How To Use Sales Navigator In Linkedin

How To Use Sales Navigator In Linkedin – The short answer is yes. Companies serious about generating LinkedIn leads will do their best to purchase and use Sales Navigator.

But why? Because LinkedIn Sales Navigator removes all the limitations you get with a standard LinkedIn account and offers exclusive LinkedIn features to accelerate your lead generation and grow your business.

How To Use Sales Navigator In Linkedin

How To Use Sales Navigator In Linkedin

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Here we cover:

Boost Your Search Performance With Linkedin Sales Navigator And Li Prospect Finder Extension

Most people will see this image below and decide it’s time to update their LinkedIn account, and many will make the mistake of choosing LinkedIn Premium to remove the search restriction. However, it is very easy to do.

LinkedIn now offers 3 separate Sales Navigator packages; So the list may vary in size, but you can already see that it is much more than an unlimited search.

Now if you look at the price and think, “Wow…that’s a lot of money every month,” you wouldn’t be wrong. But there have been case studies where companies have experienced 3000% ROI. That’s idiotic.

OK, Now that’s out of the way, How do you get started? don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

How Do I Access Sales Navigator?

At this point in the purchase; It’s important to know your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) because it’s how you get qualified prospects.

The basics start with familiarizing yourself with search filters. We can already see your mind wandering. You can add your ICP requirements to the filters below to populate your ICP and prospect lists in seconds.

We recommend playing around with filter combinations and seeing what results you get. The main purpose of this is to become familiar with searching the LinkedIn sales funnel so that it is as easy as a Google search.

How To Use Sales Navigator In Linkedin

Some basic filters we recommend are subject (decision makers); Geography (for the region you cover); Business size (the capacity you can handle); and industry (who are you targeting?).

Cleverly: How To Drive More B2b Leads With Linkedin Sales Navigator

The more you know about your ideal customer profile, the better. The more you can add to your search filter, the more accurate your results will be.

Boolean search is very powerful when used properly; Combine it with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and you can find any prospect you want.

But how do you write a boolean search? It is much easier than you think; There are many boolean generators you can use; But honestly, I always recommend learning how to write your own for Sales Navigator because they are so simple.

The first, Every Boolean search begins with opening and closing parentheses. Define it like this: (“keyword” or “keyword”). don’t worry, it’s still very easy; We even made a guide for you.

Linkedin Sales Navigator: How To Use It To Find Warm Leads

With any Boolean search, you typically want to enter the words you want to exclude from your results. It is best to leave the desired keywords in brackets () and the excluded keywords in the outer brackets. I will write a few like this.

Well… that’s good. But it will have bad results, Better to use the regular LinkedIn search.

Instead, find a specific search filter for your chosen keywords and then apply them. for example, perform a Boolean search on job titles in the title filter to get specific results.

How To Use Sales Navigator In Linkedin

Once you have made the search you want and know how to find your ICP, click Search. At this point you can start collecting information about leads; Either you want to connect with them or send them an InMail (remember that you have 50 credits).

How To Use Linkedin Sales Navigator In 2022

I thought it would be nice to see you and get in touch.

Personalization is key here; Remember, the more personal the message, the better. Check out our 100+ LinkedIn Outreach Post Templates here

If you search in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you will see results immediately. Note that these results are not saved.

Let’s save your search filters in advance. In the search results; You will see an option to save your search in the upper right corner. This is especially useful if you use a lot of filters and boolean searches and don’t want to retype them. Still a lot of work to do…

What Is Linkedin Sales Navigator?: A Review

Lucky for you, Sales Navigator can save the search and reuse it with the click of a button.

Now it’s out of the way, You can now run your search again. Profiles are not properly tracked, so results are likely to change. A list of saved leads is handy here.

In your lead results you have two options: 1) Add individual profiles to a list. 2) Select multiple profiles and add them to the list of leads. Unfortunately, there is no add-all option, mainly because LinkedIn wants you to choose your leads and not spam them.

How To Use Sales Navigator In Linkedin

Adding individual profiles to lead lists: You will see the save option in the lead results and clicking on it will give you a drop down menu. In the drop-down menu, you can add this profile to the generated leads or create a new lead.

Linkedin Sales Navigator: The Complete Guide In 2023 (updated)

Select multiple profiles and add them to lead lists: You can select multiple profiles and add them to lead lists; You can do this manually or you can click Select All which will select all profiles in the lead results on the page you need to search for yourself. .

Profiles from other sites will not be selected; You have to visit every page and select everything. Inconvenient, but at least you can see all the results and filter out anything that doesn’t match your ideal customer.

Your LinkedIn sales funnel subscription includes lead and account recommendations to populate your pipeline with automated lead and account recommendations.

To ensure recommendations match your ICPs; Change your preferences to what you are looking for in the sales preferences. In these terms, region, industry Role and seniority included.

How To Use Linkedin Sales Navigator

To add or change these settings; Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select “Settings”. Then scroll down to the Selling Preferences section, enter your options and click done.

Please note that these recommendations that match the search filter you set in your transaction options will not respect your other saved searches or filters. This means that the results will include some profiles that you will not get with your other searches.

Building lead lists is easy, but it can get overwhelming very quickly, especially if there are many important ones. So let’s take a step back and see how we can do this differently.

How To Use Sales Navigator In Linkedin

However, your ideal customer profile is not something you want to compromise on; Sure, it can be further customized, but it’s not something you want to take away or add irrelevant details. Instead, you can add additional requirements outside of your ICP that will convert them from a qualified lead to a qualified lead.

How To Use Linkedin Sales Navigator For Successful Prospecting

Your product can serve all sizes of businesses, but you may want to target large enterprises rather than SMBs. To do this, select sizes of 250 in the “Business size” filter. By adding this to your ICP filters you can create higher depreciation rates.

When it comes to outreach, as mentioned above, personalization is key; The more personal your outreach, the better.

You can use the interest filter to immediately identify customers who need your help and can benefit from your service/tool. This gives you many advantages when making contacts.

For example, You can regularly search for “Sales Manager” and add “Business Development Tools” to the “Interested” filter. You can use it to reach out to them and offer your services to meet their interests.

Linkedin Sales Navigator For Salesforce’s Best Feature

This is self explanatory. Just because someone has a LinkedIn profile, doesn’t mean they are active there. You don’t want to waste your time on inactive leads, so you always want to reach out to people on LinkedIn.

Therefore, last week you Make sure that 2 weeks or 30 days active is selected in the activity filter.

This is something that many sellers forget. When a senior professional and decision maker joins a new company; Because they are there to make changes and improve the business.

How To Use Sales Navigator In Linkedin

An easy way to reach them and get a response is to congratulate them on their new position.

Linkedin Rolls Out Sales Navigator Search & Crm Card Updates

Else, I’ll share some of the less obvious things with you. I’m going to share with you some really cool LinkedIn hacks that will set you apart from your competitors.

LinkedIn to share your lead information with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and your CRM of choice, HubSpot; Microsoft Dynamics; Salesforce We have partnered with several CRM providers, including Zoho and Infor.

Unfortunately, The CRM synchronization function is only available with the Sales Navigator Advanced Plus subscription, but it means that you do not have to enter your details manually in your CRM.

Not only that, but because Sales Navigator synchronizes directly with your CRM, that means you can easily verify and save your business.

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