October 2, 2022

The Return Of Black Adam Full Movie – Superman / Shazam !: The Return of Black Adam is the fourth animated short in the DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection, focusing on Superman and Captain Marvel as they team up with Black Adam.

The movie starts with a young couple sitting in a car on a hill outside the city as a visible meteor crosses the sky and hits the couple’s car. It turns out that the meteorite is actually the black Adam returning to Earth after a long exile. The film then follows a young Billy Batson who lives in a neglected place with very little food and pet rats. She gets out of bed wearing a Superman T-shirt. She goes to the kitchen to get food, but only has potato chips, which she eventually gives to the mice.

The Return Of Black Adam Full Movie

The Return Of Black Adam Full Movie

On his way to meet Clark Kent, he sees bandits attacking a homeless man at a nearby restaurant. After trying to protect a man, Billy gets a black eye himself. The homeless man thanks Billy for his intervention and calls him “Boss”. Billy tells her that she’s always trying to do the right thing. Billy gives him something of value – an underground sign.

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At dinner, Clark buys the boy three breakfasts and tells him that he will write a short story to illuminate his situation and the people in his situation. Tells Mr. Kent if you’re trying to be good no matter what. During the conversation, no one notices that dark Adam has appeared, wandering from the dining room. He claps his hands and makes a hole in the side of the dining room. Clark tries to protect the boy, but Black Adam’s blow sends him across several walls. He emerges from the rubble and quickly transforms into Superman. Adam follows young Billy through the streets and expresses his surprise at the wizard’s choice to become the next Marvel, but Billy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Black Adam takes a fire truck to hit Billy, but Superman intervenes and stops the blow. As Billy runs away, Superman receives a lightning strike from Black Adam. After he recovers, he realizes that Adam’s powers are based on magic and he is vulnerable. This weakness puts Superman and Adam on an equal footing. Dark Adam uses magic to his advantage, but Superman responds with a non-magical power – namely thermal vision. After Superman is briefly removed from the road, Black Adam continues in pursuit of Billy, who runs into the subway meeting the homeless man he had helped earlier. The man gives him the Metropolitan and says that he will get paid. Billy is running on the rails and Black Adam is chasing. Billy gets caught on the tracks as the train passes over Billy, forcing Adam to leave. Billy wakes up and finds himself in an empty subway car. The signal glows and the current begins to explode. Billy glimpses the heroes of his life, his parents’ tombstones and an orphanage.

He gets off the subway at the next station to find himself in a huge cave with the statues of the seven deadly sins. Billy goes to the wizard Shazam, who tells the boy he’s the next chosen one. She explains that Adam was her master 5,000 years ago, but Tete-Adam used her power for her own benefit and ruined the gift. Then he was banished to the farthest star in the sky, and now Adam returns to seek revenge. The witch causes the cave and tells him she wants to atone for Black Adam’s creation mistake, but tells Billy that if he needs him, all he has to do is call up the witch’s name. Billy barely escapes the cave as it collapses.

Outside, a battle rages between Superman and Black Adam. Superman can’t help but use the magic. Superman loses consciousness again. Billy confronts Black Adam and tells Adam to leave Superman alone. He tries to find funny black Adam. Billy screams in frustration, “I need some help here, Shazam,” transforming Billy into Captain Marvel. He quickly counters Adam’s attack with his new abilities. Billy only has a few minutes to discover his power; namely speed, power and flight. You will also find that randomly saying the wizard’s name quickly takes over.

The newly discovered Superman isn’t sure what to make of this new person, but he soon discovers he’s on the same page. Dark Adam resorts to destroying the dam that threatens Fawcett City. Upon arriving, black Adam stops a passing car and drags its driver to the jail. He tells Billy to surrender to his dying form and free the woman. Billy obeys, and Adam the black throws a hook to the sky. But before Billy could say his magic name, Adam black covered his mouth to silence him. Out of nowhere, Adam is shocked to see Superman’s warmth. He stopped a potential downpour after quickly freezing the water with ice-cold ice. Superman and Black Adam start fighting again, but Billy is now able to say the magic word. Adam is beaten up by Marvel, who throws him into a crater in the street. Superman urges Captain to kill Adam to prevent further evil. Adam declares that only death will stop him. The homeless man reappears and turns out to be Tawky Tawny’s boy guardian angel. Tawky returns to his true tiger form and tells Superman and Captain Marvel that this time he will make sure the Wizard sends Black Adam out of space; it will take ten thousand years to return.

New Bts Photo Of Dwayne Johnson As ‘black Adam’

To avoid further exile to Earth, Dark Adam shouts “Shazam”, transforming him back into the mortal Teth-Adam, whose body has been destroyed for thousands of years. It turns to dust in front of two heroes. This turned out to be a bluff because Tawny admitted that the wizard was indeed dead.

Billy met the thugs in the field once again, as before. The bullies push Billy against the wall and rudely beg him for an answer; have the courage to say “… just a word”. In it, explained by the appearance of lightning, Billy replies “Shazam …”.

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The Return Of Black Adam Full Movie

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The Return Of Black Adam Full Movie

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Will Henry Cavill’s Superman Return In Black Adam?

Chosen to defend the world against the seven deadly enemies of man – pride, envy, greed, hatred, selfishness, laziness and injustice – young Billy Batson accepts his destiny as Captain Marvel. Fighting alongside Superman against the evil Black Adam, Billy soon discovers the challenge facing the superheroes: revenge or justice? For bounty hunter Jonah Hex and tough guy The Specter who turned into a vengeance cop, getting your hands dirty is part of the job, and maybe even part of the fun. But Superman, Green Arrow and Black Canary have an internal code of conduct to guide their actions. They know it’s easy to get lost in the darkness of battle, especially when villains like Merlyn the Magnificent and Bala.

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