What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra – Hello, welcome to another installment of the movie going into the history of the constellation. If you’ve been following this schedule, you know we’re in summer. During the summer, we see the so-called summer trine constellation. Each point of this triangle has a bright star in its own constellation.

For this video (click the link above), we’ll cover Vega, a bright star also found in the constellation Lyra the Harp.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

Let me tell you the story of why we’ll see the harp in our sky and other explanations that might be hiding it.

Lyra Star Stock Illustrations

First, lyra is the Latin name for the lyre, an ancient instrument that resembles a harp.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

That being said, the instrument is linked to Greek mythology and is based on the character of Orpheus, a famous musician with extraordinary talent who can also be beautiful with his music.

Well, Orpheus married the beautiful Eurydice and had a wonderful marriage until one day he died from his injuries after being bitten by a snake.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

Constellation Lyra: Gift, Map, Coordinates And Explanation

Orpheus was heartbroken. He decides to descend into the underworld to find her and bring her home.

At the same time, Orpheus seduced the gods of the world with his music. They granted him his wish to be reunited with his wife, but on one condition: Orpheus was not allowed to see Eurydice until they had left the world. Unfortunately, Orpheus cannot control himself and looks back at Eurydice before reaching the ground. Because of this, he descended again into the world. Heartbroken, Orpheus took his own life to be with his wife.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

After his death, Zeus took this harp and placed it in the sky, where it remains to this day.

Celestial News: Summer Triangle Rides High

Vega is 25 light years from Earth, so it is very bright. It is about 450 million years old, growing in space.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

As Earth moves on its axis, Vega will become our new North Star in about 12,000 years. Like many constellations, Lyra has many legends explaining its colorful past. The lyra originates from Middle Eastern civilizations who identified the symbol as a vulture. The largest star is called Lyra Vega, which is Arabic for eagle.

However, the ancient Greeks recognized this constellation as the harp. Although Lyra may not seem like the sweetest thing the gods would put into the sky, Lyra’s legend is one of love and tragedy.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

Lore Of The Constellations: Lyra The Harp

The most famous story is the love story between Orpheus and Eurydice. Orpheus was a famous musician and poet in Greek mythology who had the power to charm all animals, gods and men with his mysterious harp.

On the day Orpheus and Eurydice were married, he took his new wife with his harp, and while he was dancing in the grass, he fell into an abandoned nest. Another version of the story says that he was chased by a satharal and fell. However, he stabbed her in the heel and she died on the spot.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

Her body was discovered by Orpheus, who was so saddened by the death that he expressed his grief through his songs. As he played his song, the gods and nymphs were so impressed that they asked him to go to the underworld to retrieve his beloved.

Vega Brightest Star Northern Constellation Lyra Stock Photo 1569335680

As Orpheus plays, he softens and placates Hades and Persephone, the god and goddess of the underworld, who agree to let Eurydice go. But there was a catch, Orpheus had to agree not to look at her until they were both gone into the big world. As he leads Eurydice through the underworld, he suspects that she is there, a cunning plan to deceive the world. When they reached the door, Orpheus looked at his wife before passing and disappearing into the sun. Forever he returned to the underworld and Orpheus lost this love again. In death, Orpheus was united with Eurydice in the underworld, and Zeus, moved by tragedy, placed Orpheus’ lyre in the sky to honor the love between the pair that would be destroyed. .

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

Now the constellation Lyra is easy to define because it contains the bright star Vega. It is part of a constellation known as the Summer Triangle. See diagram to see the equatorial triangle and its component stars and constellations.

If you can see these bright stars in summer, you will be able to see Lyra. Vega is the brightest star of the summer triangle.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

The Ten Brightest Stars (and Where They Are, With Video)

Use this video to help you find the constellation Lyra, a small constellation similar to the bright star Vega. It is one of the 48 listed by the second-century astronomer Ptolemy, and one of the 88 modern galaxies recognized by the International Astronomical Union. Lyra is often depicted in star charts as an eagle or a crested eagle, sometimes referred to as Voltaire Caedus or Aquila Caedus (“falling eagle”).

Or “Falling Eagle”), respectively. Starting from the mountains, Lyra was surrounded by Draco, Hercules, Vulpecula and Cygnus. In the north, Lyra is almost always at the surface at midnight and early summer. It is low in the northern sky during the month (in winter) from the equator to about the 40th parallel south.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

Lyra’s brightest star, Vega, is one of the brightest stars in the night sky and is part of the famous summer triangle. Beta Lyrae is an example of a class of binary stars known as Beta Lyrae variables. These binary stars are so close together that they form a bedrock and matter flows from one to the other. Epsilon Lyrae, often called a double double, is a complex star system. Lyra also hosts the second known and most famous nebula, the Ring Nebula.

Skywatch: Vega And Lyra The Harp Are Easy To Spot Right Now. Here’s Their Tale

In Greek mythology, the lute represents the song of Orpheus. Created by Hermes from the shell of a tortoise, given to Apollo as a vanity, it is called the First Sound. Orpheus’ music is said to be so good that he can attract inanimate objects such as rocks. Along with Jason and the Argonauts, his music can still evoke the sounds of the menacing sires who sang to tempt the Argonauts.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

Once, Orpheus married a nymph named Eurydice. Fleeing from an attack by Aristaeus, he shot and killed the snake that had bitten him. To get her back, Orpheus goes to the underworld, where the music of her song haunts Hades. Hades relented and allowed Orpheus to take Eurydice back, on the condition that he never look back. Unfortunately, near D, Orpheus falls and turns back, leaving Eurydice in the world forever. Orpheus spends the rest of his life wandering the vain world playing his harp, refusing all marriages to women.

There are two legends related to the death of Orpheus. According to Eratosthes, Orpheus did not do what Dionysus required because he believed Apollo to be the supreme god. Orpheus was separated from Dionysus and his followers. Ovid tells an entirely different story, revenge for Orpheus’s refusal of a marriage proposal by a gang of stoners and spearmen. At first, his music attracts their attention, but eventually they are overwhelmed by his music due to their numbers and noise, and he is speared. Both myths say that it was Zeus who held his harp in the sky and that the Muses buried Orpheus’ bones.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

The 10 Brightest Stars In The Sky​

Vega and the surrounding stars are considered constellations in other cultures. Where it joins the lyra is the wing of the Arab downed eagle or vulture.

In Wales, the harp is also called King Arthur’s Harp (Talyn Arthur) and King David’s Harp. Hafiz of Persia called it Surah. He is said to be the manager of Precep Salvatores, the savior of children.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

Lyra is next to Vulpecula to the south, Hercules to the west, Draco to the north, and Cygnus to the east. With an area of ​​286.5 square degrees, it is the 52nd largest of the 88 modern constellations. It is best seen in the northern sky during Northern Hemisphere summer, and all constellations are visible to observers north of 42°S latitude at least part of the year.

Vega, The Brightest Star In The Lyra Constellation Stock Illustration

In 1930, the Belgian astronomer Eugène Delport described the boundary of the star as a 17-sided polygon 19h 28m, where the axes lie between + 25.66 ° and + 47.71 °.

What Is The Brightest Star In Lyra

German photographer Johann Baer used the Greek letter alpha through nu to identify the most important stars in the constellation. English astronomer John Flamstead

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