October 1, 2022

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Let’s talk about something serious that no one talks about: the challenges and problems you face as a high IQ person in a world designed for average IQ people.

What Does An Iq Of 130 Mean

What Does An Iq Of 130 Mean

Before you continue reading this article, you should first take an IQ test to get an estimate of your IQ score.

Question 1the Distribution Of The Iq (intelligence Quo…

If your score is below 120, then this article is probably useless to you (sounds silly).

IQ is generally expressed as a net positive, meaning always good. What can be wrong with smart?

But like everything else, high intelligence is a trade-off. What you gain in raw brain power, you lose in the ability to fit into society at large.

You see it in schools where “nerds” are shunned, high IQ people feel like misfits (“Low EQ”), and workplaces where they have to follow the infallible instructions of superiors who demand obedience.

Adventures In Brain Hacking: How An Electrical Stimulator Boosted My Iq

It’s easy to find positives – more financial and career success, more academic success, more business success, better analytical skills, etc.

This causes high IQ people to try to fix the “bad source” – which in turn makes the problem worse.

They will tell you that you need to work on your “people skills” – while you can’t understand why people like watching football on TV (the answer is tribalism).

What Does An Iq Of 130 Mean

Misdiagnosing and correcting these “bad sources” lead many intelligent people to confusion, despair and hopelessness over time, especially when combined with the stupidity of not knowing.

Solved Given Iq Scores Are Approximately Normally

Reading this article will not solve your problems, but it will tell you the source of the problem.

Statistically, we are crazy. This is neither good nor bad; it just means we’re different.

Once you see how rare your level of intelligence is, you realize that the real problem is economies of scale: “The world is not yours.”

Society as a whole has evolved to meet the needs of many people; they exist to serve the majority of the population, but they are not very intelligent (the vast majority of people are within one standard deviation of the mean, i.e., in the 85 to 115 bracket).

Solved Scores Of An Iq Test Have A Bell Shaped Distribution

For example, if you have an average IQ, there are many opportunities for meeting people and entertainment – like going to a night club or drinking a beer in a bar or watching sports, etc.

For some high IQ people, this sounds interesting. However, for the vast majority of intelligent people, these experiences are painful because they don’t provide the mental stimulation we need—they seem like pointless, pointless activities.

That’s how it should be: this “optimization for the majority” sounds unfair, even discriminatory, but mathematically it should be. The world was created for the majority. You cannot have a highway system designed for the country’s minorities; should serve cities and densely populated areas.

What Does An Iq Of 130 Mean

Likewise, you don’t want to build an irrigation infrastructure to supply water to heavy crop areas; you would focus resources first on areas with a lot of agriculture.

Health Iq Releases “health Literacy In The 50 States” Report

Why no one “sees” your problem: Imagine you are physically disabled. Think about the problems you will face: you can’t climb stairs, you can’t drive a car – you face many obstacles every day that people without disabilities simply don’t think about because they don’t have to.

People with physical disabilities face the same problem: the world is not made for them. It is designed for the majority – people without disabilities.

Or, sure, we make small adjustments to both the disabled and the high-IQ, but the larger structure of the world – social, political, economic, romantic, commercial, academic, etc. (~100) people.

This basically guarantees that if you have a high IQ, you will have some “adjustment problems” with the rest of the population, either in the form of wasting time and being forced to finish school at the same rate as the rest. the population. You have to get up early in the morning to go to work in rush hour traffic, despite the fact that you work better in the evening, even if you can (if not most) do it at home (how do I know if you’re working I can’t see you working “).

A Random Sample Of 145 Students Is Chosen From A Population Of 4,250 Students. If The Mean Iq In The

In almost every aspect of your life, your IQ causes at least some problems that other people don’t (and shouldn’t) have to deal with.

Let’s take a group of clinically retarded people (usually considered to have an IQ below 80) and put a normal person in their midst and force them to communicate with each other.

Although a normal person can communicate with them, interaction is a bit difficult for him; it just doesn’t fit. It doesn’t feel “home”.

What Does An Iq Of 130 Mean

Now let’s take a group of people with average IQ (IQ ~ 100) and put a person with a high IQ (120+) in their midst. It’s a very similar experience because, relatively speaking, the average person falls relatively short behind.

Solved:one Measure Of Intelligence Is The If Stanford Benet Intelligence Quotient (iq). Iq Scores Have A Bell Shaped Distribution With A Mean Of 100 And A Standard Deviation Of 15 . (a) What Percentage

This generally happens to high IQ people – they live in a world of people who are a little retarded. I can communicate with them, but they don’t feel at home.

Average and smaller people outnumber high IQ people by 10 to 1 – High IQ people often feel a little withdrawn even when they are around people!

They just don’t “get along” with other people and often feel that there is something wrong with them.

In fact, some official research shows that people with high IQs feel more isolated and lonely than their average counterparts.

What You Should Know About Iq 128

As television and mass communication became ubiquitous, culture and entertainment were also optimized for the common man.

I have never met a smart person who enjoys watching someone play with a whip and jump as the ball flies through the air.

People with average and low IQ mostly use these forms of entertainment and talk about them mostly.

What Does An Iq Of 130 Mean

High IQ people (in general) want to talk about world events, technology, history, culture and other real things, not meaningless sports and celebrity gossip.

Answered: 8. Given Iq Scores Are Approximately…

And since there are few people with high IQs, there are no decent conversation partners (the internet has solved this to some extent, but you can never replace physical contact).

People with high IQ may have many hobbies and interests in education, career, dating, business, etc. can focus, and a high IQ harms the most important and important thing in our life – other people.

High IQ or low IQ, we are all human and derive much of our happiness from other people.

You can have all the money, all the books and video games, all the gadgets in the world, but without family, friends and loved ones, it will be meaningless. We need human connection.

Pdf] Female Flynn Effects: No Sex Differences In Generational Iq Gains

This makes it difficult to make friends and succeed in your career, as many people will instinctively go into competition mode with you.

The vast majority of people reading this post live in a democracy, and in a democracy you often have the “top 5%”.

Most of the tax revenue goes to the top 5% of the population – business owners, entrepreneurs, risk-takers, people in high-paying careers, etc. – Almost all have high IQ.

What Does An Iq Of 130 Mean

It is essentially a “smart man’s tax” where intelligent and productive members of society pay for the mistakes of others.

Iq Percentile Calculator

And you think you’ll get respect for your contribution – sacrificing some of the wealth you’ve built up in your limited time on the planet to protect them from the consequences of mistakes, but as it turns out, the average population hates you. for him

They consider you a “fat, stupid cat” who “didn’t earn enough” and society needs to “pay its fair share”.

And because of the way democracy is set up, they don’t understand that you carry the burden. They never face the consequences and think “that’s the way things are” and keep doing the same things over and over again.

He worked in factories, plants, mines, etc. during the Industrial Revolution of the mid-1800s. Redesign and apply to produce successful workers.

Men Think They’re Brighter Than They Are And Women Underestimate Their Iq. Why?

He was able to produce excellent factory workers by emphasizing conformity, robotic discipline (such as sticking to a schedule and being on time), and obedience.

Times have changed, but the education system remains the same. “Modern” education does not aim to produce the best, but to produce obedient workers

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