What Are The Different Forms Of Writing

What Are The Different Forms Of Writing – Six major historical writing systems (from left to right, top to bottom: Sumerian pictographs, Egyptian script, Chinese characters, Persian cuneiform, Roman alphabet, Indonesian)

And as these markers are used for different purposes in different societies, hence the modification of social organizations. The writing system is the foundation of the study of literacy and numeracy, with all the social and psychological implications associated with literacy activities.

What Are The Different Forms Of Writing

What Are The Different Forms Of Writing

In the history of the development of writing systems in human civilization, more complete writing systems were preceded by prototype manuscripts, early ideographic or mnemonic sign systems (symbols or letters that made them easier to remember). True writing, where the content of the linguistic word is encoded so that another reader can reproduce it at the correct level, and the actual written word is processed later. It differs from protocol writing, which generally avoids codification of words, grammar, and codifications, making it more difficult or impossible to recreate the exact meaning desired by the writer unless several contexts are used. I already know.

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In Sumeria, the earliest known use of writing was to record agricultural products and create contracts, but soon writing was used for financial, religious, governmental, and legal purposes. These practices supported the spread of these social activities, significant knowledge, and the expansion of controlled power.

Writing has become the foundation of knowledge institutions such as libraries, schools, universities, and scientific and disciplinary research. These uses are accompanied by the spread of stoneware, which originally had signs or reminders of social status and use, but the social significance and meaning of stoneware became clearer when the social functions of these stoneware became more recognizable. example of money, currencies, financial instruments and now digital currencies.

Symbolic communication systems are different from written systems. To understand a text in a conventional writing system, one must understand something of the spoken language. In contrast, symbolic systems such as signs, drawings, maps and mathematics often do not require prior knowledge of the language of the framework. Every community has a language, a characteristic that many consider a natural and defining condition of humanity (see Origins). However, the development of writing systems and partial replacement of traditional oral communication systems was erratic, uncertain and slow. Once established, writing systems were slower to transition than their spoke counterparts and often retained features and expressions that were no longer present in the spoke language.

It is considered to be the three writing standards for all writing systems. First, the writing must be complete. it must have its own purpose or meaning and must make or convey a point in the text. Second, all writing systems must have some kind of symbol that can be created on some surface, whether physical or digital. Finally, the symbols used in a writing system must imitate words/speech for communication to be possible.

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The greatest advantage of writing is that it provides a tool where society can record information in a more consistent and detailed way, something that could not be achieved as before with the word “spot”. Writing allows society to communicate information and to share and preserve knowledge.

The origins of writing appear at the beginning of the ceramic phase of the Paleolithic era, where clay pots were used to record a certain amount of livestock or goods.

The toke was later replaced by a flat tablet whose signal was recorded using a stylus. True writing was first recorded in Uruk in the 4th millennium BC.

What Are The Different Forms Of Writing

Because the messenger’s mouth was heavy, and he could not repeat it (that message), the Lord of Kulaba closed the clay, and some others put words like walnuts on it. So far, no offers have been made on clay – the epic of the Sumerian Mercari and Lord Aratta. C. 1800 BC [7] [8]

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But the discussion about prehistory became history, and original writing became “true writing”. Definitions are largely subjective.

In its most general sense, writing is a method of recording information and consists of graphics that can be reduced.

The appearance of writing in the Givi era is usually followed by various inscriptions. Historians refer to the “history” of a culture in the culture’s writing system by prefixing the common text.

The Sumerians, an ancient civilization in southern Mesopotamia, supposedly had the first written language in BC. around 3200 AD

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Scientists believe that all writing originated in Sumer (Mesopotamia) and from there spread throughout the world through the process of cultural diffusion.

According to this theory, the concept of language superimposed on sign language, although not necessarily specific to the functioning of the system, is transmitted by merchants or traders traveling between geographical areas.

However, the discovery of Mesoamerican writing away from Near Eastern sources indicates that writing was invited more than once. Scholars now accept that writing may have actually developed in four anarchic civilizations: Mesopotamia (ca. 3400-3100 BC), Egypt (ca. 3250 BC).

What Are The Different Forms Of Writing

“The earliest signs of Egyptian writing differ in structure and style from Mesopotamia, and therefore must have been developed independently. Present the idea.”

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As for China, it is believed that vernacular Chinese characters were an independent invitation, because there were no signs of a connection between China and the literary civilization of the Eastern Zone.

The debate over the Indus Letters of the Indus Valley Civilization, the Bronze Age Rongorongo script of Easter Island, and the Vincha symbol dates back to about 5500 BC. All are not written in letters, so it is not known whether they represent real writing, an inscription or something else.

Sumerian archaic (pre-cuneiform) script and Egyptian hieroglyphs are considered the earliest writing systems, both of which evolved from their ancestral symbolic system in the first century BCE. 3400 to 3100, with the earliest Cohort text. BC since about 2600. Pre-Elamite writings are also dated to about the same period.

A true writing system in the ancient world developed from Neolithic writing in the First Bronze Age (4th millennium BC).

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An example of the Jiahu symbol, a sign found on a tortoise shell dating to 1000 BC. around 6000 AD Most of the signs are written separately on different cases.

The early writing system of the Early Bronze Age was not an immediate invitation. Instead, they are developed based on the precedent of a symbolic system that cannot be classified as a proper script, but has many characteristics of a script. These systems can be described as “protocol writing”. They originally used ideographic or mnemonic symbols to convey information, but it may not have been directly a natural language. These systems appeared in the early Paleolithic, BC. At the beginning of the 7th century. And includes:

And after the Paleolithic, many cultures went through intermediate stages of prototypical writing before using proper writing. Inca quipu (15th century. Another example is an image invoked by the Huyakuk before the development of the Yugtun syllabary for the Central Alaskan Yup’ik language around 1900.

What Are The Different Forms Of Writing

Writing appeared in many cultures during the Bronze Age. Examples are Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Cretan hieroglyphs, Chinese characters, Indus and Olmec of Mesoamerica. Chinese characters may have been misdeveloped from Near Eastern characters around 1600 BC. Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican writing systems (including the Olmec and Maya) probably have uncertain origins. It is believed that the first true alphabet was invented in 100 BC. around the year 2000. Most Egyptian hieratic ideograms for workers at Sinai were given as Semitic (see History of the Alphabet and Pre-Sinatic Alphabet). The Ge╩Żez writing system of Ethiopia is considered Semitic. It is probably of semi-Indonesian origin, rooted in the philosophical system of the Meroic Sudan.

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Most of the other alphabets in the world today either heavily describe this invention with the Pukiyan alphabet or are directly inspired by its design. In Italy, approximately 500 years passed from the first Old Italic alphabet to Plautus (c. 750-250 BC), and as far as the Germans are concerned, the corresponding interval is again similar to the original text of the Elder Futak inscription. What are the aborigines like (200-750 AD).

The original Sumerian writing system evolved from the clay system used to name products. In the 4th century BC It evolved into a bookkeeping method, using an interesting round stylus dipped in soft clay at different angles to record numbers. This is gradually reinforced by pictorial writing, using sharp styles to show what is important. In the 29th century BC Originally written for emblems using only the cuneiform style (the word cuneiform) it was developed to incorporate sound elements, replacing the round style and pointed script in the first century BC. 2700-2500 years. Around 2600 BC, cuneiform writing began to use the syllables of the Sumerian language. Finally

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