Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass? – To create a human design optimization guide, we will need to examine the context of our design issues. Without an understanding of the context, we cannot identify problems that need to be fixed in the design. To do this we can use existing methods such as human design and gold circles. But while these approaches have power in their own right, they will not yet allow us to develop design guidelines. So I propose a new approach based on these existing methods that allow anyone to create guidelines for human design.

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Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

By now you probably know that the context of design issues often lies in the business perspective and needs of consumers. We try to understand why our customers have specific needs and we want the services and products we create to satisfy our customers. This not only makes us money, but also because we want our activities to have a purpose.

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As a UX engineer at WebNL, I research human attitudes to make the products we make work better for consumers. So I do a lot of user interviews, usability tests and travel maps. But I am also responsible for creating front-end code while defining the user experience. I have to take into account the limitations of power, performance, tools, website speed and search engine optimization. You can not have a good user experience without knowing the level of technology, just put.

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

So many designers combine business concepts and consumer needs with a third factor: technology. Together they create people-centered designs. This means that people are involved in all stages of the design process.

We can create design processes based on people, business and technology. But many people-centered products and services still fail surprisingly because they still can not meet the needs of consumers. And this is mainly because the company does not understand the reasons behind consumer demand. So in order to create good design guidelines, we also need to know why.

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

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An example that teaches us more about the golden circle by Simon Sinek. As chief advertising officer, Simon looked at the business and found that they often start from What. They sell computers or make software. Then sometimes they look for ways and reasons to justify what they are doing. But Simon also observed that the most successful companies start for a reason. That’s how he learned that companies should figure out why if they really want to know what and how. That’s what he calls the golden circle.

As it turned out, Simon’s model is not only a great inspiration for companies to know why they do what they do, but also a reminder for our designers to know why. We design too. But in itself, pattern is not enough to create a design. It does not tell us how to find the reason behind the design or where to look for it.

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

Since human design and gold circles are not enough to create a single design process, we can try to combine new styles. A model that gives us a practical way of managing things. First, we will need a starting point because we can not start a consumer and technology business at the same time.

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Think of people-centered design as a design process. If it really is human-centered, then people must be at the forefront of the design process. If we start a business, we need to limit our resources immediately to make a profit. If we start with technology, we should immediately think about the limitations of technology. Starting with people, we guarantee that there is no limit to our creativity. We are just trying to figure out which one we should focus on.

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

I am not saying you should forget about business and technology. We just have to set them aside to explore them freely. We can then combine people and business to become a reality again. It works like a filter. We combine these two elements, people and business, and the results come out. This is how we create designs that are consistent with both people and businesses.

But like mixing real cooking ingredients, it is not easy. When you want to understand what your users need, it is important to know what they do, how they do it, and most importantly, why they do it. It looks like Simon Sinek’s gold ring. If you do not know why or how not, you will not know what to do.

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

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When I do user interviews, I often try to find the layers behind user actions to find out what, how and why. I always want to know the main reason because most users do not think about why they are doing something until you ask. When you ask, they find something about themselves that they do not yet know.

What a user wants to have or want to do is called a feature. Maybe they want clean shoes or they want a healthy diet. We can ask about these features or protect them.

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

When you ask consumers why they like to buy good shoes or why they want to eat healthy, they will often answer because of these characteristics. A good pair of shoes can give them strength to run, while a healthy diet can give them more energy. Knowing these consequences, we will also know how the features meet their needs.

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But we can still go one step further. When you ask users why these results are important to them, they begin to really think about it. They tend to say that walking is important to them because they like to get there and need energy to get there. Traffic represents the value of people, it shows the identity of your users, because value is why they do what they do.

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

Like pouring water through a filter to find gold, we can put users through a filter of interviews and reviews to find the value behind their needs.

Now that we know the value and consequences of the features that users are looking for, we can think about how we can achieve these features. Shoes must be durable and food must provide energy. Are these good design tips? Wrong. I have not thought about business yet.

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

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When you do user research, you can create personas from user metrics, user travel maps to identify user issues and define problem statements for the issues you want to address. However, these measures are not part of the model. It is intentionally deleted because individuals, trips, and problem reports are tools for identifying and communicating users’ needs and problems. It’s good to use this tool, but it is not the end result you should focus on. On the other hand, when choosing a problem to solve, you may want to know what kind of problems your business may and may not be able to solve. So let’s take a look at the business perspective first.

When it comes to business ideas, we can easily sell solution features to consumers. We can sell shoes for people to walk on or we can sell food for people to live in. At its core, this is often what comes down to doing business. But as Simon Sinek points out in his golden circle, a business can be very successful if it knows why. So we need to know how and why businesses can help people better.

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

Fortunately, we already know why consumers want certain things. If we add value to the company, we can find a reason for the business. Corporate values ​​are made up of the combined values ​​of the people who work in the business. Apple is a company that is always striving to innovate. Nike is all about winning. And Disney gives us pleasure.

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At WebNL, I work with clients’ corporate pricing strategies. The strategist will conduct research to determine the corporate value available to the client company. A company value is important because it can be used to create a vision and mission statement: a brief description of what the business wants to achieve and why. Together, corporate values, vision statements, and mission statements form the reason why a business has: business objectives.

Is There A Second Part To The Golden Compass?

Mission statements and mission reports are the ultimate goals that a business wants to achieve. But the statement is not specific about how these goals and these small goals can be achieved: they lack strategy. Strategies can tell us to build better relationships

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