September 29, 2022

What Is The Name Of Islam Holy Book – In December 2015, presidential candidate Donald J. Trump announced his plans to “completely and completely ban Muslims” from entering the country. This not only demonstrates the huge anti-Muslim influence on the Trump campaign, but it also reminds us of the fear many Americans have about Muslims – fears that politicians can endure.

, Garry Wills offers what he hopes to overcome this fear: being invited to pick up the Koran and read it, as he did. Wills is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and Catholic, best known for his biography and books on American culture and religion. In this book, he takes time about Islam, which he doesn’t know much about.

What Is The Name Of Islam Holy Book

What Is The Name Of Islam Holy Book

After discussing how Americans’ fear of Islam has been exploited (and deliberately spread) by the full-scale war in Iraq, Wills dives into the Koranic text itself, making him aware of what there is to know about Catholics and other Bible readers. In the Koran, he encounters “stories that I already know”, namely Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Mary and even John the Baptist. Wills also talked about what surprised him and what he was grateful for. “The whole message is one of mercy and forgiveness, evoked everywhere, so stupid.” At one point, he gives a lengthy discussion of one of the Qur’anic metaphors, water. “[Water] is the closest physical thing to God,” he wrote.

Reading Islam’s Holy Book

Wills would say the same about the Koran itself, which, for Muslims, is the closest thing to divine revelation. The Koran, which is God’s Word to Muslims, does not have the same role as the Bible in religion; However, the role of the Qur’an in Islam is similar to the role of Jesus in Christianity, namely the word of God who became human. When Wills looked at the contents of the text, he said a little about how the whole Qur’an fits into the religious life of Muslims. Just as the faith of Christ is more important than the content of what he taught, the words of the Qur’an (whether written on the page or spoken aloud) are important not for what they mean, but also for saying. God spoke to them. As the late Anglican bishop and Islamic scholar Kenneth Cragg wrote, for Muslims, the Koran is like a warning. Therefore, the Koran is sacred, and hearing the Word repeated is like being in front of the Eucharist.

For Muslims, the Koran is like a holy book. Therefore, the Koran is sacred, and hearing the Word repeated is like being in front of the Eucharist.

Throughout the book, Wills quotes the Qur’an extensively, not so much to build an argument but to show what supports it in the text. Some of the ones I will pick up are my favorites, about how God takes care of us through the blessings of creation, such as water, sun and even sleep, and creation is full of “symbols” that God calls us to. believe him. At times, Wills gives good summaries of the contents of the Qur’an, as when he wrote, “If we look inside ourselves, or beyond the stars, it’s all about him [God]. Faith enters into the conversation. “

At the beginning of the book, Wills admits to his readers that he has likes and dislikes about Muslims and their religion. This is one of the most important statements to make, as it gives readers permission to be honest about any prejudice they may have. In guiding the reader on his journey to the Qur’an, Wills made a powerful contribution to his own thinking and that of his listeners. Most of the time, it works, especially when it dispels negative thoughts about such ideas

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. He is able to tell readers that Christians and Muslims have a past and present that we should not be proud of, but that we also cannot criticize all religious communities and traditions for them.

However, Wills sometimes falls for the simple and easy way to talk about Muslims and their religion. His short sentences often lead him to be honest and enthusiastic elsewhere in the book to defend Muslims and reject their views. Sometimes it unwittingly leaves many stereotypes about violence, misogyny, and intolerance that are strong or unnoticed.

In guiding the reader on his journey to the Qur’an, Wills made a powerful contribution to his own thinking and that of his listeners.

What Is The Name Of Islam Holy Book

Some of the key points in this book are not about the Koran but about the comparison between discrimination against Muslims in the United States today and discrimination against Japanese Americans during World War II.Rog II. He wryly argues that today’s Islamophobia is reminiscent of the obsession with communism in the mid-20th century. Wills also received attention for fright after September. December 11, 2001, led to terrible laws such as the Patriot Act and state repression.

An Atheist Muslim On What The Left And Right Get Wrong About Islam

An important part of this discussion, and of the book as a whole, is Will’s explanation that America’s fear of Islam is, in many ways, intentional. “What caused the fear? War…. In order to muster a reaction to the state of war, the threat from the enemy must be addressed, declared or presented as dangerous…. “An American has decided on this, and even fewer are aware that the coordinated funding of blogs and pundits is deliberately spreading anti-Muslim rhetoric in American political discourse. I am pleased to find that Wills mentions businesses directly, naming his readers so they can identify the group.” One of the voices Will speaks is Robert Spencer, a blogger and writer who helps solve the controversy surrounding the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.” Spencer is just one of many Catholic writers who work with anti-Muslim groups to produce fake material. and unethical for Islam, especially for Catholics.

It’s true that Wills really put a lot of effort into doing his homework, contacting and referring to many professional sites, including

, the latest English translation contains lessons and texts that I consider important for my own Islamic studies.

They can benefit from some Muslim eye on the manuscript – expert, as well as non-expert, day-to-day workers. Muslims will see, as I see it, the amount of content Wills spends in the book is not on the life or religious issues of Muslims. Will’s lengthy talk about polygamy, for example, will show his curiosity, but will make the reader think that such problems are bigger in the daily life and sidelines of Muslims than they really are.

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In his introduction, Wills asks if we should read the Koran. “We can do better,” he wrote. But I would say that learning about Islam should involve more than reading the Koran, and it doesn’t have to start there. The best learning comes from contact with Muslims, who represent Islam in their daily lives. Before I invite my Catholic colleagues to read the Koran, I encourage them to get to know Muslims, not only through face-to-face meetings but also through social media, where there are many leaders, Muslims and ordinary people sharing different opinions. I’m sure many non-Muslim questions about Islam will not be forgotten when we get to know Muslims and see how their faith has affected their lives.

Wills believes that reading the Koran is an antidote to our fear of Islam. But the answer to confronting Islamophobia is not to eat the Koran. As Wills admits, “Knowing the Koran well doesn’t help me with Islam as some people think…. What does reading the Bible mean, then…?” Wills goes into something Islamophobia is not just a religious issue Islamophobia, a form of hate and xenophobia, is a deeper problem than religious ignorance, and it will not be solved if we all learn more about Islam, because it might be wrong that reading the Torah would be the first step (or any step) in solving our anti-Semitism, so it’s not like Reading the Koran is the first place to talk about our Islamophobia.

Muslims do not read the Koran outside the context of their religious traditions (just as Catholics and other Christians do not read the Bible out of context).

What Is The Name Of Islam Holy Book

However, many non-Muslims wish to read the Qur’an for spiritual development or to study the spiritual life of Muslims, and that goal is interesting. . Wills doesn’t have much advice on where to start, but there are some important things that novice readers should know and consider before embarking on their journey. First,

The Quran Islam’s Holy Book By Verse: A Alvi, Akhtar: 9788194735632: Books

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