October 4, 2022

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Superman Shazam The Return Of Black Adam Movie

Superman Shazam The Return Of Black Adam Movie

Chosen to protect the world from the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man – Pride, Envy, Greed, Hatred, Selfishness, Sloth and Injustice – young Billy Batson accepts his destiny as Captain Marvel. Fighting alongside Superman against Black Adam, Billy soon discovers the greatest challenge superheroes face: is it revenge or justice? For bounty hunter Jonah Hex and overcooked ghost-turned-avenger The Spectre, getting your hands dirty is part of the job—perhaps part of the fun. But Superman, Green Arrow, and Black Canary follow an internal code of conduct that guides their actions. They know it’s easy to get lost in the darkness of war, especially when villains like Merlin the Magnificent and Count Vertigo place no value on human life.

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James Garner, Josh Keaton, Danica McKellar, George Newbern, Jerry O’Connell, Arnold Vosloo, Thomas Jane, Malcolm McDowell, Gary Cole, Alyssa Milano, Neal McDonough

© 2010 Warner Bros. Entertainment. All rights reserved. All characters and related material are trademarks © DC Comics.

Parents need to know that Superman/Shazam!: Return of the Dark Man is a short superhero adventure with non-stop action and moments of danger, but also many positive messages. When the evil Black Adam (voiced by Arnold Vosloo) descends on Earth and is determined to kill young orphan Billy Batson (Zach Callison), Billy himself transforms into a superhero — Captain Marvel (Jerry O’Connell). Along with Superman (George Newbern), the duo take on Black Adam, leading to some epic and gritty fight scenes. Bullets are thrown at walls, buildings are destroyed, hands are placed on throats and fists are close to the face. Although there is plenty of danger and peril, no one actually dies or is seriously injured – although Superman is briefly seen unconscious. Billy’s bully punches him in the face, leaving a gash on his face. Superman shoots laser beams from his eyes while Black Adam shoots bolts of light from his hands. Billy is shown to be kind and compassionate, always ready to help others even when he has little. This includes representing a black person experiencing homelessness. When this character is later revealed to be a guardian angel, he may be playing on the problematic “black magic” story. The tongue is thin with “butt” and “oh my god” muttered once or twice. Superman/Shazam!: Return of the Dark Man is the fourth animated short in the DC Showcase Original Shorts Collection focusing on Superman. and Captain Marvel team up against Dark Adam.

The film opens with a young couple sitting in their car on a hill outside of town when a visible meteorite flies through the sky and hits the couple’s car. It turns out that the meteorite is actually Black Adam, returning to Earth after a long exile. The film then cuts to a young Billy Batson living in an abandoned shack with very little food and rats. He gets out of bed wearing a T-shirt with the Superman crest on it. He goes to the kitchen to look for food, but finds that he has potatoes and ends up feeding them to the mice.

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On his way to see Clark Kent at a nearby restaurant, he sees thugs burning homeless people. After trying to protect the man, Billy gets a black eye himself. The homeless man thanks Billy for his intervention and calls him “Captain”. Billy tells him that he always tries to do the right thing. Billy gives him an important item he has – a subway token.

At dinner, Clark buys the boy three breakfasts and tells him that he wants to write a story that will bring his plight and those in a similar situation to the public. Says Mr. Kenta to try to be good no matter what. As the conversation continues, no one notices that Black Adam has appeared, loitering outside the restaurant. He claps his hands and punches a hole in the side of the restaurant. Clark tries to protect the boy, but a blow from Black Adam sends him into several walls. He emerges from the rubble and quickly transforms into Superman. Adam leads young Billy through the streets and announces his surprise at the Wizard’s choice to be the next Marvel, but Billy doesn’t know what it means. Black Adam raises the fire hose to smash Billy, but Superman steps in and blocks the blow. While Billy manages to escape, Superman drains the electricity from Black Adam. After recovering, he realizes that Adam’s powers are powered by magic and he is in danger. This vulnerability puts Superman and Adam on the same level. Black Adam uses magic to his advantage, but Superman responds with a power that no magical creature has – heat perception. After briefly getting Superman out of their hearts, Black Adam continues to care for Billy as he gets off the train and is reunited with the homeless man he helped earlier. The man gives him a subway token and tells him he will get a refund. Billy breaks into song and Black Adam follows. Billy is caught on the tracks when a train runs over Billy and Adam drives away. Billy wakes up to find himself in an empty car. The token will start to glow and lightning will start to crack. In the light, Billy sees the light of his life, his parents’ gravestone, and his orphanage.

At the next stop, he gets off, but finds himself in a large cave with pictures of the Seven Deadly Sins. Billy finds his way to the wizard Shazam, who tells the boy that he is the next Chosen One. He explains that Adam was his attacker 5,000 years ago, but Teth-Adam used his power for his own gain and corrupted the gift. Then he was banished from the farthest star in the sky, and now Adam is once again seeking revenge. The Wizard then creates a cave and tells him that he wishes to atone for the mistake of creating Black Adam, but tells Billy that if he needs him, all he has to do is say the Wizard’s name. Billy barely survives the cave as it collapses.

Superman Shazam The Return Of Black Adam Movie

A battle between Superman and Black Adam takes place outside. Superman cannot hold back against the magic used. Superman is unconscious again. Billy confronts Black Adam and defiantly tells Adam to leave Superman alone. He tries to defeat the funny black Adam. Worried, Billy yells “I need help here, Shazam”, which transforms Billy into Captain Marvel. He quickly fends off Adam’s attack with his new powers. Billy only has a few minutes to regain his strength; i.e. speed, power and flight. He also finds that saying the Wizard’s name accidentally dispels the power instantly.

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The newfound Superman isn’t sure what to make of this new person, but soon finds out they’re on the same page. Black Adam turns to destroy the dam that threatens to flood Fawcett City. Upon arrival, Black Adam stops a passing car and kidnaps its driver to arrest her. She tells Billy that she must give up in her dying state, and he frees the woman. Billy complies and Black Adam throws the hostage into the sky. However, before Billy says his magical name, Black Adam covers his mouth to silence him. Out of the blue, Adam is hit with Superman’s heat vision. He stopped the potential flood after quickly freezing the water with his super cold wind. Superman and Black Adam start fighting again, but Billy can still say the magic word. Adam is knocked into a hole in the road by Marvel. Superman talks the Captain into killing Adam to prevent further evil deeds. Adam says that only death will stop him. The homeless man reappears and turns out to be the guardian angel of this Tawky Tawny boy. Tawky reverts to his true tiger form and tells Superman and Captain Marvel that he will make sure the witch sends Black Adam away from space this time; the return will take ten thousand years.

To avoid being thrown even further from Earth, Black Adam summons “Shazam” and returns him to the dying Teth-Adam, whose body has been aging for thousands of years. Dust blows in front of both warriors. It was obvious sarcasm as Tawny admitted that the witch was indeed dead.

Billy finds himself in the cave again, where he encounters the bullies as before. The bullies push Billy against the wall and rudely tell him to answer; his heart says “…just one word.” This means that when lightning appears, Billy will respond “Shazam…”.

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