Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

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, Philip Pullman’s acclaimed fantasy trilogy, gets a second chance to make it to the big screen.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

Deadline reports that the BBC is preparing an adaptation of the first volume of a trilogy of big-budget television miniseries.

How Mari Helped Create The Dæmons Of His Dark Materials

United Nations). The BBC has certainly invested in its talent pool, with big names already signed up for the project, such as Deadline’s Tom Hooper, i

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

It famously flopped at the box office, but buying money and signing big names for the cast and crew was not enough to ensure a successful adaptation.

So this new miniseries will be a redemption for the beloved book series that had all the makings of a successful adaptation but couldn’t turn it into a popular success. The pressure is on. There are three lessons here

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

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Good in all areas. 11-year-old Lyra, Dakota Blue Richards was smart and polite to the point of being precocious or impenetrable. Eva Green was no slouch as the Witch Queen. Daniel Craig’s pre-James Bond bravado and brutality were perfect for Lord Asriel – Pullman’s answer to Milton’s Satan – and Nicole Kidman’s coldly seductive beauty and steadfast mistress played him perfectly. Coulter

(Kidman was too good for the role, she played it very snowy and blonde, so Pullman seems to have inspired her already dark-haired blonde to become the ultimate Golden Compass prequel.)

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

If there’s one false note in the cast, it’s Ian McKellen as the voice of Yorek Burnison, the armadillo bear. McKellen was added late in the production, perhaps under pressure from a studio that wanted to make another Lord of the Rings, and his quiet voice is an odd match for the strong and combative Yorke. You can tell he’s taking McKellen by the language—one of the qualities that made him such a great classical actor—and the way he seems to revel in his words when he speaks is at odds with Yorke’s real case.

Watch His Dark Materials (hbo)

But if the worst actor in your movie is Ian McKellen, after all, you’re still one of the greatest actors of our time.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

He cast an extremely talented and attractive cast, most of whom were fully equipped to do what was asked of them.

It is still destroyed. Great casting does a lot for a movie, but it’s not enough to carry everything.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

Is His Dark Materials The Same As The Golden Compass Film?

He is clearly anti-Christian. Lyra lives in a world where the Christian Church is the center of political and social power. Church authorities torture and magnify children by exposing the Catholic Church’s child sex abuse scandals.

As the series continues, Pullman argues that the Christian Church and its worldwide icons are anti-enlightenment, anti-body, and anti-happiness, and that the only rational and moral response is to destroy them. The Church and all its teachings to defeat the kingdom of heaven and establish a heavenly republic in its place.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

Hollywood was shy about making blockbusters for American audiences that were against the church. So, 2007

His Dark Materials Season 3 Fully Beats 1 Problem That Killed The Movie

The film softens the theological questions considerably. The characters stop complaining about “Church” and start discussing only “Magisterium”. (In Pullman’s books, the magisterium is clearly the organizing and governing body of the Christian church, but in the film this connection is less clear.)

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

Conversations about God become conversations about “authority.” The idea that the Christian church was particularly harmful became the idea that centralized power could be dangerous. The idea that theocratic dictators are evil became the idea that tyranny is not good at all.

Profit margin from The Catholic League still called for a boycott, and Bill O’Reilly declared it was still part of the “War on Christmas.” It still ended up backfiring at the box office.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

Is His Dark Materials The Same As The Golden Compass?

Hers. Animal friends, witches and armed bears are fun to talk about, but they are incidental to the main idea, which is the indestructibility of the Christian Church. When you blur this idea, the whole story loses its direction. It’s blurry, non-scenic, impossible to follow.

The question here is not whether Pullman’s theological message is not particularly original or interesting, valid or true. It’s a different matter where reasonable people disagree. The thing is, without Pullman’s theology, the story collapses in on itself.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

. Madeleine L’Engle was a devout Christian, and her Christianity supported knowledge and happiness, but her theology is diluted and fragmented in the new film adaptation, and this film suffers as well.

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It shortens the story, preserving a more hidden spirituality at the expense of any particular tale. When watching the film, Disney thinks that if young viewers underestimate their ability to understand the existence of different religions (as Engel herself is clearly interested in), many will be interested in the issues the film tells about, and if this is the case. It is the best choice. If he wanted to make a big religious film, he could have kept the film Christian, but instead of jumping all into the vague vortex of “love,” he could have added influences from other faith systems.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

If you want to be entertained by turtles and demons, you have to engage in theological thinking in all the rage of Richard Dawkins. It is not mandatory.

This is where the proposed BBC miniseries has a huge advantage over the 2007 film: it will have many more hours. In theory, this should make the film better at exploring the theological nuances of the books and the impact of deeper, more brutal elements. This becomes very important when it comes to the third and final lesson on our list.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

Lin Manuel Miranda Begs Philip Pullman For More Info About ‘his Dark Materials’

It comes from the bad end. Pullman’s original book ends with Lyra being brutally betrayed by Lord Asriel, who kills his son. Lyra believes that Asriel will help her in cold blood and use the psychic powers she gains to open a portal to another world.

It’s a shocking and disturbing scene, and it gives the impression that this is a grown-up universe.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

Far from being a brave hero, Lyra is as corrupt and evil as anyone in her world. And when Lyra decides to go through the portal to another world on her own without waiting for Asriel or anyone else, we realize what kind of story we’ve been reading all along. It is where the little girl is not there to save the big and strong man, but the little girl herself.

His Dark Materials The Golden Compass Movie Poster (11 X 17)

This scene was filmed for the 2007 film The Golden Compass, but never made it to theaters. Instead, the film ends with Lyra and her soon-to-be-killed friend gently floating to Lord Asriel in a hot air balloon, mutually trusting that Asriel will handle everything. The audience is given no indication that Asriel has more blood and dark goals.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

Reports vary as to whether test audiences did not understand it or whether the original ending was cut to give the film a cuter ending. Anyway, the movie ends with an anti-climactic and unresolved cliffhanger if you’ve never read the book, and if you have, it’s a real betrayal at the beginning. Lyra still relies on Lord Asriel to save her. We offer a world where there are adults you can trust and where children take matters into their own hands and manage themselves.

This is less than satisfactory to say the least. Pullman’s bloody and brutal ending isn’t exactly exciting, but it’s the only way the story can continue.

Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

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As the series moves into production, we can only hope that it and its delightfully colorful title continue to lead to Pullman’s inevitable tragic end and contain angry and conflicted theologies. Because we will do without it

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Is His Dark Materials Part Of The Golden Compass

But HBO didn’t have to wait until the end of the year to show another fantasy story: its Dark Materials. Premiering on Monday, the new series – in collaboration with the BBC – takes the title Philip

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