Is There A 2nd Golden Compass Movie?

Is There A 2nd Golden Compass Movie? – “Golden Compass” is 2007. British-American fantasy adventure film based on Northern Lights, the first novel in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. Written and directed by Chris Weitz, stars Dakota Blue Richards, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Tom Courtenay, Christopher Lee, Nicole Kidman and Sam Elliott. The project was announced in 2002. in February, but problems with the selection of the script and director significantly delayed it. 180 million It was one of New Line Cinema’s most expensive projects, and its disappointing results in the US led to New Line exiting in 2008. February. restructurisation.

The film depicts the adventures of Lyra Belacqua, an orphan living in a parallel universe very similar to ours. In the world of Lyra, the orthodox ruling force known as the Magisterium opposes free inquiry. The poor, orphans and gypsies disappeared from the group the children called goblins. When Lyra finds out that Mrs. Kulter is in charge of the Eaters, he escapes. Saved by Gypsies, Lyra joins them far north, in the land of armored polar bears, to search for missing children.

Is There A 2nd Golden Compass Movie?

Is There A 2nd Golden Compass Movie?

Prior to its release, the film received criticism from secularist organizations and fans of His Dark Materials for belittling the religious elements of the story, as well as from some religious organizations for its anti-Catholic themes. The studio ordered significant changes at the end of production, which Waitz later called a “terrible” experience. Although the film’s visual effects (which Waitz called “the film’s most successful element”) won both a BAFTA and an Academy Award, critical reception was mixed and the box office fell short of expectations.

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The story takes place in an alternate world dominated by a powerful church called the Magisterium, and where some souls live outside humans as companions to animals called demons. Growing up at college in Oxford, England, orphan Lyra Belacqua and her demon Pantalaimon (Pan) witness agents from the Magisterium poisoning her uncle’s wine bottle. Lyra then alerted her uncle Lord Asriel, who ordered her to go into hiding. Lyra saw that Asriel was talking about dust, a particle the Magisterium had forbidden from mentioning. The college gives Asriel a grant to finance the northern expedition.

Is There A 2nd Golden Compass Movie?

At the diner, Lyra meets Mrs. Coulter, who insists on taking Lyra north as her assistant. Before Lyra leaves, her college teacher gives her the only alethiometer left, a compass-like artifact that reveals the truth. The Magisterium destroys the others. He tells her to keep it a secret, especially from Mrs. Coulter.

At Mrs. Coulter’s house in a futuristic city similar to London, Lyra mentions “dust.” This offends Mrs. Coulter and she warns Lyra never to mention it again and insists she left the alethiometer bag behind. Mrs. Coulter’s demon (golden monkey) attacks Pan, who in turn supports Lyra. Lyra and Pan learn that Mrs. Coulter is the head of the General Ovation Council, the Gobblers who prey on the local children. He also learns that his best friend Roger and his gypsy friend Billy have been captured by the hoods.

Is There A 2nd Golden Compass Movie?

The Golden Compass (2007)

Lyra and Pan try to steal the alethiometer with Mrs Coulter’s demon. They run out into the street. He is pursued by “traffic jams”, but several gypsies save him. On a gypsy ship sailing north to save their children, Lyra shows the alethiometer to the wise old gypsy man Farther Coram. That night on deck, the witch queen Serafina Pekkala informs Lira that the missing children are in a place called Balvangar. Mrs. Coulter sends two mechanical spy flies after Lyra. One is shot down, but the other is trapped and sealed in a can by Farther Coram, who explains that Spy Flight was poisoned in his sleep. Lord Asriel is captured by a tribe of Samoyeds hired by Mrs. Coulter, but he bribes his captors to release him.

In Northport, Lyra befriends a Texan aviator named Lee Scoresby, who offers to hire her as an armored bear. Jorek Barinison, a giant polar bear exiled in disgrace, is coaxed out of his armor by local townspeople. Using the alethiometer, Lyra tells Jorek where to find his armor. Refreshed, Big Jorek and his friend Lee Scoresby join the march north.

Is There A 2nd Golden Compass Movie?

That night, riding on Yorek’s back, Lyra panicked and separated Billy from his demon ratman. Lyra reunites Billie with her mother when the group is attacked by the Timeads, who capture Lyra. After bringing the armored bear to King Ragnar Sturluson, Lyra convinces him to fight yorek one on one. At first, Ragnar appears to have the upper hand in battle, but eventually Jorek outwits his rival and kills him. Then he became the new king. Jorek led Lyra to a bridge of thin ice near Bolvanga. Arriving at the station, Lyra is invited to eat with the missing children. Back in hiding, Lyra discovers that Magisterium scientists led by Mrs. Kulter is conducting an experiment to break the bond between the child and his demons. Caught spying, Lyra and Pan are thrown into a junction cell and knocked unconscious by the force that tries to cut them off. After seeing Lyra in her cell, Mrs. Coulter saves her and takes her to her bedroom.

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When Lyra wakes up, she is comforted by a distraught Mrs. Coulter, who explains to Lyra how the demon cut in and told Lyra that she was her mother. Lyra then believes that Lord Asriel is her father. When Mrs. Coulter asked for the alethiometer, Lyra gave her a can of spy flies. The fly bit Mrs. Coulter, knocking her and her demons down. Lira enters the room with the connection machine. An escalating chain reaction is created when Lyra frees the control box and drops it into the crossing machine, causing it to explode. This causes a series of explosions which destroy the facility.

Is There A 2nd Golden Compass Movie?

Outside, the children are attacked by Tartar mercenaries and their wolf demons. Eorek, gypsies and a group of flying witches led by Serafina Pekkala join the battle. The Tatars were defeated and the children were saved. Instead of heading back south, Lyra, Roger, and Jorek flew north with Lee Scoresby to find Lord Asriel.

Unaware that he was in grave danger, Lord Asriel set up a laboratory to study glowing dust from other worlds.

Is There A 2nd Golden Compass Movie?

What Went Wrong With The Golden Compass?

In 2002 on February 11, following the success of New Line’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, the studio acquired the rights to Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. in July 2003. Tom Stoppard was assigned to write the script. Directors Brett Ratner and Sam Mendes expressed interest in the film, but a year later Chris Weitz was hired to direct after arriving at the studio with an unsolicited 40-page pitch. The studio rejected the script and asked Waitz to start over. As Waitz was a fan of Stoppard, he decided not to read the adaptation “in case it unwittingly took something from him”. After introducing the script, Waitz cited Barry Lyndon and Star Wars as stylistic influences on the film. in 2004 Waitz was invited by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson to gather information about directing the blockbuster on the set of King Kong and inquired about working with New Line Cinema, where Jackson had worked on Lord. After a subsequent interview with Ring, in which Weitz suggested that the novel’s attacks on organized religion should be tempered, he was criticized by some fans, and on December 15, 2004 Weitz announced his retirement as trilogy director, citing the enormous technical challenges. facing After the epic, he hinted that he anticipated the book could face criticism from fans and detractors alike, as well as the studio’s hopes for another Lord of the Rings.

On 9 August 2005, it was announced that British director Anand Tucker would replace Weitz. Tucker thought the film was thematically about Lyra “looking for family”, and Pullman agreed: “She’s got a lot of good ideas and she’s not fazed by technical challenges. But the best thing about that attitude is that she tells anyone who cares about history that it’s a computer. It’s not graphics; it’s not some grand adventure in a great-looking world; it’s about Lyra. Tucker stepped down in 2006. On May 8, citing creative differences with New Line, and Waitz returned to direct management. “I was the first director and all three of those films… but I had grown a lot by that time,” Weitz said.

Is There A 2nd Golden Compass Movie?

According to producer Deborah Fort, Tucker wanted to make a film that was smaller and less dramatic than New Line. New Line Productions President Toby Emmerich said of Weitz’s return, “I think Chris realized that if he didn’t come back and make it bigger, the movie might not get made.

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