September 30, 2022

Superman And Shazam Return Of Black Adam – Superman / Shazam !: The Return of Black Man is the fourth animated short film in the DC Showcase Original Short Collection featuring Superman and Captain Marvel when they meet Black Man.

The film opens with the couple sitting in their car on a hill outside the city when an asteroid hits the sky and hits the couple’s car. It has been revealed that the asteroid was actually a black man who returned to Earth after a long exile. The film cuts to Billy Batson, who lives on a meager diet of fodder and mice. He got out of bed wearing a Superman T-shirt, he went to the kitchen to look for food, and suddenly found a potato he was feeding on mice.

Superman And Shazam Return Of Black Adam

Superman And Shazam Return Of Black Adam

On the way to meet Clark Kent at a nearby restaurant, she saw homeless abuse. Billy gets black eyes after trying to save a man. The homeless man thanked Billy for his intervention and called him “Captain.” Billy tells him he always tries to do the right thing. Billy gives him something worthwhile – a Metro token

Dc Showcase Superman/shazam: The Return Of Black Adam Dvd Shazam! Maquette

At dinner, Clark buys breakfast for the boy three times and tells him he wants to write a story to cover his problem and similar situation. Kent says he was trying to be nice no matter what, as the conversation continued, a black man walked outside the restaurant. He claps his hands and punches a hole in the side of the cafeteria. Clarke tries to defend the boy, but Black Man’s punches send him through several walls. He recovers from the castle and quickly turns into Superman. Adam pushes young Billy out of the way, choosing Witch to be the next Marvel, but Billy does not know what that means. Black Man raises his generator to destroy Billy, but Superman intervenes and blocks the block. When Billy escapes, Superman receives an electric blast from Black Man. After being healed, Adam realized that his father’s powers were magical and weak. This weakness puts Superman and Adam on equal footing. Black Man uses his magic to his advantage, but Superman responds with a non-magical energy – i.e., heat vision. After hitting Superman off the road for a while, the black man continues to follow Billy as he runs down the subway, only to run into the homeless man he helped first. The man gives him the subway token and promises to pay him back. Billy runs after the black man as the train passes Billy. Billy had to be trapped in the tracks to get the man to go. He woke up to find himself in an empty subway car. The signal started to flash and he was scared of lightning. Billy was quick to see the devastation of his parents’ lives and the orphanage.

At the next stop, he got off the subway car but found himself in a huge cave with statues of the Seven Deadly Sins. Billy the Magician approaches Shazam and tells the boy that he is the next selector, explaining that Adam was the champion 5,000 years ago, but Teth-Adam distorted the gift by distributing his power for personal gain. He was then sent to the farthest star in the sky, and now Adam is back for revenge. The witch builds a cave and says she wants to atone for the mistake she made in creating Black Man, but Billy tells her to name the witch if she must. Billy ran out of the cave

Outside Superman and Black Man fighting, Superman is able to withstand the spells being used and Superman faints again. Billy confronts Black Man and tells Adam to leave Superman alone. The clown tries to kill Black Man. Billy yells, “I need a little help here, Shazam,” causing Billy to change into Captain Marvel. Adam quickly calculated his attack with his new abilities. Billy has only a few minutes to unlock his energy. Such as speed, force, and flight. He also realizes that the witch’s name is slowly losing its power.

The reborn Superman did not know what to do with this new superhero, but suddenly they realized they were on the same side. When a black man arrived on the island of Phuket to break through a dam that would flood Phuket, he stopped a passing car to ask the female driver to stop. He tells Billy that he must surrender his mortal form and release the woman. Billy agrees. Black Man throws hostages in the air. But before Billy could say his magic words, Black Man covered him to silence him. With the warmth of Superman Adam, do not explode anywhere. Stop the Superman flood and Black Man starts fighting again, but Billy can now cast spells. Adam was defeated by Marvel, who threw him into a ditch in the street. Superman talks about Captain Adam killing him to prevent further evil, Adam suggests that only death will stop him. The homeless man reappears and presents himself as Tawkee Tawny, the boy’s guardian angel. Taki returns to her true tiger form and tells Superman and Captain Marvel that she will make sure the Witch sends Black Man into space this time. It will take ten thousand years to return

Black Adam Screening Report Indicates A Shazam Style Superman Appearance Web Story

To stay away from Earth, the black man shouts “Shazam” which transforms him into a Tet-Man who has lost his body for thousands of years. She falls in front of these two superheroes, a real mistake, while Tawny admits the witch is dead.

Billy faces the same threat again as before, the conspirators push Billy against the wall and force him to speak. You can tell him, “Hear just one word.” This was indicated by the appearance of lightning, to which Billy replied, “My prince …”.

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Superman And Shazam Return Of Black Adam

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Superman And Shazam Return Of Black Adam

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The Rock Pushes Wb For Henry Cavill’s Return In Black Adam

Chosen to protect the world from the seven deadly enemies of man – pride, greed, hatred, selfishness, laziness and injustice – young Billy Batson accepts his fate as Captain Marvel. Fighting the Nefarious black man with Superman, Billy soon finds himself confronting the hero: Revenge or Justice? Bonus hunters Jonas Hex and Ghost Specter who have to take revenge, getting their hands dirty is part of the job and maybe fun. But Superman, Green Arrow and Black Canary follow an internal code of conduct to guide their actions. They know it’s easy to lose an entire war, especially with characters like Merlin the Magnificent and the Count.

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