What Does Dark Matter Do

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Most of the universe contains dark energy, a mysterious force that drives the expansion of the universe. The next largest object is dark matter, which interacts with the rest of the universe only through gravity. Including all visible stars, planets, and stars, the normal mass is less than 5 percent of the total mass of the universe.

What Does Dark Matter Do

What Does Dark Matter Do

Astronomers cannot see dark matter directly, but they can study its effects. They can see a slight bending due to the weight of invisible objects (called gravitational lensing). They can also measure whether stars are moving faster than expected in their galaxies.

Does Dark Energy Vary With Time?

All of this can be accounted for by the fact that each galaxy has a large amount of bound invisible matter that contributes to its total mass and total rotation.

What Does Dark Matter Do

Dark matter is dark: it does not emit light and is not directly visible, so it cannot be a star or a star.

Dark matter is not a normal cloud: Normal particles are called baryons. If dark matter contains baryons, it can be detected by light. [Gallery: Dark Matter Outside the Universe]

What Does Dark Matter Do

Dark Matter By Molly Jenne

Dark matter is not antimatter: antimatter destroys matter on contact by emitting gamma rays. Astrologers do not identify them.

Black holes are not black holes: Black holes are heavy lenses that bend light. Astronomers do not see enough of the lens to calculate the amount of darkness required.

What Does Dark Matter Do

Spatial order is first established on the smallest scale. Dark matter is believed to begin to accumulate to form a “place” with the usual phenomenon of stars and clusters following dark matter.

Dark Matter Map Of The Universe Reveals Galaxies And Cosmic Voids

Scientists in the fields of astronomy and physics use different methods to search for dark matter:

What Does Dark Matter Do

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Carl’s team dates back to 2000, when he was hired to produce interactive Flash images. From 2010 to 2016, Carl worked as a data specialist across all Purch editorial properties (formerly known as TechMediaNetwork). Prior to joining, Carl spent 11 years at the Associated Press headquarters in New York, creating news graphics for newspaper and web use. She has an art degree from Louisiana State University and currently works as a freelance graphic designer in New York. Rotation curves of the Andromeda galaxy. The actual rotation rates of the outer galaxies are the white lines, and the velocities expected from the number of objects forming in the galaxy are the red lines. Therefore, we conclude that more than 80% of the galaxy’s mass must be dark matter. Credit: Queens Uni.

What Does Dark Matter Do

How Did Supermassive Black Holes Form? Collapsing Dark Matter Halos Can Explain Them

You might want to put on your skeptical glasses and set a threshold for this. An Italian mathematician has devised sophisticated methods that can simulate the rotation of galaxies with amazing similarities without the need for dark matter.

At present, these sounds of galactic rotation are the most important evidence for the existence of dark matter, because the outer stars of galaxies move so quickly around the galactic disk that they no longer have visible mass, they fly in space. in the galaxy to take them into their orbit.

What Does Dark Matter Do

This point can be appreciated by considering the Keplerian motion of the stars in the Solar System. Mercury orbits the Sun at an orbital speed of 48 km per second, and Neptune orbits the Sun at an orbital speed of 5 km per second. Earth’s proximity to the Sun’s mass in the Solar System is a function of its orbital velocity. So, theoretically, if Ranas were to slow down in any way, Neptune’s orbital velocity would move it from its current orbit, throwing it out into space if the change was large enough.

Dark Matter And Dark Energy: The Mystery Explained (infographic)

The Milky Way Galaxy differs from the Solar System in that its mass is distributed around the galactic disk, instead of 99% of its mass being concentrated in the center, as in the Solar System.

What Does Dark Matter Do

However, as explained in this previous Universe Today article, if we take this relationship between the mass of the Milky Way and the velocity of its stars, we must admit that there are only 10 objects that can be seen in the Milky Way alone. -20% of the amount required to maintain the velocity of stars in the outer disk. Therefore, we conclude that the rest of the galactic mass must be dark (invisible).

It is the modern consensus view of how the stars work and is a key part of the current standard system of cosmology. But Carati came up with the unlikely idea that the rotation speed of galaxies could be explained by the effects of distant objects, without the need to invoke dark matter at all.

What Does Dark Matter Do

Finding Dark Matter In The Dark

Left image: rotation of galaxy NGC 3198 showing the actual velocities of its outer stars (dashed dots), then the expected velocities given the mass of objects seen in its disk – overlaid with the obtained absorption fraction. black halo object. Right image: Carati’s theorem calculated from the effect of a distant object and its excellent fit to the values ​​of NGC 3198.

The idea makes little sense. Placing a critical position outside the orbit of the stars could push them into space, but it’s hard to understand why they grow so fast. Putting an object into space should make it take longer for the satellite to orbit because it has a larger orbit. What we usually see in spiral galaxies is that the outer stars also orbit the star at the same time as the inner stars.

What Does Dark Matter Do

But while the proposed system may seem implausible, what is remarkable about Karatis’ statement is that the calculation actually provides galactic rotation rates that match the observed values ​​of at least four specific stars. Indeed, the equation gives a very close approximation.

Does Dark Energy Really Exist? Cosmologists Battle It Out

There were so many stars here that it was not difficult to find four;

What Does Dark Matter Do

Although the author’s interpretation is debatable, the math works out pretty well.

The calculation relies on the principles established in Einstein’s field equation, because field calculations are difficult because they are based on cosmology, which assumes that the influence of distant matter is negligible or at least mature.

What Does Dark Matter Do

Debunking Old Theories! Dark Matter Does Not Exist In Space: See Why?

Surprisingly, the Caratis paper cites two additional examples where the equation also holds for stars with slow rotation rates in their outer star. This is achieved by changing the sign of one of the components (it can be + or -). Therefore, on the one hand, the impact of a distant object creates a positive pressure that reduces the rotation of stars, preventing them from flying away, and on the other hand, it can create a negative pressure to stimulate the t -natural decay. rotating galaxies.

As the article states, if something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t. All comments are welcome.

What Does Dark Matter Do

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The Simplest Argument For Dark Matter

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What Does Dark Matter Do

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