October 2, 2022

Superman Vs Shazam The Return Of Black Adam Full Movie – Although Superman / Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam is a standalone short film (only 25 minutes long) that was released in 2010, it is available as a feature film.

Which also includes shorts for The Green Arrow Show, Jonah Hex and The Specter – here’s a rough chronological list. So be warned and don’t expect full-length animated Shazam! movie. It’s not this. But if you’re worried about the short length of this one, don’t be; remains one of the best adaptations of Captain Marvel.

Superman Vs Shazam The Return Of Black Adam Full Movie

Superman Vs Shazam The Return Of Black Adam Full Movie

Wait, did I say Captain Marvel? I mean…yeah, Captain Marvel. And unlike the animated series or the recent comics, here they make sense to name it by its original name, “Shazam!” – even if it might confuse some people who don’t see much of a difference.

Supermanshazam La Return De Black Adam Película Dc Showcase: Superman/shazam!: La Return De Black Adam Imágenes Por Jillene

It’s a quiet day in Fawcett, and young Billy Batson goes about his daily routine of choosing what to wear from his wardrobe, trying to find food to feed his house rats, and stopping by some bullies. who try to kill a homeless man. He tries to do good, but life is hard and not easy. Fortunately, a kind journalist named Clark Kent tried to write a story about Billy to highlight the plight of orphaned and homeless children in the city. However, their new meeting is interrupted by a superhuman guardian with Superman-like powers: Black Adam.

But Black Adam isn’t there to fight Clark Kent or the more famous Superman; instead, he seeks out Billy because he believes an ancient wizard named Shazam can summon the boy, giving him great powers. While Superman tries to save Billy from Black Adam, Billy is chased into the subway system where he meets Shazam and becomes the world’s greatest Captain Marvel. But is Billy ready to take on the new responsibilities that come with the power of the gods?

As a simple story of Billy becoming Captain Marvel, it’s incredibly effective at covering all the bases. Billy’s personal history is instructive, but there is so much detail that viewers can piece together the events of his tragic life; his innocence and good nature is perfectly captured without being cheesy or sweet. Likewise, his encounter with the wizard is quick, but all the bases are covered, while the process he goes through learning to control his powers is meaningful and very interesting. It all comes together, but while the test of his powers isn’t nearly as exciting as the movie version, it all has an added element of surprise. Plus, Billy seems to be the Billy his longtime fans will know.

It was a perfect move, both bringing the right tone to their characters. Arnold Vosloo as Black Adam exudes just the right amount of Black Adam menace without losing control or sounding like a businessman, while Zach Callison (better known to fans as Steven Universe) portrays Billy with absolute truth.

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Unfortunately, the simplicity of the main story itself, and especially Black Adam’s history, suffers due to the short length. It’s not that it’s wrong, it’s just a little… but then again, considering it’s trying to tell Captain Marvel’s origin story, it makes sense. As for Superman himself, yes

It is a version of everything that should be. But like Black Adam here, it’s usually a real character, and it’s clear throughout the story who’s really telling the story.

, the story is fast paced and never boring. The animation, especially during the action sequences, flows smoothly and looks great. Every now and then a few extra touches would have been nice, like the ship being redesigned to look like the comics, but for the most part it looks and feels like a quality production that really understands the look and feel of things. It is necessary. . here’s the story. But the same can be said for all the short films on the DC animated show – the John Hex and Specter stories in particular are classics that should appeal to viewers even if they’ve never heard of the characters.

Superman Vs Shazam The Return Of Black Adam Full Movie

Very likely, although it is up against strong competition. The origin story itself makes it more complete than Captain Marvel

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, although it is not pleasant; It doesn’t have the same sense of adventure as a classic comic or TV show, or a recent comedy show… Superman and Captain Marvel when they share the screen are not as exciting as in the movie.

Superman / Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam may not be the best, but it’s definitely good and sometimes the best. With a longer time and a deeper story, this could be the perfect Shazam! the film even now almost feels like a missed opportunity.

If you’re looking for a great portrayal of a character, this is it, and it’s a lot of fun. Not only that, but with the other shorts on DVD as backup features, the whole package is one of the best programs DC has ever put out. Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam is the fourth animated short. DC Showcase’s original shorts collection spotlights Superman and Captain Marvel alongside Black Adam.

The film opens with a young couple sitting in their car on the side of a mountain outside of town when an object in the sky crashes into the couple’s car. It is revealed that the meteorite is actually Black Adam, returning to Earth after a long exile. The film is about a young Billy Batson who lives in a rural village with little food and a pet rat. He gets out of bed wearing a Superman T-shirt. He went to the kitchen to get food, but found he had chips, which he ended up giving to the mice.

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On his way to meet Clark Kent at a nearby restaurant, he saw some terrorists beating up a homeless man. Billy gets a black eye himself while trying to protect the man. The homeless man thanks Billy for his intervention, calling him “Captain”. Billy tells him that he always tries to do the right thing. Billy gave him the most valuable thing he had – a subway ticket.

At the restaurant, Clark bought the boy three breakfasts and said he wanted to write a story to expose his situation and those in his situation. He tells Mr. Kent that he tries to be good no matter what. As the conversation continues, it goes unnoticed that Black Adam appears outside the dining room. He claps his hands and blows his whistle from the cafeteria. Clarke tried to protect the boy, but Black Adam sent him through several walls with a punch. He emerges from the rubble and quickly transforms into Superman. Adam takes young Billy out into the streets, expressing surprise at the wizard’s choice to become the next Marvel, but Billy doesn’t know what he means. Black Adam uses a fire engine to blow up Billy, but Superman steps in and blocks the shot. As Billy flees, Superman is shot down by Black Adam. After recovering, he realizes that Adam’s power is based on magic and that he is weak. This injury puts Superman and Adam on equal footing. Black Adam uses magic to his advantage, but Superman reacts with a power that magic does not possess – ie. sight. After getting Superman out of the way, Black Adam continues to follow Billy, who gets on the subway and runs into the homeless man he helped earlier. A man gave him a sign on the subway saying he would return the money. Billy walks out onto the track, Black Adam still following him. Billy was caught in the road when Billy was hit by a train, causing Adam to walk away. Billy wakes up to find himself in an empty subway car. The mark began to glow and began to explode with lightning. In an instant, Billy sees a flash of his life, his parents’ big rock, and his childhood home.

At the next stop, he got off the subway, only to find himself in a huge cave with a statue of the Seven Deadly Sins. Billy finds his way to the wizard Shazam, who informs the boy that he is the next Chosen One. He reveals that Adam was his champion 5,000 years ago, but Teth-Adam used his power to his advantage and destroyed the prize. He was then taken to the farthest star

Superman Vs Shazam The Return Of Black Adam Full Movie

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