October 2, 2022

Is Andy Stanley Related To Charles Stanley – Pastor Andy Stanley of Atlanta’s North Pointe Community Church reflects on his past struggles over a “broken” relationship with his father, preacher Charles Stanley, and offers some biblical advice on community development. .

In an October 24 sermon titled “Reassembly Required,” Stanley, a relationship recovery leader, shared that about three years ago, he sat in the office of a church and his father every week, was “angry and hurt.” Get advice.

Is Andy Stanley Related To Charles Stanley

Is Andy Stanley Related To Charles Stanley

At the time, Stanley said it was “new” that she and her father were “missing out” as they tried to fix the problems in their relationship. Both men have spent their entire careers as experts teaching how to teach others about “broken” and “broken” relationships, he said.

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“[My dad] sees things his way … I can’t for the life of me understand why he doesn’t succeed,” Stanley said. “The difference is that it seems like it’s not that hard to build a relationship. It seems like we have to work hard, but it’s really hard, and that’s why I thought I’d really talk about it.”

Stanley defined the relationship between “broken” or “distant” between friends, siblings, family, relatives, colleagues, spouses, parents with children and other relationships.

According to Stanley, people in situations that cause problems in relationships, four things. Some of these include persuasion, persuasion, coercion and control.

“The difference is, you look at [those four things] and say, ‘Well, that’s not the way forward,’ but, because, those are the things that came closest to doing the first thing, thinking, or by mistake,” Stanley said. .

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“Now, you say to yourself, “There is nothing I can do. I tried it. Besides, I don’t care.” Or, they just push and push and try to fix the relationship, which means that things break down and they end up [pushing away from people]. »

For example, Stanley said that people often say, “I’m sorry if I hurt you.” Instead, it usually means, “You’re easily offended. What I’m saying doesn’t affect most people.”

“You’re just making them up, because repairing or rebuilding a relationship – whether it’s been broken for a long time or a short time, or just a little offense – isn’t you want, yes, we just know. Everything is wrong. We say everything is wrong.”

Is Andy Stanley Related To Charles Stanley

“We’d rather start our car than fix it. You can start it, you can drive it, but when something goes wrong, you don’t know what to do. It’s the same as relationships. to be rational,” Stanley continued, “to manage or direct a relationship, but to maintain a relationship is not merely skillful or passive.”

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In his ministry, Stanley said he has heard many times about people who are left in a variety of long-distance, broken, or indecisive relationships.

He said: In some of these cases, the complications are years of abdominal pain and sometimes injury or even death. “At a funeral, people suddenly find themselves in a very happy place,” Stanley said.

And that [unsolved problem] is too great, the result of that mountain will not pass… It is a sin that I cannot fully forgive, right in the middle of the problem, it will decrease.” Stanley explained.

And in those situations, people do and say what should have been said before. And because they didn’t do what they should have done or said long ago, the relationship is lost, sometimes years. “

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When people are in a relationship, Pastor said they often wonder why the relationship lasts so long and gets back together. He said people spend months and years waiting, repeating and avoiding.

“Combining relationships is a skill, and most of us have not seen a good example. Everything we do is the first mistake,” said Stanley.

“Waiting for others is ultimately waiting for what you should do. And if you’re a better person why not do it. A good person should start by apologizing.”

Is Andy Stanley Related To Charles Stanley

Stanley revealed that he had a long relationship with his estranged father until one day they were sitting in a restaurant without talking to each other.

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“It’s very strange… We are elderly people, we are teachers, we are professional Christians.

“We’re not in a relationship. We’re very angry and withdrawn, and we know it’s ironic because we spend a lot of time with other people and couples who are in relationships. In in the family. I’ll never forget that. Finally my father looked at me and said, “Andy, we know how fathers and sons feel about that. What is this like? I don’t want that to happen to us.” And I said, “I don’t.”

“We enjoyed the job, but it was very difficult,” Stanley said. “It’s fun. For men, there are certain emotions that scare us so much that we do everything to avoid them. You respond to you, or how you feel.”

“For some of you, your father went to prison because of this. It seems that they are too afraid to go there, even if they don’t know where. That’s why we forgive them.”

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Although people should try and pray for reconciliation, when it comes to reestablishing relationships between elders, reconciliation is not the goal, Stanley said. Adults shouldn’t set goals for other adults, he said, because they work in a “fixed” relationship.

“Unlike a broken toy, charger, or broken iPhone screen, when you think about broken things, you have control… But when it comes to repairing relationships with others man, we have no chance of that. It’s all Stanley. “Tradition has made the relationship difficult. This will ensure that the relationship is not compromised.”

According to Stanley, the purpose of social gatherings is to have “no regrets,” and the end result is a better relationship, or the satisfaction that people are trying to repair the relationship, even if it doesn’t end. in sync

Is Andy Stanley Related To Charles Stanley

Christians have no choice in this matter, he said, because trying to reconcile or improve relationships is a “worker” in religion.

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He knows you worked hard. To open the door, roll out the welcome mat, step into the drawbridge, hand over the gun, remove unnecessary obstacles to reconnect with humanity, and learn how to express the heart in creation. Stanley decides: There is room for them to continue.

“This means that no matter who, no matter how many problems they have, it is arranged to be with you, you and I will always be in harmony. According to the disciple of Jesus, it’s not a choice for us ” Andy is the President and Senior Pastor of North Point Ministries.

Andy Stanley is the son of Charles Stanley. They are related by blood and have a good relationship between father and son. About his father After 51 years as a minister, he is the founder and president of Cove Ministries. His lectures were televised to large audiences.

From 1984 to 1986, Charles served two one-year terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. She raised her children with love, care and education.

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Andy was respected by his parents, especially his father, and wanted to be like him. He continued to follow in his father’s footsteps and looked up to him.

He is very happy to be supported by such kind and caring family. Andy has instilled in his children the same discipline that his parents instilled in him.

Andy said that the Bible was the most important thing in his family when he was a child. Four members of his family, his father Charles, his mother Anna and his sister Becky, always pray together.

Is Andy Stanley Related To Charles Stanley

He has many leading videos and articles on YouTube and podcasts, and is one of the 10 most influential pastors in the United States (according to Outreach Magazine).

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However, he doesn’t do it alone. His beautiful wife Sandra Stanley has been by his side ever since

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