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What Is The Most Played Song In The World – We recently released a breakdown of the most popular songs on UK radio in 2020, but what about other music markets? We have made a new version of the

On Top We Have The Weeknd’s most played song on American radio stations, the song “Blinding Lights” was released in November 2019. This hugely successful single is also the most played song worldwide and has dominated both the Spotify and radio charts. The song has 3,747,891 radio plays and 1,763,233,948 streams on Spotify, making it the most successful song of the weekend to date, surpassing previous hits.

What Is The Most Played Song In The World

What Is The Most Played Song In The World

In the #2 position we have “Circle” by Post Malone, #3 “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa, and “Adore You” by Harry Styles at #4. Interestingly, these four songs also charted well in the UK top 10 singles.

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However we also found artists on the charts who benefited more from older tracks than new releases. This is the case with his colleagues Ed Sheeran and Journey. For example, Ed Sheeran also ranks very well in the charts, but his parts are better represented by earlier tracks and occasional features than by his latest releases. As for the tour, we found his original version of “Don’t Stop Believing” at #85. The song was released in 1981 and is the only top 100 song not released by the end of 2010.

The WARM Top 150 chart uses a 1:1 ratio based on 7,693 monitored US radio stations, which is the largest broadcast area of ​​US radio stations among other radio tracking platforms.

It is worth noting that most of the other radio maps available are influenced by the size and importance of certain radio stations. This means that some channels have a higher number of plays than others, which makes it less obvious. However, the WARM chart uses a 1:1 ratio based on 7,693 monitored US radio stations, which is the largest coverage area of ​​US radio stations of any radio tracking service.

What will happen in 2021? What are the most played songs on the radio? See the 100 most played radio songs in the UK in 2021.

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WARM monitors radio stations around the world. Start tracking your music in real time now to take your career to the next level! The first half of 2020 has been a time unlike any other. Between January and June, 114,565 different songs were played more than 2.3 million times on Australian radio.

The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ was the most played song in the first half of the year, with 19,584 spins on 31 channels.

Customer Service Manager, Riarn Gail, said: “This is not surprising, as the song spent 14 full weeks in the national radio playlist between February and May, 13 of them in a row”. The Nova network championed the song, airing the track more than any other station, and accounting for nearly 30% of the song’s airplay during this period.

What Is The Most Played Song In The World

Following Dua Lipa’s ‘Unga Qali Manje’, 16,077 cases have spread across 30 channels. Dua Lipa was again the most played artist on Australian radio in the first half of the year, with 36,958 total plays, along with her other releases this year, Physical (11,266 spins) and Break My Heart (6). , 958 ) helps to develop the artist.

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A total of nine Australian acts made the list, with Tone & I gaining three places in the top 50 – ‘Never See the Rain’ (No.8), ‘Bad Child’ (No.21) and ‘Dance Monkey’ (No. ..39). ). Sam Fisher (“This Town (Remix)” – No. 25), Guy Sebastian (“Choir” – No. 33 & “Let Me Drink ft. The Hamiltons and Vale” – No. 48), Birds of Tokyo (“Two “) Ours” – No. 30), The Rubens (‘Live In Life’ – No. 42) and Amy Shark (‘The Reaper’ – No. 44) were other local acts taking the place. Home » Entertainment » Spotify’s Top Playlists May Make You Question Your Taste – Here’s How To Find Yours

Spotify’s annual music feature is back with another round of personalized playlists, and this time it’s expanding so people can see their most played songs, artists and genres from the past decade. Earlier this week, the app released its Decades Rolled list, which ranked the most streamed artists and songs from 2010 to 2019, but now users are busy with their “Rolled” playlists, and let’s just say that many of us are feeling pretty good. . , , Open.

A surprising number of users have taken to social media to share their music scores and podcast listening history, and if you haven’t figured out how to get yours, don’t worry, because it’s actually very easy.

If you’re logged into Spotify on your phone, all you have to do is open the app and you’ll get a pop-up asking you to view your ‘stacked’ report. If not, you can also access it from the “Home” page, which should have a banner at the top that says “Your 2019 Is Wrapped Up.” From there, you’ll get a personalized slideshow showing your top artists of 2019, your top five songs of the year, and your top podcasts, along with your most listened to artist of the decade. Mine was Britney Spears, no surprise). You can also summarize your musical year with a specially created playlist that includes your 100 most played songs.

Spotify’s Most Played Lists Might Make You Question Your Taste — Here’s How To Find Yours

In addition to all these things, Spotify has made all the slideshow cards shareable – so if you are not afraid to tell someone how many times you streamed “Old Town Road” this year (or if you just want to show your passion for your music), you are free to share the results your on social media. Head over to Spotify to check out my year in music if you haven’t already.

We and our partners use cookies on this website to improve our service, analyze, personalize advertising, measure ad performance and remember website preferences. It’s OKSpotify’s 10th anniversary, and the music streaming service is celebrating by letting us all join in. Some statistics on this. On the company’s Decade Discovery site, users can navigate through Spotify’s most played artists and albums of the past decade.

Drake tops the list of most streamed artists of all time, followed by Ed Sheeran, Eminem, The Weeknd and Rihanna. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” was the most streamed song of the past year, but apparently it got so many hits that it topped the list of the most streamed songs of all time. Then came “One Dance” by Drake, “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey, “Rockstar (feat. 21 Savage)” by Post Malone and “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

What Is The Most Played Song In The World

Rihanna may be fifth on the list of most streamed artists of all time, but she was the first artist to reach one billion listeners on Spotify, which was in 2013. David Guetta, Emimen, Kanye West and Avicii round out the top five. There are now over 40 million tracks streamed on Spotify, with over 3 billion playlists.

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In typical Spotify fashion, the company hasn’t given us all the stats. It also created a playlist of the most streamed songs of the last 10 years called “Decade of Discovery”. You can see the playlist here and see more statistics from Spotify over the last 10 years here.

All products recommended by Vi are handpicked by our editors, independent of our parent company. Some of our articles contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ from Universal was easily the most played song on Australian radio this year, generating over 30,000 spins between 1 January and 8 December. ,

The first game was on Central Coast’s Star 104.5 just after midnight and is now broadcast on 31 stations. Sydney’s Nova 96.9 played the song more than any other station, broadcasting it 2,057 times, while the wider Nova network accounted for more than a third of the song’s annual plays.

AirCheck, which compiled the data, said the total broadcast of ‘blind lights’ was equivalent to listening to the song continuously for 70 days.

Most Played Songs On Spotify

Warner’s Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” was second with 21,805 plays, while Harry Styles’ “Adore You” (Sony) was not far behind with 21,140, ​​​​​​​​​and no Topic ft A7S’ “Breakdown.” ‘ (Universal) at 21,123, or Brando’s ‘Look Into My Eyes’ (Independent) at 21,057.

There are no Australian songs in the top 10 this year, which Keith Williams, RCS vice president for Asia Pacific, said was disappointing.

Australia’s top spot was Sia’s ‘Together’ (Independent), which entered at number 12 with 16,168 plays. Tones & Is’ ‘Never See the Rain’ (Sony) was 17th with 15,363, while Sam Fisher, Amy Shark, Keith Urban and Guy Sebastian (all Sony) have tracks.

What Is The Most Played Song In The World

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