When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska – Alaska’s legendary Northern Lights are often called Mother Nature’s greatest phenomenon, and it’s on the list for very good reason. When it comes to seeing the Aurora Borealis, Alaska has the best seat in the house, and this handy guide will tell you everything you need to know about where, how, and when you can see it. beautiful view. Seeing the Northern Lights is never guaranteed, but this guide will give you everything you need to put yourself in the best position to see the amazing night sky.

It is possible to see the aurora at the end of August, but since the night is lighter, the probability is low. The best window to see the aurora is from late September to mid-April, when the sky is darkest. During this time, the sky is always clear and mild weather is expected. Peak aurora activity usually occurs between 11.30pm and 3.30am local time in winter, and an hour later in autumn and spring. A reliable alarm clock, aurora finder, or crew wake-up call are good allies to put you in the best position to see the Aurora in your dreams.

When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

While you can enjoy seeing the Northern Lights from inside on some tours, you’ll want to get outside to experience this opportunity in all its natural glory. We recommend that you do so. You can see the Aurora better than artificial lights and get a perfect view of the horizon. However, it can be cold further north, so it’s best to prepare for below freezing temperatures. Thermal gear, socks and all required. nobody wants cold fingers. Also don’t forget warm hiking boots, thermal windproof pants, a warmer fleece or insulating down layer (or two!) and a windproof and waterproof outer shell. A warm hat, gloves, insulated gloves and a scarf or balaclava are also essential. Handwarmers are a great addition.

The Northern Lights Danced Over Fairbanks, Alaska

The unforgettable opportunity to see the Northern Lights is worth taking your camera with you. Auroras can be difficult to photograph if the settings aren’t right, but if you know the tips and tricks, you’ll be taking amazing nighttime photos in no time. Set your camera to manual mode with a wide aperture and slow shutter speed; 20 seconds is a good start. This means that more light enters the lens for a longer period of time, creating a brighter and better image. It’s also a good idea to bring a tripod to reduce shakes and free your hands for hugging; it can be an emotional moment. Do you have any great pictures of the lights? Be sure to let us know and we can share your photos on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

The area around Fairbanks is one of the best, if not the best, places to see the Northern Lights in Alaska. That’s because it sits perfectly beneath the auroral oval, the area that always has the most solar storm activity. Any trip here has a good chance of seeing green skies.

An Entrée Destinations favorite in the area is Chennai Hot Springs. This Alaskan retreat is a short drive from nearby Fairbanks and is in a great location for aurora viewing. No visit here would be complete without a ride on their famous SUSV (military-style small support vehicle) to the nearby face of Charlie Dome Hill. This hill offers an unobstructed view of our magnificent night sky. With heated yurts and hot drinks, you’ll stay warm and fully appreciate one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Chena Hot Springs also has an ice bar and we can arrange dog walks, kennel tours, etc. all in the surrounding area. If you visit during the first three weeks of March, you will see the famous International Ice Art Championship. In this competition, sculptors must stay cool under pressure to create the world’s best ice sculpture. This is a very impressive skill. Read the Alaska Northern Lights Trail to learn more.

When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

The Top Places To See Northern Lights From National Parks

Another unforgettable place that shows true Alaskan hospitality is the lodge at Black Rapids. Two-story log cabin 2 hours south of Fairbanks, idyllically located overlooking Black Rapids Glacier and the Delta River. Regular hotel activities include glacier exploration, skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and relaxing time in the hot tub and sauna. If you are lucky, the most memorable thing is probably seeing the Aurora. Here you will see some of the best Northern Lights in Alaska. Whether it’s from the comfort of your own cabin or up close, any hint of green in the sky can be a fundamental and exciting sight. Our Black Rapids Aurora trip includes ice cave exploration with world-renowned experts and raft rides.

For an aurora-filled cabin experience from internationally accessible Anchorage, our luxury mountain retreats fit the bill. Featuring some of the world’s most remote and wildly beautiful sanctuaries, this trip will put you in the best position to see Alaska’s Northern Lights as well as some of its most beautiful natural attractions. Located in Chugach State Park, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge offers world-class adrenaline-filled activities with views to match. Just 40 minutes from Anchorage, this secluded lodge is close to the airport but with less light pollution, perfect for Aurora hunting. This trip also includes a visit to Sheldon Chalet, a luxury retreat on Mount Denali at 1,800m above sea level. Perhaps the world’s most brutally luxurious chalet, this unique sanctuary offers unobstructed views of the Don Sheldon Amphitheater and the night sky. Experience the full itinerary for the most unique way to experience Alaska’s Northern Lights.

When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

While seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska is never guaranteed, our guide to where and when offers the best tips if you’re interested in seeing the famous Aurora Borealis. Our advice is to have an itinerary that appeals to all members of your trip, Aurora or not, leaving that bucket list opportunity as a possible highlight. To hear from a luxury travel expert, fill out our Quick Travel Plan form or call us toll-free at 1-888-999-6556.

Northern Lights Photos

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When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

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When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

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When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

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When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

Where will your Alaska adventure take you? Order our official Alaska State Vacation Planner and plan your course.

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When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

Alaska Northern Lights

The night sky returns at the end of August, which means two very important moments here at Arcticiveak 1) The return of the Aurora Borealis season 2) Our 200 hour SheWild Yoga Teacher Training Program. What better way to chat with our small group of ladies in season at Alaska Crown Early Bird Pricing, which ends June 15th, shares the beautiful boutique experience. It was 2 absolutely wonderful weeks from the Arctic Circle in the beautiful Brooks Range. Late August is also the peak of our fall color season, and there are delicious wild arctic blue berries and lingonberries everywhere for fresh picking.

These sunsets are an art in Alaska and with 24 hours of light they seem to last.

When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

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Northern Lights Viewing In Valdez, Alaska

Not long ago, it disappeared in the far north. When the Arctic night returns, so does the colorful Aurora. And boy do I miss the high latitude views. Here it is

When Is The Northern Lights In Alaska

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