September 27, 2022

Where Can I Watch Black Ink Crew – Ryan expanded his crew, while other 9MAG OGs expanded their horizons, encouraging everyone to find their new niche in the Chicago tattoo scene.

As a trusted shop owner, B-Slam is the glue that holds the 9MAG together. Although it is difficult for her to be a female manager of a store and business run by men, she does not shy away from disrupting the boys’ club. He faces a lot of pressure to keep the store running smoothly, as well as refereeing the game where the artists don’t see each other. B-Slam has found the Chicago dating pool dry, but he may be looking for something serious. B-Slam’s main goal is to expand his brand and find his voice beyond the 9MAG image.

Where Can I Watch Black Ink Crew

Where Can I Watch Black Ink Crew

After years of being under Ryan and his brutal control, Charmine broke away to start 2nd City Ink. He is a person who continues to value family and loyalty. But soon conflicts between her business partner, the death of her mother, the birth of her daughter during an illness, and the diagnosis of her father’s cancer change Charmaine’s world and put her store in danger.

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A businessman, actor, renowned architect and family man, Don has risen to a new level of success. As he continues his journey to fame and fortune, he still tries to balance his time-consuming ventures with family responsibilities. Family is everything to Don, but success requires sacrifice. How much can Don sacrifice to endure his hard life?

When we last saw Draya, she was packing up and getting ready to leave Chicago, but a last-ditch bid for a tattoo contest in Atlanta sent her back home to Virginia and she left the Chicago team. During the competition, Draya brought Chi-Town back to the team and formed a relationship with 9MAG singer Ryan. While in Atlanta, Draya reconsidered leaving Chicago and considered reaching out to Ryan to discuss the possibility of returning to Chicago via 9MAG. With the drama of 2 City behind her and the crown of the most talented freelancer in town, how will Draya move forward? Still searching for a man, Draya struggles with her negative feelings towards the village, both professionally and personally. Professionally, Draya strives for stability, but personally, she strives for responsibility. His journey is not complete until he separates the important people in his life from the suitors.

Kitty has had a terrible experience in Chicago thus far, which has put her at odds with Ryan and Charmaine. Moving forward, Kitty tries to make the most of her time in Chicago by pursuing new goals and claiming her own success. Her dream of becoming an actress (spurred by an internship opportunity at Second City — no, no one! She’s willing to give it her all, but if all goes well, she might find other pursuits, but between him and her.those close to him in the world of playing music.The final high decision may cause Kitty to focus and fly to London to start a new life with Stephen.

Far faces the challenges of being a new father in a similar parenting environment. Although he has made it clear to everyone that he is not involved with Nina, it is not clear if he has made the information public. However, Phor believes that the days of finding true love are ahead of him and he is exploring his options. Still on a professional level, Phor is branching out into music and exploring new ventures, one of which is launching a line of sex toys under the name Phorplay. Clearly, Phor thinks it can combine business and pleasure – and plans to do just that.

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Prince continues his worthy work by bringing his talent from 2nd City Ink to 9MAG. As soon as he gets used to the professional environment and professional business that comes with being a 9MAG artist, Prince needs to make sure his next step is successful. Although he and Miriam have broken up and he is no longer a new father, he still has responsibilities and is dear to those around him. In between raising his five-year-old son, Prince Jr. and not being allowed to live with her uncle, the Prince feels the heavy responsibility of raising men while trying to make ends meet. Prince realizes that the streets of Chicago, with their flaws, can make or break a black man, and he is determined to guide his son and brother in the right direction.

Ryan is hoping to rebuild his personal and professional image after an early season in which he aired his dirty laundry and tested his professional relationship with Charmaine. Now Ryan hits the reset button, which breaks old ties and brings new opportunities. After years of being unhealthy with Rachel’s ex and many treatments, Ryan is excited about the idea of ​​finding love again. Aside from wanting to hit the road, he’s focused on expanding 9MAG and promoting his brand. As he continues to remove the poison from his past, he realizes that only one person stands in his way to glory: himself.

Shogun, Ryan’s lead artist at 9MAG and a close friend, has become an integral part of the shop. As a peacemaker, it’s only fitting that Shogun gets along well with everyone in the black crew. The motives behind Shogun’s work are unclear, as he is more focused on his personal life with his longtime girlfriend and 9MAG member at Stellz, and he’s confident! 9MAG could be the future home of wedding bells and old love stories.

Where Can I Watch Black Ink Crew

With 9MAG’s growing staff, Ryan must work harder than ever to manage the egos, ambitions and talents of his artists, while taking his tattoo game to new levels.

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