What Are The Different Genres Of Literature

What Are The Different Genres Of Literature – Click to open next slide Bailey2493Final Fiction Children’s Genre Realistic Fiction Historical Fiction Fantasy Sci-Fi Fantasy Mystery/Thriller Folklore, Tall Tall and Mythical Tales Non-Fiction Biography Autobiography

Click here to go to the next slide. Bailey2493Final Fiction Always contains elements of fiction. It can be based on real events or people. It can be completely made up or fictional. There are many types or genres of fiction.

What Are The Different Genres Of Literature

What Are The Different Genres Of Literature

Click to jump to next slide Bailey2493 Realistic Fictional Endings Fictional but real people can be Fictional but real events also happen in modern times; here now

Genres Of Writing: Definition, Examples, And Reader Expectations

Click to go to next slide Bailey2493Last Example of Realistic Fiction Book How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell Did Billy really eat all the worms when he made a bet with his friends? He really wanted the mini bike he planned to buy with his winnings. Learn how to eat fried worms. Image from Google website

Bailey2493Final Historical Fiction A historical fiction book takes place at a specific time in the past. The setting is often real and the characters fictional or fictitious. Sometimes the setting is fictional and the characters are real.

Click to go to next slide Bailey2493The Ultimate Example of Kirsten’s Promise Historical Fiction American Girl Collection By Janet Shaw Kirsten is a ten-year-old boy who meets a boy with a big secret. He promised her not to tell anyone where he was. Should Kirsten keep a secret, or is this one of those secrets she shouldn’t keep?

Click here to go to the next slide. Bailey2493Final Sci-Fi Space Race Example from the AstroKids Series – Robert Elmer The year is 2175 and it’s time for the Mars Mega Marathon Space Scooter Race.

Literary Genres Online Activity

Click to go to the next slide. Bailey2493Final Fantasy Fantasy is totally like talking animals with magical powers. It does not contain realistic elements

Click to go to next slide Bailey2493End of fantasy book Example: Cloud with meatball formation Written by Judi Barrett Illustrated by Ron Barrett This story is about a town called Chewandswallow. The weather in Chewandswallow is very different from the weather in your city. When the storm hits, the city has a very good idea!

Click here to open the next slide Bailey2493Final Mysteries and Suspense Usually realistic About an unsolved crime or event Not resolved at the end of the book Scary or terrifying Who did it?

What Are The Different Genres Of Literature

Click to go to next slide Bailey2493Last Example of Mystery / Suspense Welcome to Camp Nightmare #9 in the Goosebumps series By R.L. Stine Why did the other campers disappear at Camp Nightmoon? You can have more than one outdoor experience in this book!

Teaching Genres To Elementary Students: What Teachers Need To Know In 2022

Click here to go to the next slide Bailey2493 The Last Public Tale/Kisah Jangkung/Kisah Sunda, author unknown. Passed on by word of mouth Often based on real people, but the stories are fictional. A Tall Tale is a folk tale, but the characters are “larger” than life. Fairy tales are stories designed to teach children how to behave funny.

Click to go to next slide Bailey2493Newest Examples of Folklore Diane Goode Diane Goode’s Book of American Folklore and Songs This collection includes many folktales and songs, including Buffalo Gal, Clementine and The Greedy Wife. The picture is funny, the story is funny. Image from Google

Click to jump to next slide Bailey2493The Last Example of Gib Morgan Oilman’s Tall Tale By Ariane Dewey Gib Morgan is a young oilman who does extraordinary things to help everyone around him. oil

Click to open the next slide. This collection includes The Firebird, Maria Morevna, The Snow Maiden and Vassilissa The Fair.

Trend Enterprises Genres Of Literature Grade 5 8 Chart

Click to jump to the next slide Bailey2493The Final Myth Usually explains how the world began Gods and supernatural beings involved in this story.

Click to open next slide Bailey2493 The End of Weather History Non Fiction All Proven Facts No Fiction Any Subject Plants People Architecture Art

Click to jump to next slide Bailey2493The definitive biographical story about a real person written by someone else Usually about someone’s life or something they have done Autobiographical story written by someone else about themselves.

What Are The Different Genres Of Literature

Click to go to next slide Bailey2493 The Last Salt in His Shoes (Michael Jordan Follows His Dreams) By Deloris Jordan and Roslyn M. Jordan Michael learned many things from his parents that helped him achieve his dreams. Image from Google

Identify Different Literary Types And Genres

To operate the website, we provide user data and share it with processors. To use this website, you must accept our privacy policy, including our cookie policy. I like to find out what kinds of books they like and what books are available, then use that information to recommend specific books to my students throughout the year. This discussion naturally comes up when we review genres with our students…everyone seems to want to share why they like to read certain genres. That’s why genre is a topic I dive into at the beginning of the school year, with lots of fun and meaningful activities! Today I’m sharing three genre activity ideas with you!

This is the second day activity in my class, because on day 1 I used Genre PowerPoint to present the topic. To prepare this anchor chart activity, there are three things that need to be done first. First, I make a “basic” main chart that looks like this:

Second, I printed my definition phrase on a sticky note. (Click the image below to download the free expression. The instructions in the list can be printed on sticky notes, or see Courtney’s post for photos.)

The third and final preparatory task for all students is to print the genre answer sheet. (You can also download this free sheet by clicking on the image below.) This sheet is very important because EVERYONE will be involved with the entire lesson! I print the sheet on cardboard and put it in a reusable pocket or side protection bag. (After our genre unit is finished, I will collect it and save it so it can be used again next year.)

Simple Tips For Teaching Reading Genres In Elementary

When it was time to start class, I gave each student a genre answer sheet, a dry erase marker, and an eraser. I then read one of the notes and ask the students to circle the genre they think is described. After a short discussion, we place the note in the appropriate area on the main chart and move on to the next note. Throughout the lesson, I took notes on the clipboard, noting which students were having difficulty and which genres were confusing the students the most. As a result, this activity becomes a formative assessment! When we’re done, our main chart looks like this:

This activity requires minimal preparation. I just need to visit the school library (or class library) and look at different books. My goal is to pick a few for each genre.

Students will again use genre response sheets, dry erase markers and erasers. To begin with, I just display the book and read the title. I also read blurbs in the back, or share short “teasers” that hint at the genre of the book. Again, students circled the genre they thought the book belonged to on their answer sheet, and we then had a short discussion to reveal their answers.

What Are The Different Genres Of Literature

The only thing I had to do to set up this third activity was gather some old Scholastic book order forms and a blank piece of white paper for each student. (If you don’t know how to make an 8 page mini booklet, watch this one minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21qi9ZcQVto )

Book Genres: 85 Genres & Subgenres Of Fiction & Nonfiction

After showing the students how to create their minibooks, they wrote the word “Genre” on the cover of their minibooks, and I distributed a book order sheet to each student. I instruct my students to find as many genres as possible in order of the book. When they find books that belong to a genre, they cut out pictures and glue them to the pages of their mini books. After placing the pictures, students have to label the genre they found.

If you’re looking for more genre activities, check out these resources in my TpT store:

I hope some of the activities I’ve shared will help you as you and your students explore genres this year. Thanks for stopping by! Literary genre

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