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What Does The Name Zahra Mean In Islam – Al-Muhadisha (who spoke to his mother from his mother’s womb before he was born)

Hazrat Fatima (S.A.) in the Holy Quran

What Does The Name Zahra Mean In Islam

What Does The Name Zahra Mean In Islam

“Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth, the image of His light is like a field in a lamp and a lamp in a glass…” (24:35).

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Ibn Maghzali Shafi’i narrates that the niche refers to Hazrat Fatima (r), the lamp to Hasan (r) and Husayn (r)…..

Commentators have written that when this verse was revealed, the Holy Prophet (S) asked the angel Gabriel: Who are the brothers and what should they do? The angel replied: Give the alms to Fatima, because this is her right, and everything from the alms belongs to Allah, and the Prophet also belongs to him, so give it to her. Then the Holy Prophet (pbuh) called Fatima (r.a.) and wrote her a promise of gift, which she gave.

O Ahl al-Bayt, may Allah remove all evil from you and purify you to perfection. (33:33)

Tirmidhi, Ibn Mantur, Hakim, Ibn Mardawaih and Bayhaqi in their “Sunan” quoted the narration of Umm Salima, the wife of the Prophet (PBUH), in which she said:

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…. Ali Fatima, Al Hasan and Husayn were in my house. The Messenger of God (pbuh) covered them with a cloth and said: These are the members of my family. May God remove the hatred from them and make them pure and blameless.

And whoever disputes with you about himself because of the knowledge that has been given to you, say;

Come, call us our sons and your sons; Our women and your women; And with you; So let us pray and invoke God’s curse on the liars…” (3:61).

What Does The Name Zahra Mean In Islam

When the above verse was revealed (in the debate between the Prophet and the Christians of Najran), the Messenger of God (pbuh) called Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain and said: By God, this is my family.

Eid E Zehra (sa)

This is the end of the first part, the second part is about her marriage with Imam Ali (r) and then Hazrat Fatima (r) in hadiths.

One day the Prophet (pbuh) came out and joined his companions, his face beaming with joy. Abd al-Rahman ibn Awf asked the reason for his joy and the Prophet (pbuh) said:

I received good news from my Lord about my brother and my cousin, that God married my daughter Fatima to him and her cousin to Ali.

O Fatima! Are you not pleased with the fact that God looked at the people of the earth and chose two men from among them, one is your father and the other is your husband?

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Ibn Abu Hatam narrated a narration from Anas who said: Umar and Abu Bakr (R) came to the Prophet (S) and each of them asked to give Fatima’s (R) hand to him. But the Prophet remained silent and did not answer. Then they all went to Hazrat Ali (r) and told him that they asked for Fatima’s (r) hand in marriage, but the Prophet (pbuh) did not answer. They asked Ali (r) to ask Fatima (r) for her hand in marriage.

Many famous writers have copied these words of Ibn Hatam. Ibn Hajar Asqalani (Hadith scholar) wrote in the first part of chapter 11 of “Sawaiqul Muhriqa”.

The Prophet (pbuh) gave money to Abu Bakr (r) and asked him to buy something for Fatima’s house along with Salman and Bilal. Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) said:

What Does The Name Zahra Mean In Islam

He gave me 63 barrels, we went to the market and bought the following:

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O Fatimah, daughter of the Messenger of God (pbuh), thank you and bless you.

Imam Hasan ibn Ali Askari says that his father narrated from Jabir ibn Abdullah who said: “The Messenger of God (PBUH) said: “When God created Adam and Eve, they passed through them. fell to the sky and said: “Who is better than us?” At that moment, they saw the face of a girl they had never seen before; A bright light emanated from this girl, which was so bright that it blinded his eyes.

He said: This is the image of Fatima (pbuh), the lady of your race among women. ‘

Ibn Abbas (r) said: Aisha (r) entered the house when the Messenger of God (pbuh) kissed Fatima (r), she said: O Messenger of God (pbuh), do you love her?

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He said: Indeed, by God, if you knew how much I love him, your love for him would have increased. When I was in heaven… I saw these days softer than butter, sweeter than musk and sweeter than honey. So, when I came to earth, I came to Khadija and she gave birth to Fatima. So Fatima is a human being, whenever I dream of heaven, I smell her.

A confirmation email has been sent to your email address. To gain full access to site.zahraḧ you will need to follow the instructions in this post which means “shining, shining, blooming, sprouting, planting”. From these names in the Slavic countries and the Indian subcontinent, respectively. Poison is also used as a noun, especially in Malta. The names are difficult to distinguish in translation and can be spelled differently, such as Zehro and Zuhro(h). ).

Number 1 is associated with leadership and independence. People with this number show great inner strength and have the potential for financial success and other achievements in life. These people are believed to use their natural talent and leadership abilities to influence and lead people.

What Does The Name Zahra Mean In Islam

The first of the seven Shakti Kendras, Muladhara is also the most difficult. The main color of this red wheel is also the boldest. Learn about the meaning of the red chakra color and discover the second unknown color found in the center of the chakra.

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Red is a warm and beautiful color that is associated with our sensual desires and desire to live. It creates strong and powerful male energy. Red gives energy. It evokes emotion and inspires action. It shows the spirit of progress and leadership qualities, creates ambition and determination. He is also strong-willed and can inspire confidence in those who are shy or lack willpower. All information on our website is based on our original research in Arabic, Farsi and English – Link to Experts. We never copy information from other websites.

An indirect Qur’anic name for girls, meaning very pure, like a pearl. It also means bright and shining. It is derived from Z-H-R, which is used once in the Qur’an to mean glory:

And do not turn your eyes to any beauty of the life of this world, which we used to enjoy many others in order to tempt us to it, because the food that they give to your Lord is better and more abundant. be patient (Quran 20:131)

This is also the nickname of Fatima (RA), the daughter of the Prophet of God Muhammad (PBUH), mainly according to Shia opinion, but this nickname is also mentioned among some of the later Sunnis, although it is not mentioned. in it. Any original books.

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