October 1, 2022

According to reports, Elon Musk’s son Vivian has filed a petition in California to change his name as well as his gender following the transition. Vivian Musk was born Xavier Musk and has made it clear that he plans to change his gender to avoid any ties with SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

Vivian’s official reason for the petition, which was posted online, is “Gender identity” and the fact that Vivian no longer wants to be related to her biological father in any way shape or form.

According to TMZ, the 18-year old changed her full name to Xavier Alexander Musk and Vivian Jenna Wilson. She took her mother’s last names because she “wanted to be recognized as a female.” The hearing is set for Friday, June 24, 2022.

Vivian Wilson (formerly Xavier Musk) was born to Justine Wilson and Elon Musk in 2004. Griffin Musk is his twin brother. Vivian and Griffin were siblings to Nevada Alexander Musk, a younger sister who was born in 2002. At 10 weeks old, Nevada succumbed to sudden infant death syndrome.

Justine and Elon welcomed their triplets, Damian, Kai and Saxon, in 2006. They separated in 2008. They share custody of their five children. The controversial entrepreneur shares son X A-12, who was born in 2020, as well as daughter Exa Dark Siderl (who was born in 2021 with Grimes). They separated in September 2021.

Elon Musk claims he supports transgender rights, but he was criticised in 2020 for using preferred pronouns that are offensive to transgender people and those who are not bisexual. She tweeted that she supported transgender issues, but that all of these pronouns were an “aesthetic nightmare” and called it “obnoxious.”

The Post reached out to Musk representatives but they did not respond immediately. He was also not aware of Vivian’s petition earlier in the week.

Justine Wilson, Musk’s ex-wife said that she was proud of Vivian’s new name. Canadian-born fantasy writer, Justine Wilson, has had a lovely conversation with one of their twin sisters.

After it was revealed that their transgender daughter had made a decision to change her name in order to end all ties with her billionaire father, this is a natural step. Wilson, mother to five Musk children, had a Twitter conversation with one her twins on Monday, June 20, 2022.

Justine Wilson tweeted “I had a strange life,” her 18-year old son said to me. This was after Vivian’s name became public and a petition for gender equality began to circulate online. . She also quoted her son, saying “I can’t believe that I looked as normal and normal as I should.”

Wilson didn’t specify the twins with whom the conversation was held, but the post comes in the wake of recent news that Vivian has publicly distanced herself from Elon. She also stated that she had told her twins “I am so proud” and they replied “I am proud of me!”

Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, introduces Emme, her child with world celebrities. She uses gender-neutral pronouns. According to Glamor Magazine, Emme, one of J.Lo’s children with Marc Anthony, sings and even takes the stage with her mother.

Emme Maribel Lopez, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, and Emme Maribel, their vocal talents were first displayed together during the It’s My Party tour, in 2019. Emme joined her mother again on stage at 2020 Super Bowl. This has been featured in numerous documentaries. Halftime, Jennifer Lopez’s new Netflix.

J.Lo introduced Emme on the stage in one of their newest duets at the LA Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala. He said, “The last time that we performed together, it was in a large stadium like this.”

“I asked them to sing along with me every time I went out, but they refused. It was an extremely special occasion. They were extremely busy. It was booked. It was also very expensive. It was expensive! ” J.Lo joked.

J.Lo sweetly said, “But they’re worth every penny because I love them so much.” If you want to pamper me, I’m your man.”

Emme took to the stage with a new rainbow microphone and began singing A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, Born In the USA by Bruce Springsteen and the intro of Let’s Get Loud.

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