Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson

Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson – The late Joan Hickson starred as Miss Jane Marple in her 11th film starring Agatha Christie’s great detective. The film in question was THEY ARE MIRRORS, based on Christie’s 1952 novel.

While visiting an old friend, Ruth Van Rydock from America, Miss Jane Marple wanted to visit the other woman’s sister, Carrie Louise Serrocold. The three women were friends at the same school in Italy when they were girls. Ruth fears something is wrong at Stonygates, the Victorian mansion where Carrie Louise lives with her husband Lewis Serrocold. He fears that Carrie Louise may be in further danger. Ruth asks Miss Marple to find out what is going on. Miss Marple learns that Serrocold has turned Stonygates into a home for wild boys, devoted to the idea of ​​reforming these boys. Christian Gulbrandsen, the son of Carrie Louise from her first marriage and a member of the Board of Directors of Stonygates, is thought by everyone to be present at the business meeting with Serrocold. The latter admits to Miss Marple that later that night Ruth’s visit decides to show an old film of her, Carrie Louise and Miss Marple in Italy; when one of the sons of Stonybrook, or

Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson

Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson

An angry man named Edgar Lawson interrupts the celebration and calls Serrocold his real father. While they were arguing in another room, the house light went off. Within minutes, Gulbrandsen’s journey takes a tragic turn when he is found dead – shot in the head – in his bedroom. Miss Marple and Chief Inspector Slack try to find Gulbrandsen’s killer.

Miss Marple: They Do It With Mirrors (tv Movie 1991)

From the articles I read online, it seemed that many Christie fans  hold “IT WITH A MIRROR” in high regard. I wish I could tell them how they feel, but I can’t. I’m not saying the movie was bad. I thought it was really cool. But that doesn’t rock my boat. I can’t take it now. There is something. . . bad about the plot. First of all, I didn’t find the site of a large Victorian mansion turned into a gangster mansion very interesting. I think Christie deserves to be blamed for this. I think he was out of his league. And again, the mystery itself—the murder of Christian Gulbrandsen—didn’t seem so difficult. Based on the title and the details of his murder, it really wasn’t hard for me to guess who the killer was. And thirdly, I thought the movie ended on a weak note. After the assassination, my interest in film started. I didn’t sleep. My interest has only just begun.

Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson

I also had some problems with the players. Carrie Louise Serrocold and Ruth van Rycock were played by actresses Jean Simmons and Faith Brook. I had no problem with their behavior. I thought they were all original – especially Simmons, who captured the mysterious and somewhat silly personality of Carrie Louise. But both actresses were twenty years younger than Joan Hickson. And I thought the idea of ​​their characters being of the same generation as Miss Marple was really funny. I also had a problem with Todd Boyce’s portrayal of Walter Rudd, Carrie Louise’s American-born grandson. At first I thought he was in English because I thought his American accent was suspicious. I was surprised to learn that he was born in Toledo, Ohio. His family immigrated to Australia when he was 16 years old. I think what bothered me the most was that every time he opened his mouth to speak, I heard a few western songs – indicating that the person in question was American.

Fortunately, the music stopped halfway through, and I found Boyce’s performance to be more enjoyable from then on.

Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson

About Miss Marple

Its advantages are “YOU DO IT WITH BOTTLES”. I have to admit that the cast was a first. Joss Ackland gave one of his most sympathetic performances as a handsome donor who fears for his wife’s safety. I have already mentioned Simmons, Brooks and Boyce. I was also impressed by Christopher and Jay Villiers, who played the Restarick brothers very well – Carrie Louise’s giants from her second marriage. The same can be said for Holly Aird, who portrayed Carrie Louise’s granddaughter, Gina Rudd. And for the first time, I enjoyed David Horovitch’s performance as recurring detective Chief Inspector Slack. But I didn’t understand the need to go back. I don’t remember his character appearing in the book. As for Joan Hickson, she was perfect as Jane Marple. . . as usual. In fact, she was a first class actress in this film.

Personally, I think today’s Christie fans add the words “HE DOES IT WITH MIRRORS”. I found the plot in the last thirty minutes lacking in originality and somewhat weak. But it was the first and most expensive model produced. If you want a rainy Sunday afternoon movie, this might be your ticket.

Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson

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Miss Marple: The Moving Finger (tv Mini Series 1985)

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Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson

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Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson

Joan Hickson Actress Plays Miss Marple Stock Photo

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Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson

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Prime Video: Miss Marple S3

Miss Marple

Miss Marple They Do It With Mirrors Joan Hickson

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