What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

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What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

We work with a panel of solar experts to create unbiased reviews to help you make the right choice for your home. No other website has covered renewable energy as long as we have, which means we have more knowledge and insider information than other sites.

How To Calculate Solar Panel Tilt Angle

So what is the best way for solar panels? For homeowners living in the northern hemisphere, the rule of thumb is that solar panels should face true south. (For those living in the southern hemisphere, the solar panels should face true north.)

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

Remember that when we talk about true south, we are talking about geographic south, not magnetic south. In other words, you should set up your solar power system based on the length of the lines on the map, not the compass directions.

Also note that it can be useful to turn slightly from the optimal direction if you want to adjust the hours of electricity on the solar panels (for example, facing southwest to get more electricity in the late afternoon when the sun goes down).

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

California Proposes Changes To Rooftop Solar Panel Incentives

Hopefully, you have a south-facing roof that is ideally positioned for your solar panels. However, if your roof is not oriented correctly, it does not mean that solar power is off the table. There are many other options to consider, including solar canopies and ground-mounted solar panels that can use south-facing panels for optimal energy production.

SunPower designs and installs industry-leading residential solar and storage solutions in all 50 states. With a storied history of innovation dating back to 1985, no other company on this list can match SunPower’s experience and expertise.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

SunPower earns its spot on our list as a top national installer for several reasons: it installs the most efficient solar technology in the residential market, offers a wide range of services, and backs its installations with warranties. That exceeds the industry standard. Sunpower is always at the forefront of sustainable development.

Double Sided Solar Panels That Track The Sun Could Produce 35% More Energy

If that’s not enough, SunPower Systems comes with products manufactured in-house by its sister company Maxon. This means that your panels, solar cells, inverter, battery and electric charger are designed to work together and all have the same warranty.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

SunPower’s biggest downside? Its efficient panels are more expensive than many of its competitors’ products. However, its efficient panels are workhorses that lower the initial cost with higher output in the background (think of spending more money on a car that gets more miles per gallon).

We love Blue Raven Solar because it understands that for many homeowners, the cost of solar is the biggest barrier to entry.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

Solar Panel Direction And Angle: Does It Matter?

That’s why Blue Raven Solar has developed an innovative solar financing plan that offers in-house, flexible payment options with zero top-up. The results speak for themselves, as Blue Raven Solar is now one of the fastest growing solar companies in the country and was recently acquired by SunPower. Its BluePower Plus+ plan (exclusive to BlueRaven) emulates a flexible lease structure while still offering the greatest benefits of system ownership.

Eligible homeowners get solar power for 18 months before they pay their first bill. Combined with the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), initial energy savings can pay more than a third of the total system cost before a single dollar is needed.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

In contrast, other installers can only offer similar financing through solar leases, PPAs or third parties (such as Mosaic or Solar). Third-party lenders can complicate the process, while choosing a loan or PPA leaves you out of some of the biggest benefits of solar (property assessments, federal solar tax credits, and local solar incentives).

What Is The Optimal Angle To Tilt Your Solar Panels?

ADT Solar sets the industry standard for warranty coverage, including a comprehensive warranty, making it one of the best installers for homeowners looking for peace of mind.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

While other solar companies have begun offering similar warranties in recent years, ADT Solar has been around since 2008 and has completed more than 30,000 installations nationwide.

When you are ready to install a solar system on your home, you want to install it so that your solar panels work efficiently. The solar panels you use greatly affect the efficiency of your system, but two aspects that most homeowners consider are the placement and angle of the solar panels.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

Leaf Anatomy And 3 D Structure Mimic To Solar Cells With Light Trapping And 3 D Arrayed Submodule For Enhanced Electricity Production

Of course, you don’t want your panels to face the ground because that will limit their exposure to sunlight, but is there really a “best angle” for solar panels?

Click below for a free, no-obligation quote and to chat with a solar company near you.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

Best Solar Financing 4.5/5 Refer to an affiliate program available in 23 states Get a free quote 2-year manufacturing warranty

Here’s What North Carolina Residents Need To Know About Solar Panels

In addition to choosing the best orientation of the solar panels, it is also useful to choose the right angle. Here, the basic rule is to adjust the angle of the solar panel according to the latitude. In other words, if you are at 35 degrees latitude, place the panels at a 35 degree angle.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

The angle of your solar panels helps ensure that the sun hits them normally, promoting high solar energy production and therefore huge savings on your household’s electricity bills. After this, you should also consider how the weather affects the solar panels.

A good example of this is snow. If you live in a country with a lot of snow, this will eventually hamper the efficiency of your solar panels. By tilting the boards at a steep angle, you can reduce the accumulation of snow or other debris.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

What’s The Best Direction For Solar Panels

This may sound technical, but it’s worth noting that professional solar installers work with you to design a solar power system that works well. Which includes recommendations for placing the panels, washing them, and more.

The angle of the sun varies with the season, and so does the ideal angle of the solar panels.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun sits lower in the sky during the winter months, so your solar panels will receive direct sunlight if placed at a higher angle than your latitude. . In the summer months, the sun is higher in the sky, so you want the panels to be a little sharper.

What Time Of Day Are Solar Panels Most Efficient?

To keep your solar panels at the optimal angle all year round, you need a solar tracker and a way to adjust the tilt of your panels accordingly. You can install a tracking system that works like a solar angle calculator, but this will add significantly to the cost of the solar equipment and most owners don’t think it’s worth the extra cost due to the increased power output. have

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

Most solar panel systems are installed at a calculated fixed angle that is optimal for getting the best average annual solar output for your home.

For panels installed on the ground, you should also consider installing a solar panel monitoring system. Solar trackers maximize panel efficiency by rotating your panels throughout the day, allowing them to track the movement of the sun from sunrise to sunset. How efficient can a tracker make your solar panel system?

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

What Should Be The Best Angle For A Solar Panel Installation?

One study found that on a clear day, the average efficiency of a tracking panel was about 67%, while the efficiency of a fixed panel was only 40%. When considering solar panel tracking systems, you must choose between a single or dual axis system.

Uniaxial systems move in one direction only, usually from north to south. A two-axis system allows movement along a north-south axis and an east-west axis. Two-axis systems take up a lot of space, so they are often used in commercial settings.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

They can certainly be efficient and allow the solar panels to be positioned according to the changing seasons when the sun is high or low in the sky, but this is generally not necessary for residential use.

Solar Irradiation On The Rear Surface Of Bifacial Solar Modules: A Modeling Approach

Roof location should always be considered when deciding whether solar panels are worth it for your home. Most reputable solar installers offer free in-home consultations, in which a representative will inspect your roof and tell you if rooftop solar will fit your roof’s location and how much sunlight your home receives throughout the year. Based on that is a good idea.

What Is The Best Direction For Solar Panels

Frequently Asked Questions: What is the best orientation for solar panels?

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