Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass – Dark Materials’ Daphne Keen and The Golden Compass’ Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra. Credit: BBC/HBO/New Line Cinema

The acclaimed new adaptation has been compared to the original 2007 theatrical version, which received a largely negative critical reception upon release: it has a 42% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

Star Dakota Blue Richards has now revealed his feelings for her by watching the new BBC series, admitting it was ‘weird’ for her.

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On the His Darker Materials podcast, she said, “It’s kind of weird to watch, I watched it myself because I thought it was something I wanted to do on my own and not have other people’s opinions.” The television adaptation has a longer run than the film.

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

“What’s interesting about the show is that I think because they have so much more time than we do, they can fill that time however they want. And you see a lot of things on the show that aren’t necessarily what you see the show.” books and certainly not in the film.

“So it’s like watching it again because there are so many things that I couldn’t have predicted. So it’s exciting and also weird. Watching it, the show is different enough that you forget it’s the same.” .. or not the same, but based on the same thing.’

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass Illustrated Edition Ebook By Philip Pullman

Richards also opened up about the difference between her and new actress Daphne Keen’s portrayal of Lyra, saying, ‘I think the biggest difference between me and Daphne, when I see her, is that… age like me. She was 14. , me 11 or 12, and a few years at that age makes a big difference.

“But she’s also a professional actress, she’s already demonstrated her talent before coming into this project. So her approach is very thoughtful and there’s a maturity to her portrayal of Lyra that probably surpasses mine.” expectations”. But I think it’s because I was young, but had no acting experience and no sense of the world I was in.

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

Writer Philip Pullman recently weighed the comparison between the two adaptations, praising Richards’ performance while admitting he didn’t have enough time for the film.

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“As happy as I am with HDM’s TV adaptation, I don’t want to criticize GC’s movie too much,” he tweeted. “A great cast, with Dakota Blue Richards shining as the lodestar, made the best of her with the time she had on her hands, which wasn’t enough.”

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

The BBC series aired just weeks ago to critical and fan acclaim, becoming the biggest new British TV show in five years.

Sam Ryder: ‘Eurovision was the perfect point in my journey to lay all the cards on the table’ Facing fascists in Philip Pullman’s BBC adaptation is a no-brainer for the actor whose improvisation left Wolverine without words. Miracle talks jellyfish, religion and his night with Lin-Manuel Miranda

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

Golden Compass Finds Its Way

D’Afne Keen doesn’t look much like Lyra Belacqua, at least not as described by Philip Pullman in his Dark Materials. In Northern Lights, the first book in the trilogy, she is “like a half-wild cat” with dirty fingernails, green eyes, and dirty-blonde hair. Keane, who is half English and half Spanish and lives in Madrid, is frowning and already has an intense gaze, as anyone who has seen her next to Hugh Jackman in Wolverine Logan’s Swan Song knows. When we meet in a London hotel, she has the composure of a true professional, despite her being 14 years old.

She was about 12 when she finished filming Logan. She heard about the BBC/HBO adaptation of His Dark Materials, then in its early stages, and sent in an audition tape. But she didn’t hear. “I thought, okay, I’ll get on with my life,” she says. “When I was stung by a jellyfish.”

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

The production team finally responded and asked her to shoot another tape. Keane was on vacation in Puerto Rico. “I thought, okay, I’m going to have a good swim and then I’ll get ready. All of a sudden I felt this thing on my face and then it started stinging and then it spread all over my face.” I went to my mom and said, ‘Mom! Is it really red?’ My mom said, “No, that’s fine.” And then she says, “Oh no, that’s not good.” “So my audition is jelly face,” she smiles.

Lyra In ‘the Golden Compass’ ‘memba Her?!

The next step was her meeting with Ruth Wilson, who plays Mrs. Coulter, one of the worst characters in children’s literature. “I was sitting in the waiting room with 20 other girls,” Keane recalls. “I thought, oh my god, they’re all white. I don’t physically look like this character, and all these girls do. I walked in, shook hands with Ruth, and five minutes later she looked at me. And he said, ‘ You know, you have the same eyebrows as me.’ A few days later, he began rehearsing with Wilson and the puppets. In Pullman’s books, people are possessed by demons, an animal manifestation of their “inner selves” that lives with them. Because the on-screen demons are CGI, the actors they filmed their scenes with the puppets so their interactions are as authentic as possible.

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

Naturally, Keane practices describing what his demon would be like if there were demons in this world. “I’m pretty easy to spot because that’s what everyone called me on set. Everyone called me Monkey.” In the books, demons shapeshift until their humans reach adulthood, when they settle into solid animal form. Keane especially liked as Pine Marten.

We meet the morning after the world premiere of His Dark Materials, which Keane has seen firsthand. “Everyone saw it but me! I’m really busy filming season two, so I didn’t have time to watch it. Philip Pullman was right next to me and I was like, Oh my god! But I think they loved it. “That.” Did he agree? “His wife came to me and was very sweet and said I was the perfect Lyra. I’m really happy to hear that.”

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass (film)

Keane had not read the trilogy before auditioning. “Now I’m a big, big fan. When I read the books, I realized it’s great news for the world and it’s important that we have stories about girls because there aren’t many of those stories,” he says. Jack Thorne, who wrote the screenplay, compared Lyra to Greta Thunberg at the premiere. Even though she doesn’t know it, the future of the world rests on Lyra’s shoulders and she must fight to the death to defeat the forces that seek to suppress freedom . will and free thought. Keane approved of the Thunberg comparison: “I’m really scared of that girl.”

There have been various adaptations of her Dark Materials over the years: a series for Radio 4, a play at the National Theater and a 2007 Hollywood project, The Golden Compass, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. It was supposed to be a trilogy, but only the first was made, and Pullman’s theme of a violent authoritarian religious body was melted almost beyond recognition. The TV series appears to live up to its source material and its Magisterium, the governing body of the Church, is portrayed as a fascist regime.

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

In 2007, the Catholic League called for a boycott of Il Compasso d’Oro, despite the removal of religious references, and the Vatican also condemned the film and Pullman’s work. Keane saw it coming: Did he know this new take could be controversial given the film’s appeal? “I thought it was sad, but I understand why they had to do it,” she diplomatically explains the decision to tone down the book’s themes. “But I think people are reading too much into it. When Filip writes about the Education Office, he is not bringing down the Church, but the system.

Why Was The Golden Compass Book Banned

Keane was born and raised in Spain and is bilingual. His mother Maria is Spanish and an acting teacher, as is Keane’s father Will. He has a role in the Dark Matter of him as Father MacPhail, a faithful Magisterium. “It’s terrible,” says Keen. “He always plays bad guys. I don’t know why because he’s so cool. I really think it’s because he’s bald and has green eyes.” She basically grew up in a rehearsal theater because of her parents, but she thought she would

Who Played Lyra In The Golden Compass

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