September 28, 2022

Which Is The Holy Book Of Islam – God is always at work in the lives of those who hear his message. Not having a personal relationship with my Creator has weighed on my heart and mind for nearly two decades. Then I found Islam. I don’t want to be seen as a stereotypical Muslim in the West. I think a common Western Muslim stereotype goes something like this: dark skin, dark hair, beard, of Middle Eastern or Asian descent, modestly dressed and maybe wearing a headscarf. No, I’m totally against it. In many ways, I am the epitome of the “all American boy”: blonde hair, blue hair, full of Protestantism/Christianity. However, Islam and Muslims have many faces, many regions, many cultures, many nations and many languages. Our family moved a lot during my childhood, but my world was limited to Augusta, GA, Spartanburg, and Greenville, SC – all communities that offered less in the way of religion. I had two gracious, loving, God-fearing parents – and today, more than 30 years later, they are happily married and have one younger brother.

I was raised a “PK” (for those of you outside of Protestant Christianity, “I was a baby preacher”). My father has been a Southern Baptist pastor for over 25 years. As you can imagine, for the first eighteen years of my life, I went to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, and any other night the church lights were on. I was raised to God and Jesus, or should I say afraid of God and Jesus. I was afraid of not believing in the faith of my parents, especially the youth. But something is wrong. I remember, even in the tenth century, “this story of Jesus made no sense to me.” Even at such a young age, I did not accept the deity of Jesus and the concept of Christian salvation (ie Christ’s death for my sins). When all my friends in the church were saved, baptized and confirmed during my teenage and teenage years (it all sounded more like a ritual than an honest judgment of the majority, or just to show a common point), I sat quietly. In the church pews, she reflects on the foundations of Christian theology. My parents, friends and the various churches my father sponsored during my childhood all prayed for my salvation.

Which Is The Holy Book Of Islam

Which Is The Holy Book Of Islam

So one Sunday night I was stressed. I was eighteen years old and my family attended the First Baptist Church of North Spartanburg (in Spartanburg, South Carolina). After a fiery sermon that was very moving, my father came to me and said, “Son, do you want to ask Jesus in your heart? It’s time to do it.” Tired of all the worries, tired of all the “Scots, we’re begging you,” tired of always feeling like he wasn’t there, I lied to my dad and said, “Yes, Pop.” That night I followed my father and took meet Jesus in my heart as he was. She was offered to the church as a new Christian, baptized and immediately became part of the Christian community; Although I was empty inside. For the next five years, I would wear the role of being a good children’s preacher. I attended Bible study, went on mission trips this summer, and made two “believers” (two who became Christians). It was all covered by a big lie – the night I was twelve, the night I became a Christian, I never sought Jesus in my heart. I lost my feelings, but it meant nothing to me.

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When I graduated from high school and it was time to go to college, I only thought about one thing: religious freedom. I looked for an opportunity to get away from my parents and explore world religions. I moved about 70 miles from my parents to Rock Hill, South Carolina, and attended Winthrop College, majoring in religious studies. However, I did not help the search move from one part of the Bible Belt to another part of the Bible Belt. Rock Hill was a smaller town than I grew up in and had more church leaders. Again, the only religious diversity in that movie was that I wanted to favor Christianity this week. Two liberal religion professors have looked after me and reminded me to explore religion. If anything, they pointed me to several different authors to satisfy my research. The situation rarely brought me to my comfort level and I only ended up exploring different forms of Christianity. During my two years at Mount Sicily, I joined Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, interdenominational, and many non-affiliated/community churches. It couldn’t be another two years before I tried a non-Christian religious expression.

Dissatisfied with the lack of religious diversity, I left Rock Hill, South Carolina for the University of South Carolina in the state capital of Columbia (underground population: half a million). I thought, “Can I find this greatness in the other religions in the city.” Once again I was favored in debt. While at Columbia for the rest of my undergraduate studies, I became very interested in Judaism, not on a spiritual level, but on an academic level. I am drawn to Hebrew. For over 4 years I have been taking the Bible and Modern Hebrew together, excelling in reading the original scriptures and reading the Jewish prayers. In fact, since one of my teachers was a local rabbi, I also taught sixth grade Hebrew for one semester (to this day, a decade later, I can still read Hebrew texts). I was deeply connected to Judaism in Columbia, South Carolina, but like Christianity, my core beliefs seemed empty. Deep down I asked things like, “If the Jews are God’s chosen people,” where does that leave me? When I was at the University of South Carolina, I was exposed to the idea of ​​Islam. I attended a course entitled “Islamic Institutions and Traditions”. It was taught by a non-Muslim who taught at a university in Egypt, so it was seen as normative in Islam, but the class didn’t do much for me other than provide me with a good background text. The middle class is made up of Muslims so I think the integrity of the class has been preserved. In the middle of class, I visited a local mosque and witnessed a prayer for the first time. Although I did not understand – what seemed to be an impersonal approach to prayer and worship – I was impressed by Islam’s simplicity and modesty (ie: falling before God) in prayer and worship. My brief encounter with Islam, whether in college or visiting the mosque, planted the seed that would grow over the next ten years.

After my undergraduate studies, I went into their business. Over the next five years, I left my faith and became what I thought was an agnostic. I knew one god but didn’t know much about him. For me, Christianity and Judaism did not bring an end to their worship of one God. My career took me all over the United States, eventually settling in Fort Collins, Colorado. Day after day I woke up to the beautiful mountains, meadows and open spaces of Colorado and began to ponder the idea of ​​”God” again. How can there be such beauty and order in the world and God does not reveal himself to men? I began to remember the religious experience we had during those years. When I looked at Christianity I said “No”. However, I can accept the divinity of Jesus. I looked at Judaism. Again, no. I could not live with Jewish behavior and belief in the “chosen people”. Eventually I started looking into Islam. My idea of ​​Islam was a mixture of several things. It consisted of a semester teaching in college, one visit to a mosque in Columbia, South Carolina, and then the media (I realize now that the American media does not accurately portray Islam). I began to study the fundamental beliefs of Islam. I decided to get rid of the stereotypes and look at exactly what the religion of Islam is all about. After some research I found the following;

1 – Islam is the strongest declaration of monotheism in any religion (I said to myself: check, I agree);

Arabic, Islam, Calligraphy, Quran, Macro, Holy Book Wallpaper

3- The view that God has revealed himself many times through prophets and messengers and that his message has been confused and distorted by men (I have always struggled with believers on parts of the Bible and its interpretation, so “check it out now”) .

After reading about Insula, I started digging a little deeper. I went to find a Muslim. When I studied Islam, I was working for a large company with over 1,000 employees. I thought, “Surely a Muslim or two will want to answer my questions.”

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Which Is The Holy Book Of Islam

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