Planted As A Tree When You Die

Planted As A Tree When You Die – Two Italian designers, Raul Bretzel and Anna Citelli, designed the concept of the Capsula Mundi capsule or jar. Photo: Credit/Food For Mzansi

Some people want the body to be buried under 6 feet. Others want their ashes cremated so they can be spread in a special place. Then there is a new group that wants the corpse to be “turned” into a tree.

Planted As A Tree When You Die

Planted As A Tree When You Die

Two Italian designers, Raul Bretzel and Anna Citelli, designed the Capsula Mundi pod or jar concept.

Become A Tree When You Die With A Bio Urn

Apples, oranges, lemons, etc. This is the tree that the deceased or family can choose in their lifetime. Imagine your loved ones choosing their favorites and remembering you!

The capsule case, an egg-shaped organic tube, is made of biodegradable material and is placed in the fetal position. When planted in the ground, the capsule pods break down, releasing nutrients into the soil and giving life to the trees planted directly above.

Capsule urns work in the same way as pyres, but the body must be cremated first and the ashes are then placed in a biodegradable urn. Then plant the tree to grow in the jar.

On his website, the founder of Capsula Mundi says that the project stems from an in-depth examination of the role of designers in society.

Renaturalizing Communities: How Planting Trees Started An Environmental Movement

“Death is often taboo in a culture that is disconnected from nature, filled with objects far removed from everyday life, and focused on the young,” the website says.

With this discovery, the world will be able to solve the problem of cramped cemeteries caused by unused land, especially in urban areas, while protecting the environment.

Inspired by life and nature, the duo designed this product not to cut down trees for coffins, but to make stores environmentally friendly and grow forests.

Planted As A Tree When You Die

“If we plant trees, the architectural motifs symbolizing today’s memorials will disappear and the cemetery will turn into a forest. The cemetery will be transformed into a natural space where families can walk and explore nature. Instead of cutting down trees for coffins, communities will come together to nurture and care for the trees.

How To Bring A Dying Palm Tree Back To Life

Danelene Meeyer, president of Capsule Mund South Africa, says Mzansi people are generally conservative, but more and more are open to the idea of ​​becoming a tree.

“At first, it’s an understandably strange concept. But luckily, even in the era of COVID-19, people have seen life from a different perspective. The younger generation adds more biodegradable Capsula Mundi bottles than the older generation.

He said the most desirable area at the moment is Cape Town. “I think Capetonians are very environmentally conscious and more open minded. Some pet lovers have asked for cans for their beloved pets.

Meeyer not only advertised and sold the product inside, but his family buried his father this way.

Of The Best Wind Resistant Trees

“My dad is a farmer. Everything he touches grows. It’s only natural that we plant a rose tree for him. I can still go to the tree every day and plant a plant in his memory,” Meeyer said.

“Remember that a pitcher plant can be planted in a garden, in a garden or in a pot, depending on the needs of the family.

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Planted As A Tree When You Die

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The Wonder Material We All Need But Is Running Out

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As cholera deaths increased, farmers were warned not to treat water for irrigation.

This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you accept the use of cookies. See our privacy and cookie policy. A bio urn is a last resort that uses cremation remains to grow and grow trees. This can be a special option for you or your loved ones who wish to return to earth after your death.

A bio urn is a biodegradable urn that can hold the ashes of a loved one, such as an animal or ashes that eventually turn into wood when they die. These can be purchased online from two companies including The Living Urn and Bios Urn. People can choose a bio urn, which connects to the earth when they die, or choose an environmentally friendly option for burial.

Banana Tree: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Once you have decided that a bio jar is the right choice for you and/or your family, you need to choose the company that best suits your needs. The companies vary slightly in prices and in the operation of the bio cans, but in general the process is pretty much the same. Bio bottles vary according to the instructions, but in general:

If you don’t have an outdoor space to plant a large tree or you prefer to keep the plants indoors, you can also consider planting trees or indoor plants in suitable pots.

Bio urns are completely biodegradable and are made to support the growth of many types of trees, flowers and shrubs as long as they live in the area. According to the company that sells the bio can, this amount of ash does not harm the tree. If you want, you can buy a dirty ash mix to help neutralize the ph level of the ash, but you don’t have to.

Planted As A Tree When You Die

Prices for organic cans vary, but average between $129 and $140. Keep in mind that remodeling is a separate expense that needs to be factored in when considering this option. If you buy separately, you should also consider the price of the plant or tree.

In Hólavallagarður Cemetery, Iceland, It’s Said Trees Are Planted On Graves As A Old Norse Tradition. You Can Touch The Trees As A Way To Connect With The Deceased.

Depending on the brand, bio urns usually have enough space for a single body. If the couple wants to use the same bio urn, the remains can be partially divided into a suitable reserved space. A couple or family can decide to plant trees in the planned area if splitting the ashes is not appropriate.

A bio urn is a unique last option to honor a deceased individual by using their remains to grow a tree. Understanding how the biological bottle works can help you make this personal decision. I’m obsessed with the phone. I’m really addicted. I’m not proud of it, but unfortunately it’s true.

I’ve tried a number of productivity apps to reduce screen time, and many have helped me hone my organizational skills, but apps rarely hold users like me accountable if they don’t work. That’s why the Forest app (opens in a new tab) is completely different.

Forest trains people to manage their time and reduce dependence on their phones in a fun and purposeful way. The simple task is to help users “focus” and “stay present”. By spending time away from the phone, users can grow virtual trees and earn coins that can be saved and used to plant plants.

Reasons We Need Trees For A Healthy Planet

Trees from five African countries (Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania). The app also shames you if you fail to reach a goal, which seems to be a component I always miss.

In an ideal world, you’d spend less time glued to your iPhone on the weekends. I’d rather focus all my attention on my co-workers while I’m eating instead of looking at a rude push notification. Instead of stopping to check social media every 10 minutes, I spend hours in a book and then sleep in the dark without exposing my retinas to blue light 30 minutes earlier. I downloaded Forest hoping to help me turn my dream into a reality and I was amazed.

Forest is available for $1.99 on iOS devices (opens in a new tab) and has several in-app purchases.

Planted As A Tree When You Die

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