Is There Going To Be Batman 4

Is There Going To Be Batman 4 – With great power comes great responsibility. Yes, we know it’s a different superhero, but what about its director?

The road to the screen of the new Batman film was long and difficult. Almost ten years ago, Ben Affleck played the Caped Crusader

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

. It is Affleck’s most successful film at the box office. It was a disaster by all other measures: critics hated it, fans hated it even more, and it launched DC down the path of the superhero blockbuster (

Director Matt Reeves Says ‘the Batman’ Is Inspired By 1970s Cinema, 1980s Comic Books And… Nirvana

) worsened. For every new star in the always dazzling Marvel Cinematic Universe, rival DC just couldn’t catch a break. Christopher Nolan’s massive memoir

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

The trio seemed to enter this good night. The best bet for Bat fans seemed to be another Lego Batman outing, which was laughable to say the least. But DC wanted another Batman movie.

(2017) “Ben [Affleck] was working on the script,” says Reeves, “and I said, ‘Here it is: I respect that the DC universe has become an extended universe and that all the movies are connected. But no longer should The Batman Movie carry the burden of connecting the characters from all the other movies. I didn’t want them there.”

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two

A Batman movie without Aquaman (he can control sea life), Cyborg (he’s a cyborg), or other crappy Justice League characters already sounds like a 100 percent improvement. As Robert Pattinson — we’ll get to that — says in a two-minute promo for the new film, “Batman stands out as one of the great heroes of the 20th century, and a lot of people relate to that. A deep level for many reasons. He was the best.

This was Reeves’ next problem. Sure, you can reboot Batman—and it’s been done dozens of times since he first appeared in Detective Comics in 1939. But does anyone have the stomach to retell his origin story from a slightly different angle? “We’ve seen it so many times,” says Reeves. “It’s too much. I knew we couldn’t do it.”

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

, four issues from 1987, helmed by writer Frank Miller and artist David Mazzucelli, that found a young and troubled Bruce Wayne must be on guard. The tone is detective noir, the violence is streetwise and gruesome, and you’ll be looking in vain for superheroes torturing each other or Mr. Freeze’s whiny “let’s break the ice” style. . I am calling

Dc Comics The Dark Knight Trilogy: Batman Begins Batman 1/4 Scale Acti

Would be a real stretch. But it’s as realistic as a comic about a loner with mental doubts who goes undercover and starts hunting criminals at night. This proto-Batman underestimates his opponents, gets shot by the police and his suit doesn’t fit. (That’s great, it’s my favorite comic.) Reeves’ other influences include the New Hollywood classics of the 1970s:

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

Song] “Something in the Way” from the first trailer, which is part of the character’s voice. When I thought, “How is Bruce going to make Wayne look like we’ve never seen him?” Doesn’t he know what he’s doing? Is this person some kind of reckless, reckless, junkie?” And the truth is, he’s kind of a junkie. His drug addiction is this quest for revenge. He’s like Kurt Cobain’s Batman.

Is The Riddler. Not the Jim Carrey version of Val Kilmer’s question mark covered lime green chick

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

The Batman Drops A Huge Wave Of Funko Pops: Exclusive Bruce Wayne Figure Added

(1995). But the inappropriate, stupid interpretation of Paul Dano communicating with the police through codes based on the Zodiac killer. Batman is a superhero without superpowers – but he is “the world’s greatest detective”. Reeves’ Batman, to the shock and awe of the internet when it was announced in 2019, is Robert Pattinson.

Story] to make him a young actor,” he says. “Also, in the process of writing the film, I watched [the Safdie brothers’ 2017 film].

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

, and I thought, “Okay, he has this inner kind of anger about the character and the danger, and I feel that desperation.” And I was dying for Rob. I don’t know if Rob cares! Because, of course, he made all these indie films once he established himself

Here’s How To Watch All The Batman Movies In Chronological Order

Unbeknownst to Reeves—or anyone at DC—he had one thing going for him: Pattinson was a huge Batman fan. “He heard we were doing this and was excited about the idea that there would be another version of this character,” says Reeves. “When I met him, he read the script, we talked for a long time, and I realized, ‘This guy is a big fan.’

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

Pattinson suited the role, but still had to audition. Ironically, he did it in Val Kilmer’s old battalion. “Warner Brothers said, ‘Look, we’re not going to do anything that we test for anybody.’ That’s it. [Christian] Bale came in and wore one of the original outfits.

“I wouldn’t say it’s set up well,” Reeves continues. “But it fits best. It was kind of old and when he started playing he started warming up a cow and the cow would be hanging on his face. You can see he’s thinking, ‘How do I act in this suit,’ but putting on the Batman suit is also a transformation. You begin to feel the power of wearing this armor.

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

Is The Batman Setting Up A New Batman Cinematic Universe?

“You cannot and must not carry a cow. All the Batmans wear it,” says Reeves, not quite convincingly. “I loved the idea of ​​taking [the mask] off and underneath that was the sweat and the drips and all the drama of becoming this character.”

One of the things that makes the character of Batman so interesting is that he is very malleable. He could be the Adam West of the 1960s or the angry Christian Bale of the 2000s – both are equally valid. Basically, the YouTube comments section is like, “Getting my revenge!” This guy is crazy in the 2020 version of Pattinson, based on two or three trailers. But it’s fair to say that not everyone thought of him as a skinny guy

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

“There was no actor when he announced he was going to play Batman in the movie, and there was no reaction,” says Reeves.

Robert Pattinson Calls ‘the Batman’ Movie Rating A ‘disaster’

, featured Wayne Manor falling to pieces — “He’s not interested in any trappings like [millionaire] Wayne at this point,” Reeves says, quoting Gus Van Sant.

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

, a fictionalized version of Kurt Cobain’s sad, slow death in 2005 (like in that movie, we’ll see amps stacked in a warehouse).

The new Batcave is based on a secret subway that still exists in New York. “At the turn of the century some of these wealthy industrial families are believed to have owned private railway carriages. So the Batcave is actually at the base of this tower. This is [another] way of saying, “How can all this be rooted in things that are real but are extraordinary?

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

Batman/superman: World’s Finest #4 Review

Finally the new Batmobile. “The Nolan movies created the Batmobile as a tank, which was a great idea,” says Reeves. “But I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if this guy was a loner and a craftsman who built these things himself, taking parts from other cars and parts from kit cars?'” So this road is recognizable as a car. But it looks like a muscle car. He did it himself.”

Reeves says seeing his Batman come to life is terrifying but extremely exciting — he’s still days away from completing the film at the time of this interview in late 2021.

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

“I’m very proud of it. I felt this was the best version of the story we could do to justify another

Lego Batman 2 No Longer Happening As Director Reveals The Sequel’s Scrapped Story

,” he says. “You always have to have a reason, and that’s been my mission from the beginning.” Gotham City sequels and standalone films are in the works. It’s safe to assume they’ll be without Aquaman. At least for “It’s going to have a lot to do with how people receive the movie,” says Reeves. “But there’s a lot going on.”

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

, there is one shot in which Reeves notes, “He’s dressed like the figure I imagined

“. Some notes written by Frank Miller to David Mazzucelli are included on the back of the commemorative edition.

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

Robert Pattinson’s ‘the Batman’ Is “like A Batman Kurt Cobain”

Posted a few years ago. In the same shot, Miller writes that he wanted Batman to “basically look like he’s won.

At the beginning of this

Is There Going To Be Batman 4

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