Where Can You Buy Dark Matter

Where Can You Buy Dark Matter – The visible universe, including the Earth, the Sun, other stars, and galaxies, is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons bound together in atoms. Perhaps one of the most surprising discoveries of the 20th century is that this common or baryonic matter makes up less than 5 percent of the mass of the universe.

The rest of the universe appears to be made up of a mysterious, invisible substance called dark matter (25 percent) and an anti-gravity force called dark energy (70 percent). .

Where Can You Buy Dark Matter

Where Can You Buy Dark Matter

Scientists have never seen dark matter directly. It does not interact with baryonic matter and is completely invisible to light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation, making dark matter undetectable with modern instruments. But scientists believe that it exists because of the force of gravity on galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

What Is Dark Matter?

For example, according to standard physics, stars at the edge of a spiral galaxy should move more slowly than stars near the edge. the galactic center, where the visible elements of the galaxy are concentrated. But observations show that stars rotate at more or less the same speed regardless of where they are in the galactic disk. This complex result makes sense if we assume that neighboring stars feel the gravitational pull of an invisible component—dark matter—in the atmosphere surrounding the galaxy.

Where Can You Buy Dark Matter

Dark matter can also explain special reflections that astronomers see in deep space. For example, images of galaxies that include strange rings and arcs of light can be explained if light from more distant galaxies is refracted and magnified by large clouds and invisible dark matter in the front – something called the lens of gravity.

Scientists have many ideas about what might be called dark matter. One of the main ideas of dark matter is that there are special particles that do not interact with normal matter or light, but still use the force of gravity. Several scientific groups, including one at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, are currently working to create particles of dark matter for laboratory research.

Where Can You Buy Dark Matter

Dark Matter Credit

Other scientists believe that dark matter effects can be explained by a fundamental change in our theory of gravity. According to these ideas, there are many types of gravity, and the gravity that governs galaxies is different from the gravity that we are used to.

Dark energy is more mysterious, and its discovery in the 1990s surprised scientists. At first, physicists thought that gravity would slow the expansion of the universe over time. But when two independent groups tried to measure the rate of the slowdown, they found that the expansion was accelerating. One scientist likened the experience to throwing a bunch of keys in the air, expecting them to bounce, only to see them fly straight to the ceiling.

Where Can You Buy Dark Matter

Scientists now believe that the acceleration of the expansion of the universe is caused by the force of resistance created by quantum changes in an otherwise “empty” space. Also, the energy seems to be getting stronger as the universe expands. For lack of a better name, scientists call this mysterious force dark energy.

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Unlike dark matter, scientists have no proven explanation for dark energy. According to one theory, dark energy is the fifth and previously unknown fundamental energy called quintessence that fills the universe like water.

Where Can You Buy Dark Matter

Many scientists have also pointed out that what is known as dark energy is consistent with the cosmological constant, a mathematical patch that Albert Einstein added to his general theory of relativity to accommodate his calculations and the idea of a space. According to Einstein, the constant force that opposes gravity prevents the universe from collapsing in on itself. Einstein later rejected this idea when cosmology showed that the universe was expanding, calling cosmological constants his “biggest mistake”.

Now we can see that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, adding dark energy as a space can clearly explain how time expands. But this explanation does not allow scientists to understand why this strange power exists in the first place.

Where Can You Buy Dark Matter

The Disordered Cosmos

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Where Can You Buy Dark Matter

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Where Can You Buy Dark Matter

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