What Is White Petroleum Jelly Made Of

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What Is White Petroleum Jelly Made Of

What Is White Petroleum Jelly Made Of

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Vaseline Baby 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly 13 Oz, Free Shipping.

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Reasons Petroleum Jelly Has No Place In Your Lives And What To Use Instead

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What Is White Petroleum Jelly Made Of

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What Is White Petroleum Jelly Made Of

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What Is White Petroleum Jelly Made Of

Use white kerosene to treat and prevent diaper rash, to protect minor injuries and abrasions, to protect and relieve chapped skin or lips. Protects against the drying effects of wind and cold. Soothes and protects the skin. Apply before contact with grease, dirt and paint for easier cleaning. Contains white kerosene USP 100%. 4 oz pipe. Vaseline, also called vaseline, is a translucent, yellowish to amber or white, oily substance, almost odorless or tasteless, obtained from petroleum and used mostly in medicine and pharmacy as a protective poultice and as a fat substitute in ointments and cosmetics. It is also used in many types of polishes and lubricants, anti-corrosion preparations and modeling compounds.

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Vaseline is made from a waxy petroleum material that is produced on oil rigs and by its distillation. Lighter and thinner oil-based products are kerosene, also known as white petrolatum or simply kerosene.

It can be used for a variety of purposes, from protecting metals and lubricating equipment used in cooking to pharmaceutical applications as part of ointments and protective creams (petroleum is the most common commercial product).

India and Iran are the main countries in the production and export of petroleum jelly. Africa, the Middle East, the US, the EU, China and Japan are the main consumer markets. Vaseline is available in different grades with different melting points from 38°C to 56°C.

As winter approaches, it’s a good idea to place orders while supplies last, before supplies run out.

Petroleum Jelly (vaseline)

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