October 1, 2022

What's The Most Played Song On Spotify – So many artists, so little time. Each week we review a few new albums (all genres), round up even more new music we’d call “indie” and talk about what’s coming up in metal. We post music news, song premieres and more throughout the day. We update the playlist every week with some of our favorite songs. Here’s a daily roundup of tons of cool newly released songs in one place.

Austin alt-country singer Carson McHone has shared the third single from his debut Merge , and it’s a beautiful track with some elements of classic country, but there’s also some newer, weirder stuff shaking things up.

What's The Most Played Song On Spotify

What's The Most Played Song On Spotify

London’s 8-piece Kokoroko are back with new single ‘Something’s Going On’ and it’s a stunning journey through jazz psych with a touch of Afrobeat in the mix.

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British art pop group Everything Everything have announced a new album, Raw Data Feel, out May 20th via Infinity Industries, the lead single of which is the tinged, maximalist, R&B-tinged “Bad Friday.”

Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Rauv Alejandro follows up on last year’s breakout hit Vice Versa with new single “Caprichoso,” based on a trap-inspired beat by Jamaican producer RVSsian.

Melbourne punks Pinch Points will release a new album, Process, on March 18 via Mistletone Records (Australia, New Zealand) and Exploding In Sound (US), which will include this track. “With this song, we stepped out of our normal songwriting comfort zone,” the band said in a statement. “We want to be very direct and honest, without irony or character-driven lyrics.

War On Heaven is a new duo whose debut project Where Nothing Is Sacred is out March 11th via Portrayal of Guilt Records (the band of the same name) and features a track with Full of Hell’s Spencer Hazard. The first taste is the desperate and noisy “Absolvor”.

Celtic Love Songs Cigar Box Guitar Songbook

Swedish black metal veterans We Are the Apocalypse have a new album out March 18 via Century Media, and new single “Nightfall” is pure evil with a good dose of melodic, shimmering stadium-sized mix.

Here’s the title track from Sylvaine’s upcoming album, Norwegian female black metaller Nova (from 3/4 of Season of Mist), and it’s an ethereal, ambient pop track that’s more Annie than black metal.

AEVITERNE (members of Flourishing, Castevet, Artificial Brain, etc.) are on our list of 15 metal bands to watch in 2022, and their upcoming album The Ailing Facade (out March 18 via Profound Lore) is on our list of 25 metal albums. predict 2022, and the new single “The Gaunt Sky” is a truly insane offering of technical death metal.

What's The Most Played Song On Spotify

Dance duo ODESZA have shared a new single, “The Last Goodbye,” written by soul veteran Betty Lovette (but actually just her 1965 single, “Let Me Down Easy”). It starts out as a slow burner, but turns into an energetic dance floor mover at 3am.

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Heart singer Ann Wilson has announced a new solo album, Fierce Bliss, out April 29 via Silver Lining Music. Lead single “Greed” channels the same 70s hard rock sound that Heart helped shape, and Anna’s pipes are still out of this world.

Atlanta band Isabelline recently released their eight-track debut album, Welcome to the Dream , and it’s a seriously cool record that’s somewhere on the indie/emo/punk spectrum and has a bit of a Weatherbox feel to it, but also its vibe. If this sounds up your alley, don’t miss this one.

Which will be published on March 25. Both have been remastered and repackaged with new liner notes, each accompanied by an unreleased bonus track. You can listen to “Taskiwt Tadjat” by

Caedence Weapon has announced a deluxe edition of Polaris’ award-winning album Parallel Worlds 2021, out March 25th. It features remixes from Lauren James, Martin Bootispoon, CFCF and more, and you can now watch the video for Jacques Green’s remix of “Senna” featuring Logan doing the full F1 route:

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In honor of Dead Oceans’ reissue of Bill Fay’s “Still Some Light,” the label has released a 7-inch of Fay covers by current artists. Today we have Julie Jacklin’s version of ‘Just to Be a Part’. Dark Place That I had I haven’t sung or played it since my album tour ended and covid started, I just went with some friends to a local studio near my house and recorded it in a few hours, it was so much fun to sing and play with friends again. It was hard to take my breath away from Bill’s version, but it was a real gift to live in his song for a day.

Comes out Friday via Fat Possum, and ahead of its release they’ve shared another new single, “Elvis Comeback Special.” “Elvis” started as a discarded voice memo,” Katrina Ellickson says. “Sometimes I would play little guitar parts and melodies on my phone and not think about it until months later. When I listen again, it’s like listening to someone else’s music and I hear the song more clearly. So I worked out all the parts, and when I brought it to the whole band, all these unexpected rhythms and melodies came out of the song. The song came to life; this is the most exciting part of working together as a group. The lyrics took me longer than each song to finish. The morning of the day I had to sing all the vocals in the studio, I sat in a caffeinated and sweaty coffee shop and typed new lyrics into my notes app. The lyrics are about feeling insecure about yourself when you’re trapped in someone else’s world and have to sort out your fantasy and cold reality. Because the song has those sharp rhythmic moments, Jake [Portrait] suggested singing the lyrics very lazily as a contrast. The effect, although subtle, added a more convincing atmosphere to the whole song.”

Duran Duran is releasing a deluxe digital edition of last year’s Future Past, featuring three previously unreleased tracks from the album’s sessions. “Smiling Boy” has the mystique of “Save a Prayer”.

What's The Most Played Song On Spotify

, which will be released independently on April 15. The lead single is “Stockpied Guns & TV Dinners”, of which Bloom says: “If any song was written under the rock of isolation, this is it. An analysis of collective superiority, individuality, security and consumerism. A statement that, no matter how hard you try, you can’t beg, bargain, or buy your way out of it.

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Comes out this Friday and here’s the last snack before the full meal. “Caught Up” is buoyant and effervescent.

, due May 20 via Grand Jury, and shared the catchy and upbeat new single “Catch My Drift.” “This song is about the back and forth you feel when they make you wonder if they’re the opposite,” Jordan says. “The song is about realizing that you shouldn’t be emotionally dependent on anyone and that it’s just a waste of energy.”

Yves Jarvis calls his short but sweet new single ‘Prism Through That I Perceive’ a ‘prism compulsive… calibrate and flash instantly’. The animated video is as catchy as the song.

, due May 6 via Mom + Pop. The lead single and the first single is “Who Put You Up To This?”, which is full of funk and accompanied by a video directed by Josefine Cardoni.

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Here’s the second track from Ed Schrader’s new album Music Beat, Night Clubbing, and we get a real sense of how the night affects things. This one has a lot of serious 80s goth vibes.

March 11 via Feel It/Tough Love. Lovers of simple pop music will love the song “Push You Aside”, which is accompanied by a charming animated video.

April 22 via Fire Talk. They shared the title track, which has an unsettling Spacemen 3 feel with current indie sounds.

What's The Most Played Song On Spotify

Later this month via Don Giovanni, the latest single is “Stand On Your Man”, a parody of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man”, featuring vocals from Nikki Grossman.

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Canadian indie rock trio The Rural Alberta Advantage are back with some new tracks, their first since their 2017 album.

, and the first in a planned series of singles and EPs they hope to release throughout the year. ‘CANDU’ is a rustic, anthemic response to a once-thriving northern settlement suddenly forgotten, and the band’s lament about the common bonds that come when you unconsciously hope for a sinking ship,” says Neil Edenloff. “My maternal uncle worked in Uranus, Saskatchewan in the 70s. at the end of the 1980s. at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was a small but very active mining town. We went to visit and it was the first time I’d ever been on a plane – as a young boy I’m not sure if the pictures in my head were real or just something from a dream candu was local

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