What Is The Dark Matter

What Is The Dark Matter – The separation of dark matter could be explained by a new fundamental force, which has not yet been discovered, but dark matter is difficult to detect because it is associated with a new, unknown force, new science suggests.

Dark matter makes up 27 percent of the universe’s mass and energy—five times more than the “normal” matter that makes up planets and stars. True to its name, dark matter is difficult to understand directly; But astronomers believe that it exists because of the gravitational force on the stars and the stars that live inside them.

What Is The Dark Matter

What Is The Dark Matter

So far, no attempt has been made to understand what kind of particles dark matter is made of. As anyone can tell, black matter is hard

Dark Matter Theorists Explore Axions As Wimps Come Up Short

: As a person walks in a clean room and looks at his surroundings, as if the dark word does not go to his body, it comes with him, even with him. It is bound to our world only by gravity, and only attracts other objects that also have gravity.

What Is The Dark Matter

Current dark matter detectors – which, technically, cannot yet detect anything specifically – work on the assumption that dark matter, if it exists long enough, will eventually begin to decay in a detectable way. speak normally. ghost sign But these tests continue to be futile, despite the rapid increase in applications.

This allowed scientists to start asking more questions about dark matter. Is something important missing in our theory of how we communicate? Or maybe it has a different nature than what we mentioned?

What Is The Dark Matter

Why I’m Choosing Dark Matter Over Dark Energy

Now, a new paper proposes a new theory that will explain many of the mysteries of dark matter. What is black?

According to the Standard Model of Particle Physics, the gold standard of these forces and particles, there are four known forces in the universe. Both are everyday and easily apparent: gravity and electrical energy. One, the strong force, binds atomic nuclei together; the latter, very powerful, which is in a kind of radioactive decay.

What Is The Dark Matter

But a new research paper in the Journal of High Energy Physics suggests that dark matter can be explained by the proposed fifth fundamental force.

What Is Dark Matter And Why Is It So Elusive?

“We live in an ocean of dark matter, but we know nothing about it,” said Flip Tanedo, assistant professor of physics and astronomy and senior author of the paper. “It’s one of the most unknown things in nature. We know it’s there, but we don’t know how to find it or why it doesn’t appear where we expect.”

What Is The Dark Matter

The theory goes like this: Most of the dark matter in the universe does not behave like the particles we know and study. These “invisible” particles may stack with other, invisible particles in a way that causes them to act like bricks – hence, the difficulty of seeing people.

In particular, dark matter seems to move with itself – in ways other than gravity, and especially up close. No one is sure. This new strategy can help explain that.

What Is The Dark Matter

Dark Matter And Dark Energy

Of course, this question leads to another question: what are the invisible particles associated with dark matter?

“The goal of my research program for the past two years has been to expand the concept of dark matter ‘talking’ to dark forces,” Tanedo said. Dark forces can control the transmission of black speech. This could redefine the rules of how to detect dark matter.

What Is The Dark Matter

Tanedo suggests that this dark force—which could be called the fifth force—acts when two particles of dark matter attract or repel each other. But there’s another, potentially fourth dimension at play.

Dark Matter Map Shows Hidden ‘bridges’ Connect Galaxies

“Our research program at UCR [University of California, Riverside] is further elucidating the concept of dark energy,” he said. “The world we observe consists of three dimensions of space. We propose that there is a fourth dimension known only to the dark forces. Additional dimensions may explain why dark matter is also hidden from efforts to study it. In the Laboratory.”

What Is The Dark Matter

In the universe we know, length, width and depth are the three dimensions of space. Time is also often considered a measure, although it is not measured in the same way. Many theories of physics state that there are more dimensions that are not directly accessible; famously, this subject should survive many more sixes, although they will be six “small” pieces that move in and out of it, rather than going through it as the three people know and love.

“Because this relativistic field theory is so vague and unusual, it has not yet been properly applied to dark matter,” said Tanedo. “Instead of using language, we work with extra-dimensional holographic technology.”

What Is The Dark Matter

Is Dark Matter Real?

Tanedo said the mathematical trick, which does not simulate the behavior of visible particles, could help researchers better understand what happens to dark matter. Therefore, in Tanedo’s theory, the intensity of the “dark” effect of the element will depend on the distance. Magnetism and gravitation decrease in magnitude when objects with these properties interact together or in pairs; while the energy between dark matter particles will vary in different ways.

“For gravitational or light energy, when you double the distance between two particles, you decrease the energy by a factor,” Tanedo said. “Constant power, on the other hand, is reduced by a factor of eight.” Black power will be a constant force, Tanedo said.

What Is The Dark Matter

Avi Loeb, former head of astronomy, said: “There is an idea that dwarf stars have contents instead of dark matter bodies – as would happen if dark matter particles did not interact with each other (based on the standard scientific model). at Harvard University, in an email. light with free electrons and protons.”

Searching For Dark Matter With The Atlas Detector

Loeb added that his special research paper comes with a new proposal for dark matter interactions that “come from a complex of interacting particles hidden in extra dimensions.”

What Is The Dark Matter

“The interaction between dark matter particles depends on their separation from previous models in three-dimensional space,” Loeb said. “This new model can be tested with better astrophysical data.”

“My research program is based on one of the assumptions of particle physics: that the interaction of particles is best explained by the interaction of other particles,” he said. “While that is true for ordinary matter, there is no reason to think so for dark matter. The interaction can be explained by the evolution of exchangeable particles rather than just one type of energy exchanging particles. “What is unseen, but greater. is everything we do. can see It’s like the beginning of a bad joke, and for scientists that’s what it is.

What Is The Dark Matter

Does Some Dark Matter Carry An Electric Charge?

All our scientific observations show that the normal matter we can see – the kind that makes up you, me, the planet we live on, the sun and the galaxy we’re a part of – is dense with matter. a novel we can do. learn t. However, despite decades of researchers’ best efforts to work with this “dark matter”—to find direct or indirect clues about what it does, or does in the lab—we are confused.

The story of dark matter began in the 1930s, when Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky noticed that stars on the edge of the Coma cluster were rotating faster than they should have around the center of the cluster, due to the amount of visible matter. to them. . But the idea began with the work of American astronomer Vera Rubin in the 1970s, who demonstrated the regularity of rapidly rotating spiral stars for the amount of matter now visible. Without other burning objects, stars simply fly away. The latest statistics show that black speech makes up 80 percent of all speech there.

What Is The Dark Matter

Along with dark energy—another, even more mysterious substance that appears to have an “anti-gravity” effect, accelerating the expansion of the universe—dark matter represents a disdain for scientists. Together, these two unknowns mean that 95 percent of the universe is matter that cannot be classified in the standard model of particle physics, the best conceptual picture of material reality.

Dark Matter: One Last Push To Crack The Biggest Secret In The Universe

Not because we have no suggestions for what might explain dark matter. Perhaps the most common is a new class of particles known as weakly interacting giant particles, or WIMPS, the invisible strings that pierce stars. But if this particle exists, we should be able to create it by smashing other particles together.

What Is The Dark Matter

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