dexter: New Blood.

Read on for everything you need to know about the second season of Dexter: New Blood. But beware: full Dexter: New Blood spoilers follow!

If you watched the epic finale of Dexter: New Blood, you probably assumed that the answer to the question of whether or not there will be a second season would be ‘no’, as Dexter finally gets the ending he deserves and fatally be shot. Harrison’s wounds at the hands of his son.

New Blood was originally billed as a limited series, with Showtime Entertainment president Gary Levine previously telling Deadline, “Dexter is a limited series and any further discussion about Dexter will have to wait until the limited series ends and we see where we are with our stories and we are with the characters

Dexter New Blood: Reboot Plot, Trailer, Release Date, Cast, And More

“Dexter is really designed to be a fitting end to the series and I think we’re going to deliver that in the best possible way.”

Now that Dexter is dead, it continues

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