Is Dark Matter Dark

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More than 80 percent of all objects in the universe have never been seen by scientists. It’s called dark matter, and we can only think it exists because otherwise the behavior of planets and galaxies would be meaningless. This is what we know about it, or think we know.

Is Dark Matter Dark

Is Dark Matter Dark

Dark matter is completely invisible. It does not emit light or energy, so normal sensors and sensors cannot detect it. Scientists believe that the main reason for its rare occurrence is its composition.

A Science Teacher Explains: Why Dark Matter Matters

These visible or so-called baryonic objects include baryons, a general name for atomic particles such as protons, neutrons, and electrons. Scientists just wonder what dark matter is made of. It can be made of it, but it can also be non-baryonic, which means there are different types of particles.

Is Dark Matter Dark

Many physicists think that dark matter is made up of non-baryonic matter. The leader of the race, WIMPS (weakly interacting massive objects), are believed to have tens and hundreds of times more protons, but their interaction is weak in “normal” matter, making them difficult to define. Neutralinos, large hypothetical particles that are heavier and slower than neutrinos, are leading candidates, although they have not yet been detected.

Neutrinoster is another candidate. Neutrinos are non-resonant particles. Neutrons are released from the sun, but since they do not mix with ordinary matter, they pass through the earth and its inhabitants.

Is Dark Matter Dark

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Three types of neutrons are known. Fourth, negative neutrinos have been proposed as dark matter seekers. Negative neutrinos bind to normal matter only through gravity.

Tyce DeYoung, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Michigan State University and co-author of the Antarctic IceCube neutrino study, said, “Or not.”

Is Dark Matter Dark

Less neutral axons and uncharged photons—both biological particles—are also places where dark matter can be made.

A New Look At The Nature Of Dark Matter

There is something like matter, as opposed to something dark. Antimatter consists of particles that are one of the visible elements but have different charges. These particles are called antiprotons and positrons (or antielectrons). When an object meets a particle, an explosion occurs, causing the two objects to cancel each other out. Since we live in heaven and above its composition, it is clear that there is nothing next to it, otherwise there is nothing left. Unlike dark matter, scientists can create vaccines in their labs.

Is Dark Matter Dark

But if we can’t see dark things, how do we know they exist? The answer is the strength of the material used for manufacturing. Since the 1920s, astronomers have thought that there must be more matter in the universe than we can see, because the gravitational force that appears to act in the universe appears to be stronger than matter. It is seen alone.

“The movement of the stars tells you a lot of problems,” Yale University researcher Pieter van Dokkum said in a statement. “They don’t care what it is, they just tell you it’s there.”

Is Dark Matter Dark

Shining A Light On Dark Matter

Astronomers looking at galaxies around stars in the 1970s expected to see objects in the center moving faster than the outer edges. Instead, they found stars in both locations moving at the same speed, indicating that the galaxy has a large apparent mass.

Gas studies of elliptical galaxies have also shown the need for more mass than seen in the visible spectrum. Galaxy clusters fly apart if only their masses were visible on the scale of the normal universe.

Is Dark Matter Dark

Different galaxies seem to have different amounts of dark matter. In 2016, a team led by Van Duc Kum discovered a galaxy called Dragonfly 44, which appears to be almost entirely dark matter. On the other hand, since 2018, astronomers have discovered many galaxies that appear to have no dark matter at all.

Inside The Hunt For Dark Matter

Gravity not only affects the orbits of the stars in the sky, it also affects the flow of light. At the beginning of the 20th century, the famous physicist Albert Einstein showed that large objects in space bend and distort light due to their gravity. This phenomenon is called gravitational lensing. By studying how galaxies bend light, astronomers can create maps of the dark matter in the sky.

Is Dark Matter Dark

“Several astronomical measurements have confirmed the existence of dark matter, leading to worldwide efforts to observe the interaction of dark matter directly with normal matter and with very precise sensors that confirm its existence and allow those in it to stand out.” Gran Sasso National Laboratory. in Italy (LNGS) said in a statement (opens in a new tab). “However, these relationships are so weak that they have eluded direct detection until now, forcing researchers to develop detectors.”

Despite all the evidence pointing to the existence of dark matter, it is possible that it does not happen all the time and that the law of gravity explains the movement of objects in space.

Is Dark Matter Dark

Searching For Dark Matter With The Atlas Detector

Dark matter appears to be scattered throughout the universe in the form of a network, with clusters of galaxies forming at the edges of the filaments. By confirming that gravity works the same way both inside and outside our solar system, scientists provide further evidence for the existence of dark matter and dark energy. (Image credit: WGBH)

Dark matter appears to be spread throughout the universe in a network pattern, with clusters of galaxies forming at the edges of the filaments. By confirming that gravity works the same way both inside and outside our solar system, scientists provide further evidence for the existence of dark matter. (More complicated, in addition to dark matter, it also appears as dark energy, the invisible force behind the expansion of the universe that works against gravity.)

Is Dark Matter Dark

But where does the bad word come from? The obvious answer is that we don’t know. But there are some ideas. A study published in December 2021 in The Astrophysical Journal says that dark matter can accumulate in black holes, which are necessary for their strong gravity. Take everything up close. Therefore, dark matter must have been created in the big bang together with the rest of the universe as we see it today.

Things We Know About Dark Matter (and 5 We Don’t)

Stars such as dwarfs and neutron star remnants are thought to contain a large amount of dark matter, hence the so-called brown dwarfs, collapsed stars that have not accumulated enough material to initiate nuclear fusion.

Is Dark Matter Dark

Since we can’t see the dark side, can we study it? There are two ways to learn more about this mystery. Astronomers study the distribution of dark matter in the universe by observing clusters and the movements of objects in the universe. On the other hand, particle physics aims to find the basic elements that make up dark matter.

An experiment on the International Space Station called the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) detects metallic radiation. Since 2011, it has been hit by more than 100 billion X-rays, which have provided a fascinating picture of the composition of particles traveling through space.

Is Dark Matter Dark

Does Some Dark Matter Carry An Electric Charge?

Samuel Ting, AMS principal investigator and Nobel laureate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said: “We have measured the mass of positrons and possibly dark matter. “But now we still need more data to make sure it’s dark matter and not some strange physical source . It will keep us going for a few more years.”

Back on Earth under the mountains of Italy, LNGS XENON1T (opens in new tab) is looking for signs of interaction as WIMPs combine with xenon atoms.

Is Dark Matter Dark

“A new era in the race to find dark matter and the world’s largest low-level detector has just begun,” said project spokeswoman Elena Aprile, a professor at Columbia University. With XENON1T “We are proud to be at the forefront of the competition with this amazing sensor, the first of its kind.”

Scientists Find The ‘missing’ Dark Matter From The Early Universe

The Large Underground Xenon Dark Object (opens in a new tab) (LUX) site at a gold mine in South Dakota is also looking for signs of WIMP-xenon interactions. But so far the device has not revealed any secrets.

Is Dark Matter Dark

“Even if a good sign is accepted, the appearance is not good!” Cham Ghag, a researcher at University College London and founder of LUX, said in a statement. “Nevertheless, the non-specific results are important because they change the nature of the field by setting a standard for dark objects that can be more powerful.

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