September 29, 2022

What Happens When Black Adam Says Shazam? – Black Adam has seen his role in the DC Universe grow over the past few years, with the character joining the Justice League comics and paying homage to The Rock on the big screen. DC presents another version of the villain in the new limited series Black Adam, a story by writer Christopher Priest, artist Rafa Sandoval and colorist Matt Hermes. To thoroughly shake his world. We had a chance to talk with Priest about the first issue, including what led Priest to take the role, his approach to Black Adam and superhero battles, and his hope that fans will give the book and Malick a chance. They don’t make any assumptions.

Priest wasn’t on board when Black Adam started in his series and was a bit hesitant at first. Paul Kaminsky helped him on board, and Priest was surprised that DC was the game he wanted to make with the character. “I didn’t want to accept the character into his own series. I was talked into it. I did. I was persuaded by editor Paul Kaminsky. There was some reluctance at first because I don’t follow it… I don’t follow it. I don’t follow anything. I don’t even read your books,” Priest said. I was also aware of some crisis or what was happening. But C.C. Beck’s characters… I’ve always felt like a gateway drug. For kids, these characters really exist in this universe, they’re in a happy place, and they should be in children’s books.

What Happens When Black Adam Says Shazam?

What Happens When Black Adam Says Shazam?

“I’m not really a fan of characters that wander around the DC universe. So when Paul called me about this book, we originally discussed it and I did the stupidest thing I always do, I tried to talk. It came out It’s like this scene in the casino. You’re Robert. You find De Niro you’re in this poolside lounge and a mob boss comes in and tries to convince him to run the casino. De Niro tries to talk to him and he says, “Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know.” And then finally he says, “Okay, if I’m going to do it, it’s got to be my way. Meaning, no interference. I must do it my way.” “Keep me, and never darken my door again, and that’s all; I’d go back to the vampires,” said the priest.

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“So I was really surprised, not only that Paul liked it, but I was also really shocked that the book came out because what we were doing was completely different and a little bit subversive,” Priest said. “It really touches the character in a lot of ways and challenges the character in a way that he’s never tried before. And I have to tell you, Matthew, I’m very surprised that DC let me do this.”

One thing readers will notice early on is that the emphasis is on the man in power, and he’s not being fair. Not that there weren’t redeeming aspects, but Priest wanted to emphasize how an immortal actually interacts with the world by achieving the character’s appearance.

“The way I see it, immortality is like that coat that you wear, that heavy jacket that you wear, and it gets heavy,” the priest said. “If you don’t take it off every now and then, you’re going to go crazy. I’m really interested in writing Theo Death-Adam, a person who walks walks because he’s trying to get hurt. We free the slave boy Aman. Going back to the original story in the second issue, Billy Batson had crutches and Theo had crutches. He walks on a stilt, like Billy Batson’s original idea for the Cane, and he’s fragile in some ways, but in touch. But I think Theo Death-Adam is just as menacing as the powerful ghost Black Adam. I’m interested, a man wrapped in sorcery .”

As powerful as he is, he still needs to interact with the world, so despite being able to fly, he even takes public transportation, and little scenes like this throughout the issue speak volumes about him.

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“It’s like he’s walking into a limo, but you realize it’s not his limo. I don’t know who this guy is waiting for. He’s waiting for Mitch McConnell. I don’t know who he’s waiting for. But we do that throughout the series, he uses public transportation.​​ ​​​​​​​​​, Black, Black Adam, Black Adam, on the road he can fly, but he rides the subway, he rides the subway,” said Priest.

This brings us to a new character named Malik, and within seconds he is one of the most charming and intriguing elements of the song. Malick is a doctor we meet while working on a patient who happens to be a white supremacist, and he convinces me when he starts telling the patient about the societal significance of the Wu-Tong he helped the patient with. Priest and DC purposely didn’t talk much about Malick because Priest didn’t want people to judge a story or a character until they actually had context.

“Well, we kept him off the table, we did a lot of marketing, we didn’t put him on covers and stuff like that. Because of fear, people jump to conclusions these days and when they see this young black boy, it follows a black man and all of a sudden the phones are ringing. It’s so, and all these negative things come up where they haven’t read the page The book and I “I want the book in the store before you hit me Okay “Please bring it from the store. And then I was hoping that people like you in the press and the fan community would just find him and get a positive response and take energy with us, not against us. So I don’t like DC. He told Malick off and asked him not to, and they cooperated with me,” said the priest.

What Happens When Black Adam Says Shazam?

“But Malik represents…he represents the second chance of Black Adam, the origin of Black Adam, for those who don’t know, the wizard Shazam, Shazam chose a slave boy named Aman to gain power and be his champion. Death -Adam is Aman’s uncle and Death- Adam is Aman’s escape from slavery. So Shazam said, “Okay, okay, okay…” and Aman decided to share the power with his uncle. “Why don’t we have both powers, do we?” Gonna be like Batman and Robin and Death-Adam like “Okay, cool. So Shazam says, ‘Say my name and you two have the power,’ and the moment he says the word Shazam, Death-Adam walks in and slits the boy’s throat, killing him for suicide. The power wanted to come,” said the priest.

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“This is the original sin that Black Adam is running from,” said the priest. “So Malik, spoiler alert, turns out to be a descendant of Black Adam, one of many. I’m sure he has thousands of descendants, but somehow he’s descended from Black Adam. Malik comes to represent this second chance Black power. Adam is always divided between Black Adam and Aman. And Malik represents that second option.”

Now the issue kicks off with a blockbuster-style battle between Black Adam and Darkseid that has huge implications for the rest of the series, and it doesn’t end there.

When asked what he might tease about the fight, Priest said, “There’s three things we’re fighting about. We’re not done fighting. We’re not done yet. We’re still having fun, you know? thing. There’s two conspiracies going on, because it’s Christopher Priest., otherwise it wouldn’t be Christopher Priest

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