Where Did The Name Xavier Come From

Where Did The Name Xavier Come From – This article is about a historically black university in New Orleans. For the Jesuit university in Ohio, see Xavier University. For the Jesuit educational institution in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, see Xavier University – Ato de Cagayan.

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Where Did The Name Xavier Come From

Where Did The Name Xavier Come From

Xavier University of Louisiana (also known as XULA) is a private, historically black, Catholic university in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the only Catholic HBCU and with the canonization of Katherine Drexel in 2000, it became the first Catholic university founded by a saint. In 2018, Xavier had approximately $171 million, which was the fifth highest among Louisiana colleges and universities.

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Catherine Drexel, today a Catholic who inherited a significant legacy from her father, banker-financier Francis Drexel, in the 19th and 20th centuries in the United States in an effort to aid in the education and evangelization of Native Americans. Founded and operated many institutions. and African Americans. Many of her best employers included nuns of the Sisters of the Sacrament, the religious order she founded and served as its first superior general.

Aware of the lack of Catholic education for black youth in the South during Jim Crow, she planned to build a high school in New Orleans. Chose’s site was previously occupied by the University of the South on Magazine Street, a black institution that moved to Baton Rouge after an influx of white neighbors demanded its replacement.

Drexel St. Josephite priest Pierre Oscar Labeau to survey the property, to avoid public scrutiny and controversy, as his reputation for building black schools was well known.

He knew that the city and community would never allow the sale to a black institution, but the permit was passed. Likewise, vandals broke all the windows after learning about Drexel’s Internet.

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In May 1916 it was incorporated under state statutes under the title “Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for the Indians and Coloreds of Louisiana,” and the new name, “Xavier University,” was set in stone. . plate above the main trans.

(The high school, Xavier Prep, continued to operate as of 2013; today, St. Catherine’s Drexel Preparatory School operates from the same location.)

In 1917, Xavier expanded into a normal school to provide training for black teachers, as Archbishop James H. Bullock was eager for graduates to teach in six planned new black parishes.

Where Did The Name Xavier Come From

On September 9, 1921, the Louisiana Department of Education officially recognized Xavier University as a state-accredited high school.

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In 1922 the school was described as the only Catholic institution in the United States “offering a four-year high school course to colored boys”.

Although this may not be true, at the time Xavier University was the main Catholic institution offering such educational opportunities.

In 1925, Xavier University of Louisiana came into being when the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was established, with Josephite priest Edward Brunner as its first president. The Louisiana Department of Education officially recognized Xavier University as a four-year college on March 19, 1928, with its first degree awarded in the spring.

The College of Pharmacy was nearly operational in 1927. Along with the Drexel sisters, Josephine served as one of the school’s first male teachers and chaplain.

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Recognizing the university’s need for a separate campus and room for expansion, Drexel purchased a piece of undeveloped land for a campus in 1929 at the corner of Palmetto and Pine Streets. To prevent the deal from closing, Drexel repossessed the property through an agent.

The U-shaped main building of the Gothic Revival style, the convent and library, built of Indiana limestone and now on the National Register of Historic Places, was completed between 1932 and 1937.

The original administrative building was dedicated on Columbus Day, October 12, 1932, by the Archbishop of Philadelphia, Cardinal Dennis Joseph Dougherty.

Where Did The Name Xavier Come From

In May 1961, a group of Freedom Riders arrived in New Orleans by plane after bus drivers in Alabama refused to take them to Montgomery, Alabama. The locals, aware of the arson and other attacks on other freedom riders, refused to accommodate them for fear of retaliatory violence. Norman C. Francis, the university’s MD dean, secretly arranged for the group to stay in a campus dormitory for a few days. He obtained permission from the university’s dean, Sister Mary Josephina, for the group to occupy the third floor of the Sala San Michele on condition that the press would not be informed of the move.

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In 1987, Pope John Paul II addressed the presidents of all Catholic colleges in the United States from the courtyard of the Xavier Administration Building.

When Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area in October 2005, Xavier, located in the lower part of Garrett Town along the Washington-Palmetto Canal,

Almost every structure on campus was damaged. Many buildings were partially submerged for a long time after the storm. University President Francis organized boats and buses to transport stranded faculty, staff and students from campus to safer areas.

In April 2006, the State of Qatar donated $17.5 million to the university to help with hurricane recovery and the expansion of the school’s College of Pharmacy.

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The initiative was overseen in 2008 by the President of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and on 15 October 2010, he opened the Qatar Pharmacy Pavilion, adding 60,000 square feet (5,600 m).

The Archbishop of New Orleans, Alfred C. Hughes, refused to condone the act, noting that Obama was not opposed to abortion, and that he had not been consulted before the event.

Obama returned after becoming president, visiting New Orleans in August 2010 to mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. He gave a speech to Xaviar in which he praised the work of the community leaders and promised to continue his help in the reconstruction of the area.

Where Did The Name Xavier Come From

In 2006, the university received the “Katrina Compassion Award” from the US government’s National and Social Services Corporation because about 60% of its students contributed to rebuilding buildings in neighborhoods damaged by the storm.

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Xavier’s campus was evacuated during Hurricane Ida in August 2021, 16 years after Hurricane Katrina. Students who remained on campus were later sent to Dallas. The school resumed its operations as usual on 13 September

In July 2020, Xavier received $20 million from philanthropist Maczie Scott, the largest gift in the university’s history.

Although Xavier is the nation’s only historically black and Catholic university, its doors have always been open to qualified students of any race or religion.

In fall 2020, the majority of the body studied was black or African American (about 75.1%), and 12% identified as Catholic. Xavier was also the first Catholic college to educate both women and men. Almost half of Xavier’s students (43.8%) in fall 2020 were from Louisiana. Nonlocal enrollment continues to grow, with students coming from at least 40 other states and sixteen foreign countries.

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Student life is enriched by New Orleans’ social and cultural environment and campus activities designed to promote personal growth, interpersonal skills, and leadership, such as community service, the environment, cultural issues, and social justice.

As of fall 2020, Xavier had 236 full-time teachers, both religious and lay, of diverse ethnic and racial origins—95 percent of whom have terminal degrees—providing a comfortable student/faculty ratio of 12.5/1.

Forty-four faculty members serve as chairs or endowed professors, providing additional financial support for their research and teaching.

Where Did The Name Xavier Come From

More African-American Xavier students are consistently placed into medical school and graduate with bachelor’s degrees in the physical and biological sciences than African-American students from any other college or university in the United States.

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Xavier is consistently ranked in the top three colleges in the nation for African Americans graduating with a Pharm.D. grade

Xavier does not offer engineering degrees, but has partnerships with several engineering institutions that automatically accept qualified Xavier science students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a bachelor’s degree from the Xavier and Chos Engineering Institution in approximately five years. Engineering institutions in partnership with Xavier include Tulane University, University of New Orleans, Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University, University of Notre Dame, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, University of Detroit Mercy, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University. in Madison, Wisconsin.

In 1979, the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at XULA Fr. Thaddeus Posey, OFM Cap by Rev. Founded by Augustus Taylor. David Baez; Joseph Nero, SSS; and Sr. Jamie Phelps, OP. Every summer since then, IBCS has offered a variety of prestigious courses on Black Catholic theology, ministry, ethics and history, and offers a rich continuing education program as well as a master’s degree in theology – “in the Western Hemisphere.” The only graduate theology program taught in From a Black Catholic Perspective”.

Established in 2018, Xavier Exponential is the university’s holistic selective honors program for undergraduate students. Students admitted to the program have access to a special

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