What Is The Golden Compass About?

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, Philip Pullman’s acclaimed fantasy trilogy, is getting a second chance to get a screen adaptation right.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

What Is The Golden Compass About?

The BBC is making a big-budget TV miniseries adaptation of the first volume of three, the latest reports.

The Golden Compass By Phillp Pullman

U.S.). The BBC is certainly pumping money into the talent pool, and according to Deadline, Tom Hooper has already signed on to the project.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

, which was a hit at the box office – it wasn’t enough that paying the money and signing important names to the cast was enough to ensure a successful adaptation.

So this new miniseries could be a shot at redemption for a beloved book series that has all the tools for a successful adaptation but failed to translate into blockbuster success. The pressure is too much. Here are three lessons

What Is The Golden Compass About?

His Dark Materials Is Ripe For An Onscreen Do Over. Enter The Bbc.

Good across the board. As 11-year-old Lyra, Dakota Blue Richards is intelligent and vulnerable and never reaches for laziness or charm. As a witch, Eva Green thought nothing of it. Daniel Craig’s combination of pre-James Bond grandeur and brutality is a perfect match for Lord Asriel – Pullman’s answer to Milton’s Satan – and Nicole Kidman’s cool charm plays beautifully, holding Ms Coulter .

(In fact, Kidman is so perfect for the role and the perfect location that she apparently inspired Pullman to bring back the dark-haired blonde former Mrs. Coulter in his latest Golden Compass.)

What Is The Golden Compass About?

If there’s one false note in the cast, it’s Ian McKellen as Iorek Byrnison, the voice of the armored bear. McKellen was reportedly added later to the production, after pressure from a studio that wanted to do another Lord of the Rings. You can feel the fun and joy in McKellen’s language – one of the qualities that makes him such a great classical actor – and the way he seems to echo his words as he speaks, as opposed to Iorek’s sarcasm.

Philip Pullman’s New Trilogy

But the worst performance in his film was Ian McKellen, and when he was one of the greatest actors of our time, you can be sure.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

Working with a professional cast and an amazing cast, many of them are fully equipped to do what is asked of them.

Even so, it still strikes. A great cast can do a lot for a movie, but it’s not enough to carry it all.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

The Golden Compass, Retail & Rental

Clearly anti-Christian. Lyra lives in a world where the Christian Church is the center of political and social power. Church officials routinely abuse and kill children, which is clearly a crime of child abuse in the Catholic Church.

As the series progresses, Pullman argues that the Christian Church and its counterparts around the world are anti-scientific, anti-self and anti-happiness, and that the just and moral answer is to destroy them: to destroy the Church and to all. them. his teachings to gain the Kingdom of Heaven and replace him in building the Kingdom of Heaven.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

Hollywood was understandably slow to produce a blockbuster for an anti-church American audience. So 2007

The Golden Compass: 3 Stars « Richard Crouse

The film essentially minimizes theoretical issues. The characters stop complaining about the “Church” and start talking only about the “Magisterium”. (In Pullman’s books, the Magisterium is clearly the organizational and governing body of the Christian Church, but that connection is unclear in the film.)

What Is The Golden Compass About?

Conversations about God become conversations about “authority.” The idea that the Christian Church is particularly harmful has become the idea that governing authority can be dangerous. The idea that theocratic governments are bad has become the idea that totalitarian governments are not good at all.

S dream profit. The Catholic League is still calling for a divorce, and Bill O’Reilly says he’s part of the “War on Christmas”. It also failed at the box office.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

Everything You Need To Know Before Diving Into ‘his Dark Materials’

From where Talking animal friends, witches and armed bears are all fun, but they are flat on the central idea of ​​the destruction of the Christian church. Once you spread that idea, the whole story loses its direction. It can be vague, amorphous, untraceable.

The question here is not whether the message of Pullman’s theory is original, interesting, valuable, or true. That’s a different question and one that intelligent people can argue about. The problem here is that without Pullman’s theory, the story collapses in on itself.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

. Madeleine L’Engle was a devout Christian, and her Christianity was about knowledge and joy—but her theology was chopped and chopped in the new film adaptation, and the film suffered as a result.

Gravity’s . . . Compass?

It eliminates the story, keeping the spirit very abstract regardless of the information a story might have about the details. Watching the movie, one wonders if Disney is thinking about the ability of young viewers to understand that there are different religions (something that L’Engle herself is interested in), many of them interested in points of film addresses and the best choice. Because someone looking to make a religious film can defend Christianity in the film, but add influences from other belief systems rather than making it all “love”.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

If you want the thrill of Armored Bears and Demons, you have to have a scientific mind over all that abrasive, Richard Dawkins-y rage. This is not optional.

This is where the planned BBC miniseries has a big advantage over the 2007 film: it has more hours. In theory, it should be a better tool than the film to get into the theological differences of the books and the deeper and more violent elements. This is very important when we get to the third and final lesson on our list.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

The Golden Compass By Philip Pullman First American Edition

Comes from its lower end. In Pullman’s original, the book ends with Lyra’s tragic betrayal by Lord Asriel, who kills the boy Lyra believes will help Asriel free her and uses the resulting psychic powers to open a portal to another. world.

It’s a startling and disturbing scene, and it brings up the idea that this is a world with adults.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

Asriel, far from the heroic hero Lyra believed him to be, was as fundamentally corrupt and evil as anyone in her world. When Lyra decided to go through the portal to another world without waiting for Asriel or anyone else, we knew what kind of story we were reading this time. It’s one where the little girl isn’t there to help the big, strong man save the world, but the little girl does the saving herself.

The Golden Compass (film)

The scene was filmed for the 2007 Golden Compass, but never made it to theaters. Instead, the movie ends with Lyra and her dying friend calmly floating to Lord Asriel in a hot air balloon, trusting each other that Asriel will fix everything. The audience is given no indication that Asriel has more bloody and dark thoughts on his mind.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

Reports vary as to whether the original ending was cut in time because test audiences did not accept it or to give the film a more exciting ending. However, the film ends with a brutal final scene that feels counter-intuitive and disrespectful if you haven’t read the book, and downright oppressive to the community if you have. Lyra also trusted Lord Asriel to save her. We are introduced to a world where there are adults you can trust and children don’t have to take matters into their own hands and fend for themselves.

It was very unsatisfactory, to say the least. Pullman’s bloody, brutal ending isn’t exactly elevated, but it’s the only way the story can move forward.

What Is The Golden Compass About?

The Golden Compass Prima Games Official Strategy Guide Book

As the series gears up for production, we can only hope that he and his titular cast of heroes will continue to guide Pullman to his inevitable tragic end — and to defend his angry, controversial doctrine. Because if it doesn’t exist, we will face it

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What Is The Golden Compass About?

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