What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book

What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book – Most publishers will tell you that your book cover is the most important piece of material you have. The old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is showing its age and cover design has its moments, especially on social media. A good cover can increase a book’s visibility online and in bookstores. For professional books, the cover should convey the content of the book without being too obvious or detracting from the title.

The Cold War Dust Jacket for US Foreign Workers comes from an email sent by author Anthony Carew to the magazine’s editor, Megan Hall. Carew’s vivid description of the realism of his story provided the perfect starting point for creator Marvin Harder to capture the depth of history, mystery and excitement conveyed in The Square. We hope the following e-mails will clarify the basics of obscure books and increase your appreciation for cover design.

What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book

What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book

If you remember, I started with the idea of ​​drawing three or four main characters, but you insisted that it wouldn’t work, so I gave it up. With the exception of one or two world-renowned trade union leaders, most of the people in my book remain unknown. But since journalists are examining the details of American foreign worker policy that has been going on for years, I think it’s possible to put a picture of the number of these foot soldiers. Comparison text on the cover. For the dust jacket, I’m going with your idea of ​​trying to capture the mystery/intrigue/shadow of the story.

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Perhaps the picture should show the level of the international level in the field of work, even the Americans. First, two introductory notes: the use of union imagery itself uses flags and handshakes as a symbol of labor unity, but in my book the unity sought is at the expense of workers and unions perceived as communist. The “success of the international movement on “unity” was seen in the result of dividing the unity. Although trade union books often contain pictures of industrial settings – factory floors, shop floors, etc. – Most of my stories happen in official meetings and committees – it’s not easy to represent too much, I suspect.

What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book

As I have shown, one answer may be that part of the purpose of this book is to explain the still obscure actions of the faceless men. I searched for a photo to match my book, but only one came close – a photo taken in Athens in 1950 showing Irving Brown (second left) and two other officers of The American organization working in the camp international living in the hotel. hotel with Fotis. Makris (left), the totally corrupt leader of the Greek movement that has been supported by the Americans for more than two decades, and the Greek labor minister. Everyone seems happy. The point is that Brown was in Athens to deliver CIA money to Makris (“shot in the arm” was Brown’s term for such dealings). An innocent picture makes more sense if you know the context.

Let’s say you have to embody this spirit of mystery and intrigue as found in my book. Here are some ideas that might inspire you. It was difficult to recognize Jay Lovestone, one of the central players. He is a man with all secrets. As a single man, he had three long-term relationships with multiple women and managed to keep each woman in the dark about his other relationships. When he was the head of the American Communist Party in the 1920s, he spent most of his time in hiding and had to travel with fake papers. He had several pseudonyms, but the most interesting thing is that he continued to use them during the later communist era when he was no longer “underground”. Few people came to him, and it was obvious that he wanted to get away from the fire. Secretary Lovestone told me that he planned to install a back door in his office at AFL-CIO headquarters so that he would not have to walk through the writing pool when going to and from his office. . Someone who saw him in his office told me that his tendency to talk is always to lean back against the wall as if he is afraid that someone will appear behind him when his back is turned. You are in the open. I’ve never seen Lovestone, but that image of him has always stuck with me.

What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book

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Irving Brown – who appears in the picture – is easy to explain. A jet builder before flying passenger planes, he spent most of his life working with suitcases. He’s a troubled man with a seven o’clock shadow, always wearing a rumpled suit, a thick collar and tie, and shoes that need to be shined—you wouldn’t know. . . honors or equivalent from the Federal Republic of Germany. But he led a dangerous life and on two separate occasions in France in the 1950s he felt the need to go into hiding – once from the French police and once for fear of death.

The third of the three main characters, Victor Reuther, is Irving Brown’s main rival for the position of director of the international organization. He made an effort to appear as a direct civil servant, and it was written by Murray Kempton in 1951.

What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book

Using the bad ideas that the American media likes for this kind of education. After it was said that Reuther had been shot a few years earlier in a failed assassination attempt (no relation to the national affairs – the work of an assassin hired by the Detroit mafia to take revenge for the organization to eliminate abuse. . Detroit). car company), Kempton reports how Victor “made a sad, broken face” at a union meeting a few months later, before he was assigned to international duty in Europe – in part to allow him to return to Detroit. “He took a boat from New York to Paris, weak, tired, and low in his voice. He didn’t seem like much of a gambler then. But he went to Paris and came back for the first time.” Kempton describes how Reuther traveled 50,000 miles for a short period of time to many dangerous locations where the cold war had a major impact on the work. “Above all, he was in France, which is the key to the work of the Europeans. . . [in his office] in the old terrorist house in Paris where he talks to men who are still members of the communist organization and those who want to be like him. A strong labor movement can get them out, and wherever they go, communists write on their cars.” “War mongers.” Victor Reuther returned to the CIO stage yesterday. His shoulders straightened, looking up at the head and wounded in his soul. to return to Europe with a new major appointment from the IOC as an organizer not for rights, but to help restore the spirit of work in Europe .. . The audience was very quiet . . . [but] at the end he got a turn. to applause . . . he was as indestructible as any Republican.” The game was really horrible! In fact, the new funding he was supposed to receive in Europe was brought by the Central Intelligence Agency!

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I may be guilty of too much content here, so I’ll stop. I hope that I have given you an idea of ​​the complex environment that my people work in that can be conveyed through the cover of a book. I am waiting for the answer.

What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book

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What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book

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Dust jackets protected hardcover books in the 1800s. Today, dust jackets are a great way to enhance your fine art presentation.

What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book

We print dustbins in 80 lb. Satin paper with lamination or mattelamination. And for a dramatic and attractive effect, you can also add gold or silver foil.

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You can get creative with these collapsible covers that cover yours

What Is The Dust Jacket Of A Book

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