October 1, 2022

Apple’s gadget output is quite a lot that starts with the letter i and has become a distinctive feature for them. Call it the iPad, iMac, and of course the most famous is the iPhone. So, what does the letter i actually mean? Is there any special meaning?

The meaning of the word i can be traced a dozen years ago, precisely when the late Steve Jobs, who at that time returned to being CEO of Apple after being kicked out of the company, launched the iMac computer in 1998.

The letter i refers to the internet but it turns out that according to Steve Jobs it can also mean various things, depending on each person and not fixated on just one word.

“Even though this is a full Macintosh, we are targeting this computer for one use that consumers want for their computers, which is to access the internet easily and quickly,” said Jobs at the time, quoted from News.com.au.

Steve then showed me a slideshow showing many words starting with the letter i. From the internet, individuals, instructions, information and inspiration. “The letter i means other things to us too,” he said.

That is possible, it’s up to the user to interpret the i prefix according to his wishes. Of course, since then, Apple has been naming its new products with the prefix i. From iPod, iPhone to iPad.

But in recent times, some of Apple’s new gadgets don’t use the i prefix. Call it the Apple TV and also a smart watch called the Apple Watch.

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