In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab – “Radiolab is a program about curiosity. Sound illuminates ideas and blurs the lines between science, philosophy, and human experience.”

RadioLab is one of the best shows ever, covering everything from existentialism to evolution. Here are six of our favorite episodes from the Radiolab archives:

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

How do some animals see more colors than we do, and what happens if a child is never taught that the sky is blue and where colors come from? (1 hour)

Local Physicist Makes Case For Possible Alien Life

3. Desperate search for symmetry “They left us a memory – a longing for the other half of ourselves…and this longing is so deep in all our hearts that it is the destiny of mankind to travel the world in search of it. our other half.. And, Aristophanes, when we meet, we immediately recognize each other. We just know it! We get lost in the wonder of love, friendship and intimacy. Let’s not lose sight of each other for a moment. He says that they are people who spend their whole lives together, but when asked, they don’t know how to explain what they want from each other. They just… do.

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

The most beautiful and ancient introductory story of Aristophanes and live broadcast of Radiolab. To be honest, I must have heard the intro to this show hundreds of times. I can’t explain my excitement for this. Plus, a story about Lincoln that will make you think of a different way to split hairs. (1 hour)

Journalism in the closest moments of war; what happens when a photographer captures the last moments of a mortally wounded soldier; What if the last moments of your child’s life were captured on film, would you want to see them? (30 minutes)

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

Anthropocene Reviewed :essays On A Human Centered Planet John Green Hardback 9780525556534

If you only have a billion heartbeats in your life, why try to notice each one as it passes by? A literal approach to this question is the story of a woman who, due to heart surgery, constantly hears her heart beating; and the audience’s amazing reaction. And an unmissable interview with Oliver Sacks. (1 hour)

Much more fun than a good show. A review of the results of Milgram’s experiment and an interview with a feared serial killer. (1 hour)

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

Bello Collective is a podcast and audio industry publication + newsletter. Our goal is to bring together writers, journalists, and others who are passionate about the world of audio storytelling.

Episode 186: The Magpie (4.8.2022)

Bello Collective’s mission is to bring together writers, journalists, and others who share a passion for audio storytelling and podcasting. “Tucker is one of America’s most refreshing thinkers in recent years.”

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

“It sits on a shelf next to works by Nietzsche and Schopenhauer…a quiet whisper into the void that both haunts and touches.”

Is poetry + sound in collaboration with composer Sivash Amini, produced by Hallow Ground. Available digitally and on double vinyl with printed booklet.

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

Beijing Olympics: Artificial Snow Is Nothing Like Real Snowflakes

“Each ‘song’ comes with a strange, heavy anxiety – something is closing in on us, but we don’t know what it is.” —

“Tucker’s introductory essay provides insight into the biographical and intellectual context of Schopenhauer’s particularly passionate thoughts on the futility of life, the fear of death, and humanity’s place in the universe.” —

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

“Here at last is an easily digestible version of Schopenhauer. Man no longer has to sacrifice too much of his life to learn why life is not worth living.’ —

Man Against Horse

A new anthology from Infinity Land Press, London, edited by Steve Finbow. Black Bile contains an excerpt from Prema Murthy’s work in progress.

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

“A wonderful collection of wonderful supernatural tales, whose twilights sparkle with the love of writers whose captivating introductions shine like the stars.”

, co-authored with Alexander Galloway and Mackenzie Work. It was translated by Alexander Grishina and published by Ad Marginem.

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

Fashion Nihilism: What’s Trending? Who Cares.

The trilogy “The Horror of Philosophy” has been translated into Russian. Published by Hyle Press, edited by Dmitry Vyatkin and translated by Andrei Ivanov.

An anthology published by Mount Abraxas Press, edited by Damian Murphy. Numbered edition, stitched binding, original picture, box. “Misanthropes”, includes fragments and aphorisms.

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

The third volume of the Black Metal Theory anthology, edited by Eddie Connolly and Nicola Muskiandaro, is published by Schism Press. “Black Bile” included poems, passages and aphorisms.

Science Ink: Tattoos Of The Science Obsessed By Carl Zimmer Very Good Paperback 9781454912408

Published by Zagawa Press, the anthology was edited by Peter Holman and D.P. Watt. Numbered edition, sewn binding, crumpled silk cover, paperback. Includes “Forgiving Pessimism” about Huysmans’ life and work.

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

Texts by Daniel Coluccio Barber, Alexander Galloway, Nicolas Maskiandar, Eugène Tucker and Francois Laruelle. Photo: Aaron Mete. Posted by [NAME]. Based on a series of events held at the NYC Recess Gallery.

“Terror, fashion and apocalypse… the more you explore the currents of thought connecting nihilists, bearded philosophers, Jay-Z and LULU, the weirder it gets: when you bump into nearby planets, you stretch and compress them like a joke. sending ripples through space and even…

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

The Anthropocene Reviewed (signed Edition): Essays On A Human Centered Planet

[laughs] Thank you! Okay, now it’s time for me to invite you to sing the theme song with me.

LULU: Earthlings is a show that explores the strange things that await us on Earth, and sometimes we sing.

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

ALAN GAFFINSKI: The stars in the sky mean things like moons and suns and, you know, space objects.

Ways The Universe Helped My Anxiety

LULU: No need for good voices. I am your host, Lulu Miller, always accompanied by my Songbud…

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

LULU: Dr. Wanda is an astrophysicist, and she joined us today to tell us this story about a packet of gravitational waves headed straight for planet Earth from her heavily guarded space observatory. Very few people on Earth believed that the waves actually came because we couldn’t see them.

LULU: Okay. So our story begins in the dark – the dark of outer space, 1.3 billion light years ago, when suddenly…

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

Nihilism And The Anti Corruption Layer

LULU: Two giant black holes colliding. And from this collision, gravitational waves arose. Think of them like the ripples you get after you throw a rock into a pond, except that those ripples can travel through space-time, meaning they can stretch and compress anything in their path, be it there will be stars, planets or even time itself. Some of these incredibly strong and fast waves are headed straight for planet Earth.

LULU: Now, no one on Earth knew that the waves were coming at them because there was no one on Earth yet. But even when people showed up, they still didn’t know that a wave was coming at us because…

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

It does not correspond to what we can perceive – how to say – what I have on my face. Like…

Listen To Radiolab Podcast

LULU: So we were all walking around with our human eyes, not seeing the waves coming towards us, and instead of one guy using his eyes to see what was outside…

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

LULU: Maybe you’ve heard of him? Big hair, little bow. He came up with the idea of ​​eerie, invisible waves that bend space and time.

LULU: But very few people believed that the waves were actually real. And now your time on Earth is over. But, according to him, from time to time someone read his work and believed.

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

The Goddess Door

LULU: … a scientist from Greece who believed so deeply in Einstein’s ideas that he began to sit in on meetings of knowledgeable government officials …

LULU: …saying he can prove the existence of waves if they give him millions of dollars to build a machine the size of a department store…

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

LULU: If Stavros joins the ranks of scientists, they will be able to prove that the waves are real with the right machine…

Artemis I Launched Wednesday. It Will Teach Us About Surviving The Dangers Of Space.

I looked up and saw many stars. a lot! It was as if someone had taken a brush, dipped it in white paint, and splattered the brush in the darkness.

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

Like one big splash into the night sky? Was it more stars than you’ve ever seen?

LULU: But while Wanda was looking at those bright stars, the black spots were getting closer. At first, he didn’t tell anyone that he was going blind. The less he sees the world around him, the more he feels…

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

Terrestrials: The Unimaginable

LULU: But she didn’t want to give up on those stars and think about the questions they brought to life in her, so when she got to college, she took a physics class. Although she could no longer see the words in her textbooks, she thought she would be able to record audio recordings of her teachers’ lessons. I listened only when I came home, played tapes, studied…

LULU: She could hear the chalk writing on the blackboard, but she couldn’t know what was written there.

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

– What is the equation? I think so. Because Gauss had several equations. Then you will hear the chalk go “Shhh”.

Staring Into The Abyss

Have you ever started to worry about not being able to do science?

In The Dust Of This Planet Radiolab

Yes. That sense of impossibility really drove me forward – made me look, look, look, try, try, and try

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