Will’s Oxford His Dark Materials

Will’s Oxford His Dark Materials – The BBC One series, based on Philip Pullman’s novel, has been filmed in the studios. How did they create those fantasy lands? I’ll reveal all…

One of the hallmarks of Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy is the magical world it creates within its pages, a wonderland full of wonder and imagination among its loyal readers.

Will’s Oxford His Dark Materials

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

So bringing this world to the screen, BBC One’s TV adaptation (along with creating the characters’ souls) will be one of the biggest challenges. Although we have visited many strange and wonderful places. You may be surprised to know that many TV series are filmed on purpose-built sets.

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As in the first version of the show; Most of the second series was filmed at Bad Wold Studios in Cardiff.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

Series producer and executive producer Joel Collins said of the studios: “When I first came to the studio, it was set up as a warehouse, a studio. It was semi-built, no office, nothing. It’s a Welsh show where Jane’s belief is in the middle of the whole process.

“It’s not just about the show, it’s about the belief in how we can do it here, using all the talent here. We can build a place and we can actually bring things here, we don’t have to travel overseas,” Mounts said. “

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

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One of the most important sets in the second season is Sittagazze, another desert city that Will and Lyra visit separately. It is the backdrop for most of the series and was created from scratch in the studio.

According to Collins, Cittàgazze’s research was done in France; The Italian team searched more than 120 cities, including locations in Morocco and Croatia, and deciding on a design for the city was a difficult task.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

“Great; It’s not a big deal. This is a huge supporter. But the most interesting thing is that it is not just a highway. Sometimes backlot sets are lost.

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“All I want to do is be lucky enough to have the core of the religion. But I want everyone to disappear on the streets. The camera may get lost on the way; You can suddenly go from a small town to a big city. “

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

He also explained that he has not yet decided to shoot in an actual city. “What city will take over the whole city and allow you to watch and change a lot of details and work for six months in the summer?”

Even when I found the wonderful Cittàgazze, which has its own flavor, I did a lot of research and made it fast by selling shirts and shoes to tourists. Tourists and others are not allowed to enter except during coke week. So there is something to think about to make it real and realistic.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

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Cittàgazze may be the most impressive set, but it’s not the only one the studio has built from scratch.

Also, in Episode 1, the Magisterium, which tortures his witch Katia, built a submarine; The set is “very brutally designed … it’s part of the show,” he said.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

Also, the witches’ gathering place was built in a studio with cloud pine trees that became the centerpiece of the complex. “It’s where the clouds and the pines grow and meet. The lighting of the outdoor studio is feathery with wind and fog and moonlight. It’s magic,” Collins says.

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Although most of the footage was shot at Bad Wold Studios, there were some locations in Oxford and Wales to represent Will Oxford’s filming.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

In 2019, some fans saw Daphne Keane and Amir Wilson filming at Oxford Botanic Gardens, while Plasturton Gardens in Pontcanna, Cardiff was used as a portal between our world and Sitaazz.

However, Mary Malone’s lab in Oxford was filmed at Bad Wolf Studios and the team built a quantum computer for the lab.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

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“We’ve built a version of the quantum processor, which is the most important capability. So what we’re going to do with Mary Malone is to connect it to our data acquisition. It’s a really powerful technology, and it’s going to be even more important in the next two years,” Collins said.

In an interview with executive producer Jane Tranter, she explains why she decided to watch so much inside.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

He said: “There’s always been a strong Spider-Man idea that Dark Materials should be done in-house. It’s a fenced-in world, so you don’t build an Oxford, you don’t build an Oxford, don’t build a fence in the North, build a North, but that’s not the idea.

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“It has to give the audience a different feeling than shooting on a snowy plain. I always thought that the transparency of everything was self-delusion. Make it all about text and performance. Let the people do the rest. Really let them go.”

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

Lord Asriel’s Laboratory; Jordan College Internal Affairs; Many scenes from books such as Bolvangar and Iofur Castle were shot in the studio.

Designer Joel Collins also said it was difficult to pick a favorite pair from the series. “We were almost done shooting, and he asked me, ‘What’s your favorite set?’ “He asked and I said, ‘It just happened,’ it’s amazing,” she said.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

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Kingdom of Panserbørn (armored bear) and King of Iofur as in Bolwangar. It was shot entirely at Bad Wolf Studios in South Wales and enhanced with CGI. Yes, even ice cream.

“It’s Iofur’s castle in the mountains of Svalbard,” says event designer Joel Collins.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

“He’s humanized this polar bear world. He lives in a cave made of gold and stone, and he has a throne and they have martial arts. That’s his vanity.”

The Amber Spyglass

James McAvoy’s Lord Asriel’s home and office took center stage in the last two episodes of the series, but eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed it in the premiere episode as well.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

The lab-like sets, including the rock-top exterior, were all built at Bad Wolf Studios in Cardiff.

“The dream that Asriel had in his lab, every time I put it together, I would break it as much as I could,” he said.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

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“Because what I’m trying to do is make it look like it’s broken and rebuilt,” he says, like building a house with Legos, so I take it apart and build it badly. Put it back together.

Therefore, key parts such as the Hearth were shown and intended to give the impression that Asriel wanted to complete the construction as soon as possible. Half-baked beauty.

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

The refrigerator used by General Oblation Board (The Gobblers) was originally built and filmed on the Bad Wolf studio set. The corridors, rooms and testing labs are part of a larger set of artificial snow and ice (specially wax) interlocking blocks in Cardiff, but the exterior of the building has been successfully created using VFX.

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“If you’re in Bear Palace or Bolwangar, you’re in crazy places where you feel like you’re there,” designer Collins told me during a tour of Bolwangar Hall. . “But that’s not where you start learning.”

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

The Lapland port town of Trollesund did not appear until the fourth episode of the series, but the filming process was particularly interesting. The group built an entire town starting in Crickhowell, near Abergavenny, South Wales.

“Trollsund is amazing,” says Daphne Keane, who voices Lyra in the series. “It’s amazing that they built a whole city in the middle of the sky in a northern fishing village that should be in Norway.”

Will's Oxford His Dark Materials

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