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Prosecco is a pioneering new wine region. A perfect balance of power, strength of aroma, freshness and silkiness. Lamborghini style sublimated to its purest expression.



This blend takes inspiration from the iconic ‘Raging Bull’ label and draws from Lamborghini Winery’s extensive reserve wine collection. For those who want a new experience and pure Prosecco Extra Dry.

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HOW TO: Quickly grill bold, umami-rich flavors like carpaccio and large red prawns, served with rose petals and lemongrass foam

The son of a Renazzo grape grower, his mechanical expertise inspired him to enter tractor manufacturing in 1948, and he quickly became a major producer of farm equipment during Italy’s post-World War II economic boom.

Lamborghini sold most of his holdings in the late 1970s and retired to focus on winemaking at his winery in Umbria.

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Lamborghini Gold: Extra Dry Prosecco D.o.c. Treviso

Yes! Ferruccio Lamborghini retired from the supercar business and sold his stake in the late 20th century to build a winery from scratch near Tuscany, Italy. Buy Wine Folly: Magnum Edition.

The answer is simple. Only wine made in the Champagne region of France is called Champagne. Prosecco comes from Italy. But it’s not just the name. That is all.

The price difference is partly due to the way each wine is made. Champagne is more expensive because it takes longer to make. But champagne and prosecco are more different than you might think.


The perception of champagne as a luxury item demands higher prices. On the other hand, Prosecco’s recognition as a precious diamond means that it is more accessible. Check out the Conegliano Valdobbiadene region (and it’s affordable too!).

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Champagne is made in the Champagne region of France, about 80 miles (130 km) northeast of Paris.

Carbonation takes place under high pressure, so the champagne has fine, persistent bubbles. Fine sparkling wines often show almond flavors with hints of orange peel and white cherry.

The aging process of the yeast particles (so-called lees) often gives champagne a strange, cheesy, crusty aroma. However, in finer and older champagnes, these aromas are toasty, brioche or biscuity. Hmmm!

Pair the champagne with seafood, raw steaks, pickled vegetables and crispy fried appetizers. Try it with potatoes too! This combination may sound simple, but it’s insanely delicious!

Candoni Prosecco Doc Nv (italy)

Prosecco is a sparkling wine made primarily in Veneto, Italy, near Treviso, about 15 miles north of Venice.

Prosecco usually has strong fruity and floral notes (it’s a product of the Glera grape!). Because the wine is aged in large tanks at low pressure, Prosecco has a light, effervescent head that doesn’t linger too long. That said, Prosecco smells really good. A fine bottle of Prosecco offers aromas of tropical fruits, banana cream, hazelnut, vanilla and honeycomb.

Prosecco leans toward the sweeter side of the spectrum, so it pairs well with cured meats, fruit-based appetizers (like ham-wrapped cantaloupe), and Asian dishes. Try the Pad Thai!


Mapping the two regions shows that Champagne comes from a much more northern climate than Prosecco. Therefore, Champagne grapes usually ripen with a higher acidity.

Cinzano Prosecco Nv 750ml

However, the Valdobbiadene region of Italy, where Prosecco is made, has a unique microclimate that is much cooler than the surrounding regions (it rains a lot in Valdobbiadene!). The result is a refreshing and tasty champagne.

After all, there is some difference between the two wines, so compare Champagne and Prosecco!

It doesn’t matter if it’s $10 or $100 a bottle. Find the best champagne within your budget.

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