Where Does My Last Name Come From Free

Where Does My Last Name Come From Free – FamilyTreeNow looks “a little creepy,” said the president of the Oregon Genealogical Forum. “It seems to me that this is not a genealogy site, but a site where you can spy on people.”

PORTLAND, Oregon. Joining the current trend in genealogy and family tree websites, FamilyTreeNow lets you search anyone’s name for free and get a list of known relatives, addresses and phone numbers.

Where Does My Last Name Come From Free

Where Does My Last Name Come From Free

So it looks like a solid genealogy website with old photos and birth certificates. But the Oregon Genealogical Forum does not recommend using this site.

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“To me personally, it’s a little disturbing,” said Vince Patton, president of the Oregon Genealogical Forum. “It seems to me that this is not a genealogy site, but a site where you can spy on people.”

FamilyTreeNow makes it very easy to track people. Just enter your first and last name on the home page along with your city and state and you’ll be surprised to see how much information comes up.

We asked some random people in downtown Portland to find out. For each, the website provides a list of possible next of kin, current and past addresses and phone numbers.

“So is my wife, my father, my mother and my brother,” said Phil Horton, who reviewed the website with us.

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“I mean, all my phone numbers were there, I recognized those phone numbers and addresses,” Lisa Sharp said when she tried. “I don’t think I like it very much.

Rosalind Carmack was easily found locally. “It’s amazing how easy it all came,” he said.

“At least you can’t call it a scam because it doesn’t appear to be making money off of you,” Patton said. “But I doubt they are honest about their true intentions.”

Where Does My Last Name Come From Free

We contacted FamilyTreeNow a few weeks ago in hopes of learning more about where they get their information and the purpose of the site, but no one has responded. The website says the information is obtained from public records such as registration, birth, death and military records, to name a few.

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Danielle Cain of the Better Business Bureau said public records and social media make it fairly easy for our personal information to find its way onto such websites.

“You wonder, ‘Well, how do they relate my birthday to my professional experience, to the town I’m from and to my mom and dad?'” Kane said. “Well, between public records, a little bit of LinkedIn, a little bit of Facebook, you can have your whole life story.”

Kane recommends limiting the amount of personal information you post online. But we’ve learned that there are some things you can’t control.

While the DMV and the Post Office have said they do not sell personal information, the same cannot be said for Oregon’s voter registration list, which includes addresses. Anyone can buy the list for $500, as long as the information is not used for commercial purposes.

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“This kind of search for your information online hasn’t gone away, so I think the shock factor is going to be smaller and smaller,” Kane said. “People need to understand that the shock factor is going to go down and your cyber security awareness is going to have to go up.”

In addition to accessing your address, these sites can also make it easier for hackers to access your accounts.

Just think about the most common security questions you get asked online: “What is your mother’s maiden name?” or “What city were you born in?”

Where Does My Last Name Come From Free

These answers are surprisingly easy for anyone to understand, which is why experts recommend using them for online safety. Ready to change your name after a divorce? Maybe you need to go back to your maiden name, add a hyphen, take a new spouse’s last name, or create a new last name for yourself after a divorce.

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Legally changing your name can take many steps if you want to do it with the state and federal governments. Here’s how:

To change the name on your Social Security card, upload all documents and follow the instructions on this SSA name change page, including:

Submit the originals or certified documents confirming the change of your name and official identity. If you are a US citizen, you must also show proof of your US citizenship.

To prove your identity, you must present an unexpired document showing your name, identification information and photograph, such as one of the following:

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Each state has its own process for officially changing the name in the Department of Motor Vehicles and on your driver’s license. As a rule, you will need:

To change your name on your U.S. passport, this State Department site has all the information and forms you need, including:

Depending on where you live, you may be able to amend your divorce decree to include a name change.

Where Does My Last Name Come From Free

There are many quality services available to help you legally change your name with online legal documents and instructions on how to file with your local court.

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UpdateMyName.com is a similar service that was introduced by CBS, Fox News, ABC and other media outlets. UpdateMyName.com offers all the forms you need to change your legal name on legal documents, bills and IDs for all 50 states, and their programs cost between $39 and $99:

1. As a general rule, you will need to apply to the city or county court to change your name. You can fill out these documents yourself, hire an attorney, or use a service like LegalZoom.com to do it for you.

2. You often have to attend a court hearing. Some states require fingerprinting and criminal background checks. You will need:

3. Many states require that you post a name change notice in the Legal Notice section of the newspaper; some must also publish the court date. Your first step should be to research the laws in your state or call your local courthouse.

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4. Companies or institutions that list your old name must enter your new name in their records. Among them:

This will be easier if your auto, life and home owner/renter policies are all in one package. Just contact your agent to get the ball rolling. If you have policies with more than one company, you will need to make more than one call.

Contact your healthcare provider to change your name because you need a new ID. If your child’s name has also changed, update their record.

Where Does My Last Name Come From Free

If you are the recipient of someone else’s life insurance, be sure to notify the insurance company of the name change.

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Not all banks are ready to change the name on the account. You may need to close and open a new one; if so, be sure to update the direct deposit or automatic payment information associated with the old account.

Your doctor, dentist, therapist, massage therapist or anyone else who cares for you should add your new legal name to the record.

Make sure the new name is also reflected in your children’s records. This will prevent documentation in the next immunization or physical exercise.

If your name was changed during the divorce, your attorney has already changed it. But if you changed it yourself, make sure your divorce attorney has the new name on file.

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If you have a will (and you should have one), a power of attorney, trust, will, or other legal document, tell the attorney about the name change. Take copies of the redacted documents and keep them at home to avoid confusion later.

If it is part of the divorce decree, the name change will not cost anything extra. But if you’ve moved after a divorce, be prepared to pay anywhere from $150 to more than $430 in court fees and legal fees. Possible costs include:

Instead of paying a lawyer or handling the forms yourself, you can use a site like LegalZoom.com, which charges up to $139 for a name change.

Where Does My Last Name Come From Free

Any documents showing your old name must be changed to reflect your new name. This includes a driver’s license, passport, government-issued ID, social security card, bank accounts, mortgage and car receipts.

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If your name has changed less than a year after the passport was issued, you can change it by mail. Along with the form, you must attach a certified copy of the name change document, a color photograph and your valid passport. It won’t cost you anything.

But if the name change happened more than a year after the passport was issued, you’ll need to apply in person – and you’ll need to pay a first-time application fee.

This is a good place to start, as having a photo ID with your new name can make it easier to change your name elsewhere.

Bring a certified copy of the divorce decree or name change order to the Department of Motor Vehicles, along with any other required documents (which may include an up-to-date Social Security card).

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You can mail everything in or take it to your local welfare office. note There is no charge for this service; The US government advises against using companies that offer you a new card for a fee.

Some women don’t change because they want to have the same last name.

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