September 28, 2022

What Is The Name Of God In Islam – IStockThe Name Of The God Of Islam Allah In Arabic Spelling The Name Of Allah In Arabic Illustration – Download Image Now

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What Is The Name Of God In Islam

What Is The Name Of God In Islam

The Name Of God In Islam – God In Arabic, The Name Of God In Arabic Arrows Of God Vector

An Illustration Of The Almighty Allah, The Free Stock Photo And Image

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) …these are just a few of the ninety-nine names of God found in Islam. It is said that knowing the most beautiful Names of God is the greatest knowledge a person can have.

Religious Sign. Islam. Colorful Of The Name Allah. 2079898 Vector Art At Vecteezy

This illustrated name guide is designed to be an engaging educational resource for the whole family. For children, this is a rich treasure of wonder that will reveal greater depths as they grow and mature, while providing parents and teachers with much to inspire, inform and remind. This book, illustrated with interesting illustrations and activities, acted as a guide to help us witness the divine majesty and beauty.

We are glad that this very nice presentation of the 99 names has been published. In his presentation, he is approachable, kind and open-hearted to children, parents and extended family, who could study these names together, reflecting the qualities they evoke. Teachers and students of Islam and comparative religion can benefit greatly from this excellent guide. It presents a balanced view of Islam through the beautiful names of God expressed in the Holy Qur’an and unfolds the meaning through the accompanying words of the saints. ~Camille Adams Helminski This project fills such an obvious need, and does it so beautifully, that one wonders why it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it’s these people who do. It provides an introduction to the spiritual Islam that every parent wants to pass on to their children and clarifies their understanding in the process. God willing it will be recognized as a classic. ~Kabir Helminski In Islam, Al-Wadud (The Friendly) is one of the 99 Names of God. It means to love. It is mentioned twice in the Qur’an, the first time in Surah Hud where it says: “Ask forgiveness from your Lord and then repent to Him.” Surely, my Lord is very merciful, full of love. (90)

For people who know how to speak and write Arabic, love is recognized as love (love), but al-wadud (al-wadud) comes from the word al-wadud which means love and the expression of love through the act of giving.

What Is The Name Of God In Islam

As you can see, the word “friendship” is much stronger than the word “love”, it means not only love, but love in expression.

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For example, love is a feeling that settles in the heart and friendship is the expression of that feeling reflected in your behavior. If you love someone, the feeling towards him is love, but a smile on the face, such behavior is friendship, and if you give him a gift, it is friendship. The inner passion is love, and acting with that love is known as affection.

So determining the meaning of a name out of 99 in Islam, makes you think. God not only loves you, but He shows it. Hence the name El-Wadud.

God loves you in countless ways. It made you, didn’t it? He gave you sense, sight, hearing, smell and taste, think about your health, think about your family and friends and think about the opportunities he gave you along the way, just look around you and think about the sky and the stars and the sun and the moon, all creatures on this earth were created to serve you.

The entire universe and everything in it is evidence of God’s love for all mankind. In Surah Al-Jathiyyah it says: “Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth has been delivered to you, whatever is within. Verily, there are signs for people who think.” (13)

Arabic Calligraphy Allah Names Means God Allah Name God Islam Stock Vector Image By © #427181426

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Sarawi. A famous Islamic scholar and translator of the Qur’an tells us about a hadith that shows us God’s great love for mankind.

O son of Adam, do not fear him who has authority over you as long as my authority exists, and my authority never ceases.

Son of Adam, fear not the toil of life when my tanks are full and my tanks never end.

What Is The Name Of God In Islam

O son of Adam, ask no one but me and I am yours, and when you ask me you will find me. But if you ignore me, I will move away from you and you will lose all the good things.

Prophets And Messengers In Islam

O son of Adam, I created you to worship Me and not to play, and I took care of your food so that you would not be tormented (taking care of it – let the physical parts of your body work, but the heart and mind inside). .Peace of God). I swear by my power and destiny, if you are satisfied with what I have in store for you, I will give you peace of mind and body, but if you are not satisfied with what I have in store for you, I swear by my power and destiny, I will make you run behind the world like beasts running in the desert, you will have nothing but what I have set apart for you, I was ashamed.

O son of Adam, the creation of the seven heavens and the earth did not tire me, You will pass through the bread that will tire me.

O son of Adam, I have not forgotten who disobeyed me. How can I forget who obeys me, and I am a merciful Lord and have authority over all things

O son of Adam, do not ask me for tomorrow’s meal, just as I did not ask you for tomorrow’s work.

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The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “O God, I ask you for your love, the love of those who love you, and the love for actions that bring me closer to your love.”

Let this be a small reminder of God’s love for you and lead you to give thanks for his love and love him before the end.

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What Is The Name Of God In Islam

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