September 28, 2022

Who’s Stronger Shazam Or Black Adam? – With the release date of the recent DCEU tentpole film Black Adam, many people are learning about what used to be a fairly third tier DC character. This is to be expected, especially with movie star and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson in the role.

As more and more people become aware of the character and his powers, one question has emerged: Is Black Adam stronger than Superman? Let’s dive in and find out.

Who’s Stronger Shazam Or Black Adam?

Who's Stronger Shazam Or Black Adam?

Black Adam is one of the most complex characters in the DC Universe. While he may not be as well known to casual DCEU fans and the general public, the character has been at the center of some of the hottest DC stories of the past two decades.

Shazam Vs Black Adam (injustice Gods Among Us)

He is one of the best heroes against DC – with the power of a god and a love for violent activities. The character first appeared in 1945 and was created by cartoonist C.C. it was created by Beck and writer Otto Binderhoe, who coincidentally conceived a DC counterpart, Shazam. Black Adam, also known as Teth-Adam, is an ancient pharaoh and the first human to be endowed with Shazam powers.

His acronym is slightly different, with a more Egyptian twist. S stands for Shu, which means endurance; H means Hershef, which means strength; A stands for Amon, which means strength; Z is for Zehuti, which means wisdom, and M is for Menthu, which means courage.

As others are imbued with the same kind of power, Adam simply shouts “Shazam!” say the word. And he transforms into the all-powerful Black Adam and exerts his powers. This includes:

Black Adam is vulnerable to certain types of magic, but they must be remarkably strong. He can even revert to his human persona with his lightning attacks if he is not careful. Honestly, that’s about it.

Black Adam Will Fight Superman Whoever Plays Him Says Dwayne Johnson

Superman gets his power from the sun. He is an alien from the planet Krypton and has powers.

He is incredibly strong, but can be killed and is vulnerable to Kryptonite. Kryptonite is radioactive shards from his home planet and makes him the limits of an ordinary person. Prolonged exposure will kill you. Well, he was beaten by doomsday. Even Batman nearly killed him, but Black Adam doesn’t have that track record.

Superman is also vulnerable to electricity and has been seen recoiling from it in battles with Livewire and Deadshot. He is also susceptible to Parasite’s Energy Drain, which also deals with electricity. However, Superman rarely uses his full potential and has previously expressed concern that he would kill people if he went full power. For example, he overpowered Darkseid and landed a blow powerful enough to send him through three or four skyscrapers.

Who's Stronger Shazam Or Black Adam?

It won’t be an easy fight regardless, but when you put them together and look at them from a statistical standpoint, it looks like Black Adam will have the upper hand. Superman is strong but has many weaknesses. They are also very evenly matched in terms of physical skills, but Superman lacks clairvoyance, infinite knowledge, and is also bound by his moral code to protect humanity.

Black Adam (disambiguation)

Black Adam wants to know how to deal with Superman, he wants to know that Superman is weak to kryptonite but also his weakness to electricity. Ironically, Black Adam’s marquee power is his lightning, so Superman has to be very careful when dealing with Black Adam.

In short, Black Adam has an answer to every one of Superman’s powers. Both have super speed, flight, strength and hearing, and both are somewhat immortal. If Black Adam were to incapacitate Superman and take him away from the sun, that would instantly be better.

If Superman had found a way to reflect Black Adam’s lightning back at him, he would have had a chance to kill him. There are many variables involved, but Black Adam will have the upper hand and Superman will have to work hard and be very careful to win the fight.

, Black Adam is possessed by Xanadoth, Lord of Chaos. As the Justice League discusses the case, Batman says that Superman is off the planet. Green Lantern replies, “We certainly don’t need Lady Chaos jumping from Black Adam to Superman,” implying that he thinks Superman is more powerful.

Black Adam’s 10 Best Powers, Ranked

But if you look at the statistics, it doesn’t look like that. Therefore, it appears that we are at an impasse. Hopefully a future fight between Superman and Black Adam will clear the air. Black Adam and Shazam: Fury of the Gods suggests that DC Films is taking a page from the Monsterverse playbook.

We learned earlier this week that Lucy Liu, Henry Gayden and David F. Sandberg are joining a ridiculously stacked cast.

Rachel Zeigler joins returning cast members from the first (Zachary Levy, Mark Strong and Billy Batson’s entire foster family) among franchise newcomers.

Who's Stronger Shazam Or Black Adam?

Hudselo Dwayne Johnson stars alongside Noah Centineo’s Atom Smasher, Sarah Shahi’s Isis, Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman, Quintessa Swindell’s Cyclone and Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate. The interesting thing is twofold. Firstly

Dwayne Johnson Pushed For Black Adam To Not Be In Shazam

It looks like DC Films is building their own little cinematic universe within the franchise. Second, at first glance, this DC Films series appears to be taking a page from the Monsterverse playbook.

. It earned enough to be a Superman reboot hit ($291 million domestic and $668 million worldwide) starring Henry Cavill, but not enough to be an unqualified smash (it wasn’t that problematic either, since it was incredibly front-loaded and divisive). In a classic Warner Bros. panic drama they cast Ben Affleck’s Batman in the sequel, which was

. The Zack Snyder-directed film was a commercial success, grossing $330 million domestically and $873 million worldwide, but suffered from poor reviews, modest word of mouth, and massive frontloading (it opened with $424 million worldwide). Regardless of the heavily mutilated story (“Final Edition” is better), conventional wisdom suggests that Warner Bros.

This makes the development of the Legendary Monsterverse, which coexists with DC Films in the Warner Bros. release list, so much fun. Gareth Edwards

Black Adam: Plot, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know About The Dwayne Johnson Film

In 2014, it grossed $200 million domestically ($93 million from debut) and $529 million worldwide. Not immediately

The 1970s prequel debuted in early 2017 to solid reviews and solid buzz. John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John C. There was a stacked cast including Reilly and Tom Hiddleston. It grossed $168 million from a $60 million debut in China and $168 million domestically (compared to $68 million for

In the rapidly growing Chinese market) and $569 million worldwide. Alas, it led to Gareth Edwards firing Michael Dougherty

Who's Stronger Shazam Or Black Adam?

The best case scenario (especially on the Covid curve) opened for business last month at $365 million and counting so far, including $170 million in China. Factors that prevented it during the pandemic (closed markets, capacity constraints, theaters not operating during the day, etc.) were balanced by excitement in the first major tentpole of the Covid vaccine era. Similarly, the circumstances of its presentation would have clarified some indifference

Shazam Movie: Five Things We Want To See

388583 04: The Scorpion King (played by The Rock) enjoys a fight in “The Mummy Returns”. (Photo by ILM/Universal Studios)

We won’t pretend that the situation would be the same for DC Films if they followed this particular plan. It is possible to a

Monsterverse was sold as a glorified pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, not a significant step.

As a spectacular event. In that sense, yes, I argue that the films Zachary Levy and Dwayne Johnson flick used in Shazam Vs. Where in the fight for the title of Black Adam

Black Adam Joins The Dc Comics Universe In Shazam! #28, Up For Auction

Originally a malevolent, ancient-Egyptian variation of Shazam/Captain Marvel (no, not that Captain Marvel), Black Adam became the archenemy of Shazam and his “Marvel family”. But recent repairs and reboots (specifically

DC Comics relaunched in the mid-2000s) created him as an anti-hero gone bad after a personal tragedy. I think there are plans for a Dwayne Johnson movie. I can’t say if he goes full-on baddie in later films, but it wouldn’t be the first time Johnson has played a likable hero who ends up full of evil (

Rave reviews and grossed $366 million on a $90 million budget. Audiences better meet this particular Theo-Adam before he and Billy Bateson cast the superheroic alter-ego.

Who's Stronger Shazam Or Black Adam?

If Shazam and Black Adam finally engage in, er, mortal combat, it will be after viewers (hopefully) have seen both.

Black Adam: Every Time He’s Fought Shazam! In The Comics

Hudselo Not only will both characters be established in their respective franchises, but it will be the popular cinematic incarnation of Shazam (played by a movie star no less) meeting the (presumably) popular cinematic incarnation of Black Adam.

It pitted the Monsterverse version of Godzilla against the Monsterverse version of King Kong. This uniqueness is important for both the MCU (it seems to be about specific versions of iconic superheroes played by well-known actors) and the DC Films series (people like Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn from ‘ Margot Robbie ).

So yes, a “Shazam Fights Black Adam” movie, and I believe that will eventually happen,

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