Who Is The Current Italian Prime Minister

Who Is The Current Italian Prime Minister – The 2021 Italian government crisis was a political process in Italy that began in January 2021 and took place the following month. This includes evictions after former prime minister Matteo Rizzi, leader of the Italia Viva (IV) party, announced that IV would withdraw its support for Giuseppe Conte’s government.

On January 18 and 19, the Rzi party suspended its activity, and the government won a key vote of confidence in the House and Chamber, but did not win an absolute majority in the parliament.

Who Is The Current Italian Prime Minister

Who Is The Current Italian Prime Minister

On January 26, Prime Minister Conte resigned and President Sergio Mattarella began deliberations on the formation of a new government. On February 13, Mario Draghi was sworn in as prime minister.

Italy, Rome, July 22, 2021

As a result of the 2018 parliamentary elections, the parliament came to a standstill. After protracted negotiations, a coalition was formed on June 1 between the two populist parties, the right-wing League and the Five Star Movement (M5S), led by independent Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with ties to the M5S.

Conte resigned on August 20, 2019, after the coalition withdrew its support from the League government.

In September 2019, a new government was formed between M5S and two left-wing parties, the Democratic Party (PD) and Free and Equal (LeU), led by Giuseppe Conte.

However, a few days after the investiture vote, on September 16, former Prime Minister Matteo Rzi announced in an interview with La Repubblica that he wanted to leave the PD and found a new liberal party, Italia Viva (IV).

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Two ministers, Teresa Bellanova and Ela Bonetti, and Deputy Secretary Ivan Scalfarotto followed Rzi to new jobs.

Between December 2020 and January 2021, within the government coalition, talks took place between Conte and former prime minister and leader of Italia Viva Matteo Rizzi.

Rzi called for radical changes to the government’s economic recovery plan after the COVID-19 pandemic and demanded that Conte hand over responsibility for regulating secret services.

Who Is The Current Italian Prime Minister

At his annual press conference, Conte rejected Rzi’s motion and said he still has a majority in parliament.

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On January 13, during a press conference, two ministers of Rzi IV announced their resignations, causing the collapse of Conte’s government.

Rzi said: “We will not allow anyone to give absolute power, we founded this government not to give it to Salvini. There is a serious crisis, but that cannot be the only thing that keeps the government alive. The response to the pandemic it’s the desire and need to unblock construction sites and implement industrial policy. There’s a reason Italy has the highest death rate and a declining GDP.”

During a night meeting of the Council of Ministers, Conte sharply criticized Rizzi, saying: “Italia Viva took an important responsibility to overcome the government crisis. I sincerely regret the great damage caused to our country by the government crisis.” in the midst of an epidemic. If a party forces its ministers to resign, the importance of that decision cannot be diminished.”

The prime minister was soon supported by the secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti, who described the crisis as “a very serious mistake against Italy” and “an act against our country”.

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Culture Minister Dario Franceccini, head of the delegation of the Democratic Party in the government, said: “Whoever attacks the prime minister and attacks the circular government, Giuseppe Conte sincerely and selflessly serves the country in the most difficult period of our republic. history”.

Foreign Minister and former M5S leader Luigi Di Maio described Rzi’s decision as an “impossible move” and said Prime Minister Conte and President Sergio Mattarella were Italy’s only pillars of uncertainty;

But Roberto Speranza, health minister and de facto leader of the Freedom and Equality (LeU) party, said Conte “served his country with discipline and dignity”, adding that LeU continued to support him.

Who Is The Current Italian Prime Minister

In addition, many other prominent members of the government, including Stefano Patuanelli, Alfonso Bonafede, Vinzo Spadafora and Riccardo Fraccaro, expressed their support for Conte.

Italian Government Formation

On January 15, Conte announced that he would inform parliament about the government’s crisis next week. In such a case, he will seek a vote of confidence to ensure parliamentary support for the government.

On January 18, 2021, the government won a vote of confidence in the House of Representatives with 321 votes for, 259 against and 27 abstentions.

The next day, the government won a vote of confidence with 156 votes for, 140 against and 16 abstentions;

The Italia Viva groups abstained from voting in both chambers of parliament. The government also received the support of some MPs, not the majority, i.e. three from Forza Italia, one from More Europe and other members of the Mixed Group.

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M5S (188), PD (93), LeU (12), CD (11), Mixed Group – Ind. (8), SVP-PATT (4), MAIE (3), IV (1), FI (1)

M5S (91), PD (35), Aut (8), Mixed Group – Ind. (8), LeU (6), MAIE (4), FI (2), PSI (1), +EU activity (1)

On January 26, Conte resigned as prime minister after several days of fruitless negotiations with the Speaker and conspirators to regain an absolute majority in parliament.

Who Is The Current Italian Prime Minister

The next day, a new parliamentary group, known as the Europeans, was formed in the United States to support Conte.

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This group was formed by members of the Association Movement of Italians Abroad (MAIE) and other conservative and liberal satories.

On January 27, in the Quirinale Palace, he consulted with President Sergio Mattarella on the formation of a new government and met the presidents of both chambers, satator Elisabetta Casellati and Roberto Fico.

On January 28, President Mattarella met with representatives of the organizations “For the Autonomists”, “Equality and Freedom” and New Born Europeans, as well as with independent representatives of the Mixed Group, who expressed their support for Conte.

Matteo Rzi, who was received in the afternoon with the Italia Viva delegation, supported the formation of a new government with the old majority but opposed the task of forming a new Conte cabinet.

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But PD leader Nicola Zingaretti stressed the need for a new government led by Conte.

On January 29, President Mattarella hosted a right-wing coalition consisting of the League (Lega), Brotherhood of Italy (FdI), Forza Italia (FI) and other smaller conservative parties. League leader Matteo Salvini called for early elections, adding that under certain conditions the right wing can support a government of national unity.

During consultations with the Five Star Movement (M5S), its leader Vito Crimi confirmed his support for Prime Minister Conte and agreed by a majority to restore Italia Viva.

Who Is The Current Italian Prime Minister

The announcement triggered a direct reaction from the leader of the anti-establishment M5C, Alessandro Di Battista, who threatened to leave the party if Rzi returned to government.

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During the debate, Mattarella commissioned Chamber President Roberto Fico to investigate the possibility of forming a new majority government similar to the previous one, composed of M5S, PD, IV and LeU.

On the last day, February 2, Fico returned to Mattarella negative, separated from the majority due to disagreements between Platform IV and members of the government.

After the fall of the Mattarella government, he invited Mario Draghi to the Quirinal the next day and proposed that he form a technocratic government.

On February 3, Draghi officially approved the formation of a new cabinet and began consultations with the leaders of both chambers.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi Moves To Resign, Leaving Government In Turmoil

On the same day, FdI leader Georgia Meloni condemned the meeting between her two allies and reaffirmed her opposition to Draghi’s government.

On February 11, the national leadership of the DP unanimously supported the formation of a new government.

On the same day, M5S asked its members to vote on the following question: “Do you agree that the Movement will support a technopolitical government, including the Ministry of Ecological Transition, which will determine the main results achieved by the Movement? Other political policies indicated by of Prime Minister-designate Mario Draghi with the forces?” Party members supported electronic voting, winning 59.3 percent of the vote. voices

Who Is The Current Italian Prime Minister

Alessandro Di Battista left the party on February 11, 2021, protesting the party’s decision to join the new government.

Mario Draghi’s Choice: President Or Prime Minister

On the evening of February 12, Draghi met with President Mattarella and presented a list of ministers proposed to his government. He was sworn in on February 13 at 12:00 local time.

On February 17, 2021, the Ministry of Finance approved the composition of the new government with 262 votes for, 40 against and 2 abstentions.

On February 18, 2021, the House of Representatives approved the composition of the new government by 535 votes to 56 with 5 abstentions.

M5S (69), Lega – PSd’Az (62), FI – UDC (49), PD (35), IV – PSI (17), Eur – MAIE – CD (10), Aut (5), LeU (4 ). ) ), ideaA-C! (3), +Eu–Az (2), others (6)

The Draghi Dilemma: Italian Presidential Election Risks Turbulence

M5S (155), Lega (125), PD (91), FI (81), IV (28), CD (14), LeU (11), C! (10), NcI-USEI-AdC (5), SVP-PATT (4), Az-+Eu-RI (4), Eur-MAIE-PSI (2), others

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