September 27, 2022

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Is the Bible a WWJD? The question is answered in great detail: What would Jesus do? But as Christians celebrate Easter and the Last Supper, another question arises: What did Jesus drink?

What Did Jesus Eat In The Bible

What Did Jesus Eat In The Bible

It is important to answer this question – the location and time of Jesus’ last meal with his disciples before his crucifixion. Three of the four biblical accounts of Jesus’ life — known as the Gospels — indicate that the event occurred on the last Thursday of Easter in AD 30. San Francisco Vivino said the wine program.

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“Unlike John the Baptist, Jesus drank wine,” explained Father Kendall, adding, “By definition, it was a family meal. Because it was the most important Jewish holiday, wine was part of the celebration. It will be part.

Although grape varieties are not named or defined as they are today, wine has been produced in this part of the Middle East since 4000 BC. avenue. chromium.

“Archaeological evidence suggests that full-bodied, concentrated wines were popular at the Last Supper,” said Dr. Patrick McGovern, associate professor of anthropology and director of the Culinary, Fermented Beverages and Health Biomolecular Archaeology Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia.

In Judah, more precisely near Jerusalem where the Last Supper took place, archaeologists discovered a jar with the inscription “wine made from black raisins”. This means that winemakers can use grapes from the vine or sun-dried grapes to create sweet, thick beverages. Bottles marked “smoking wine” and “very dark wine” were also found near the scene.

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According to Dr. McGovern, while diluted wine was common at the time, Jerusalem had the flavor of a full-bodied, concentrated wine.

Spices and fruits—including pomegranate, mandrake, saffron, and cinnamon—are used to flavor these wines, and resins are added to preserve them. So the wine you drink at the Last Supper may be similar to the mulled wine some of us drink at Christmas.

Similar bottles today include Amarone, which is made in northern Italy from grapes dried on straw mats.

What Did Jesus Eat In The Bible

While it’s unclear exactly what alcohol Jesus drank at the Last Supper, Dr McGovern joked: “If someone finds the Holy Grail and sends it to my lab, we can analyze it and let you know.”

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How The Lord’s Supper Is Linked To The Passover

Please refresh the page or go to another page on the site to log in automatically. Please refresh your browser to log in. The fact that Jesus ate the Last Supper with his disciples has played an important role in Christian history. During the meal, Jesus instituted the sacrament of the sacrament. More than 2,000 years later, followers of Christ are still recreating the meal in honor of Jesus. Food and drink also play a central role in several other stories in Jesus’ life, such as the wedding in Cana and the feeding of 5,000 people. The table seemed important to Jesus. But what did Jesus eat at his table? What did you have for dinner last time? If you had dinner with Jesus, what would that meal look like?

I did some digging to find out what biblical scholars and historians knew about the foods and drinks Jesus might have enjoyed.

Short answer: a lot of bread. In the Greco-Roman world in the first century AD, bread was a staple of the daily diet, supplemented by limited quantities of local fruits and vegetables, oil and salt.

What Did Jesus Eat In The Bible

In Galilee in the first century, bread was made from wheat or barley flour. Chefs had to grind the grains by hand using a tool called a quern. For sourdough bread, bakers can use leftover dough from a previous batch that has grown wild yeast. Some breads can have ingredients like olive oil, salt, and honey added to add flavor and texture. The bread is baked in a small dome clay oven. Similar ovens, called Tabun ovens, are still used in the Middle East.

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Bread can be dipped in olive oil and olives or beans can be added to make the dish more filling. Cheese, dates and honey were also very common menu items in the first century Galilee.

There are biblical reasons to believe that Jesus often ate fish. Fish was the food that the disciples gave Jesus after his resurrection to show that he was indeed raised from the dead. When Jesus famously fed 5,000 people, fish was also on the menu.

Some of Jesus’ disciples were even fishermen. The ministry of Jesus took him to places where there might be plenty of fresh fish to sell and catch. There are several accounts of how Jesus and his disciples sailed across the Sea of ​​Galilee. It’s not hard to imagine the students trying to catch a few fish along the way. Therefore, we have good reason to believe that fish was the regular food of Jesus and his followers.

As a Jew, Jesus obeyed Jewish dietary laws. (In other words, today he would stick to the kosher section of the grocery store.) We know the ancient Israelites ate lamb and goat, but meat was probably Jesus’ daily diet. Instead, he can rely on beans and fish like beans or lentils for protein.

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In Jesus’ day, the most common beverages were wine and water. Many people are confused about how they drink. The ancient Greeks and Romans always diluted wine with water before drinking it. The Jewish Talmud shows that the ancient Israelis did the same. So Jesus must have drank a lot of thin wine.

However, dilution does not mean alcohol-free. Biblical evidence shows that the wine Jesus drank was alcoholic. Of the 37 mentions of wine in the New Testament, the Greek word oinos is used in 33 of them. The word means fermented wine. In other words, when the New Testament talks about wine, it’s usually not about grape juice.

In ancient times, the wine produced in the Holy Land was mostly red. When Jesus chose to use it as a symbol of blood, deep, full-bodied red wine was on his mind. But white wine could be Jesus. Israeli winemaker Avi Feldstein believes that Dabuki white wine, made from one of the oldest grape varieties in the Holy Land, may be similar to what Jesus drank.

What Did Jesus Eat In The Bible

Wine grapes were grown in Galilee and present-day Jordan. The winemaker poured the grapes into the stone wine press, and several people stomped on the grapes. After the grapes are pressed, the juice flows through channels connected to spiked filters into smaller vessels below. From the second container, the juice can be poured into a container (usually an earthenware container made of goat and sheepskin or wine skins) and sealed to begin fermentation. The resulting wine may have a completely different taste than today’s wines.

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Wines transported in ceramic or wooden barrels acquire tare flavors. Ancient wines were also flavored with sap, capers and peppers, according to University of Pennsylvania archaeologist Patrick McGovern.

The Gospel tells us that Jesus and his disciples ate bread and drank wine at the Last Supper. But it’s not just bread and wine on the table.

The last supper can be an Easter meal. Passover commemorates the Jewish departure from Egypt. In the Gospels of Mark, Luke, and Matthew, food is placed on the Jewish Passover Day of Unleavened Bread. * This is the first day of the seven-day Passover. On this day, Jews traditionally go to the Temple in Jerusalem to sacrifice the Passover lamb. Today, this Passover is celebrated in Judaism with a seder.

The modern tradition of the seder only appeared in the 70s. After the destruction of the Temple of Christ in Jerusalem, but Jews in Jesus’ day attended the Passover after the sacrifice of the temple. It is not like modern Seder and the history of Passover meals prior to Seder tradition is not as detailed. But we know the Passover meal

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