What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From – Several parts of the Hebrew Bible (called the Old Testament by Christians) predict that David’s throne will last forever: 2 Sam 7:12-16; Psalm 89:3-4, 132:11; Isaiah 16:5; (Jeremiah 33:17) Therefore, the Jews understand that the Messiah, the Messiah, Israel, the Savior, will come from the seed of David. Christians interpret these prophecies as being fulfilled in Jesus

Christians also say that Jesus was born of a virgin according to the prophecy of Isaiah 7:14.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

The Christian understanding of the two truths that Jesus was the Messiah of the seed of David that God brought to Israel and that he was born of a virgin causes some problems of generations and inheritance.

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There are two different generations of Jesus in the Bible: Matthew (1:1-17) and Luke (3:23-38).

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

Matthew, whose purpose was to exalt Jesus as the king of the Jews, begins with Abraham, the father of the Jews, and describes the genealogy from the royal line of David to Jesus. He did not mention the names of the wicked kings of Judah, but skipped several generations.

Luke begins with Jesus and goes back to Adam, showing that Jesus is the fulfillment of all human hope.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

Christ, Of The Substance Of Mary

The problem is that the two lists don’t match. Not even close. Yes, it matches the name David, and then Matthew listed and separated his family line through Solomon son of David and Luke through David’s son Nathan. They meet again at Salatial and Zerubbabel, but they are separated until they reach Yosef.

Biblical scholars have developed various theories to explain this difference. I will mention two of the most common ones.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

Matthew’s genealogy came through Joseph’s real father, while Luke’s passed through Joseph’s legitimate father’s family.

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Yosef’s grandfather was Mattani’s first husband. After giving birth to Jacob by a woman named Asta, when Matan died, he married Meliki and gave birth to Heli. So Jacob and Eli were brothers. Heli was married but died childless, so Jacob married his brother’s widow according to the Jewish law of marriage (Deuteronomy 25:5-10). As a descendant of this congregation of Levites, Joseph was considered a descendant of his dead brother, not his father.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

All these African connections are difficult to manage in paragraph form, so I tried to present them in a logical way:

The “African answer” of the two different generations of Jesus mentioned in the New Testament shows the names given by Matthew on the left; Right, provided by Luke. The crossed bars indicate the end of several generations, and the numbers in parentheses indicate the order of men in that line: the second marriage of each woman was due to the death of her first husband.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

The Virgin Mary Mother Of God

This theory is still offered as the accepted way of interpreting the Bible and is studied by many scholars. One scholarly text available online for general readers is The Family of Jesus and Their Genealogy According to the Testimony of Julius Africanus by New Testament scholar Christophe Guinard.

Although it was first proposed by John of Damascus in the first half of the eighth century, towards the end of the church’s history, I think it is a concept accepted by Christians today.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

An obvious objection to this theory is that Luke clearly mentions Joseph as being in the presence of Jesus and does not mention Mary: “And Jesus himself was thirty years old, the son of Joseph.”

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Of Heli” (Luke 3:23, KJV). However, the supporters of the language of generations is not correct as it was said in the book of Matthew. The ancient Greek Bible says “Joseph of Heli.” Luke does not use verbs.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

(Hebrew for “father” or “birth”) was used by Matthew to refer to the relationship of two generations, making it clear that Joseph is Joseph.

The sign of this verse is no longer found in the original text, and some translators believe that the last word comes after “Joseph” instead of “may” as in “Jesus.” . . the son of Heli (as Josephus prophesied).” These words mean that Jesus’ mother’s grandmother, Heli, was his male ancestor.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

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Some commentators say that Eli, Mary’s father, had such a son, making Joseph his heir when he married Mary. (See Numbers 27:1-11; 1 Chronicles 2:34-35; Ezra 2:61; Nehemiah 7:63.)

If Luke is tracing Mary’s genealogy, why not say so? This is because, like many ancient traditions, the Hebrews did not mention the names of women in their generations. Luke (unlike Matthew, who boldly names four women in the genealogy of Jesus) follows the practice of mentioning only male names.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

Knowing that the virgin birth was natural, it was natural for Luke to explain the genealogy of Jesus’ mother, even though he was a little confused by the way the ancestors did it. Not only that, Luke’s Gospel tells especially about Mary’s thoughts, which makes us believe that she is the source of other stories. But the Gospel of Matthew explains a lot about how Joseph saw things.

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In order to solve this problem, experts say that the marriage of two Levites can happen. Lucan’s genealogy shows that Shelatial and Zerubbabel are well-known figures mentioned in the book of Matthew.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

A common objection to the messianic qualification of Jesus is that Matthew wrote in Jeremiah 22:30 about the blood line of Iconium (also called Joachim or Koniah) who was cursed by God: “Write this man has no son; None of his descendants will sit on David’s throne and rule over Judah.

In response, some Bible scholars say that after this curse, David’s right to sit on the throne went to the house of Nathan, whose parents Luke describes Jesus. In the language of Isaiah, the throne is a “branch.” God’s promise to David that his seed would rule forever was good; It was given to the descendants of another child.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

What Does The Bible Say About The Virgin Mary?

But some experts argue that the curse of Iconium has been removed because as human history testifies, the curse says that the descendants of Iconium will not rule, but his grandson Zerubbabel (1 Chronicles 3:16-19) became the ruler of Judah (Haggai 2:23 ). Not only that, but Iconium prospered after his release from prison (Jeremiah 52:31-34), perhaps through repentance (unwritten), which is said to have returned God’s favor. Rabbinic tradition supports this view.

Alternatively, scholars say that the curse was for Iconium during his lifetime: Jeremiah 22:30 says that he will not see his seed on the throne “in his time.” Or perhaps the curse only applies to those who are the biological fathers of Iconium, so that while his son Shelatial was ruling, his grandson was ruling.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

The scholars also tell Matthew that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, from the royal line of David, including the people of Iconium. Matthew was certainly aware of this curse, but he did not have to explain it when he included his name in the genealogy of Jesus. Apparently, the curse was not a problem for him.

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If Jesus was not the real son of Joseph, how could he have authority over the throne of David?

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

Those who oppose the messianic claims of Jesus say that only those with the royal lineage of David are eligible to inherit the throne of Israel. This is not true at all. It was not unusual for a king to give birth to an heir without a natural child, and it was allowed for a childless widow to take the name and inheritance of her first husband if she married the brother of her deceased husband. It was transferred to the child of that union. Therefore, legal and kinship roles are genetically linked

Although Jesus did not share Joseph’s DNA, he was Joseph’s adopted son, so he would be the rightful heir of David through Solomon.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

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Those who believe that the curse of Chikon still exists believe that her relationship with David as the mother of Jesus is above all because she received the throne through Mary. Although the throne was inherited by men, there were others, especially Mala, Noah, and Hogilah, daughters of Salaphad who had no brothers and were the ancestors of the tribe of Manasseh. , Milika and Tirzah.

Luke 1:5 “In the days of Herod, king of Judah, there was a priest.

What Tribe Was Mary The Mother Of Jesus From

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