How To Kill Dust Mites And Bed Bugs

How To Kill Dust Mites And Bed Bugs – Bed bugs and dust mites are not creatures you want in your home. Any pest in the house can be a total nuisance and harm your health and make you and your loved ones miserable. While bed bugs and dust mites are common pests, there are important differences between the two. Knowing what you are dealing with will allow you to find the right solution.

Bed bugs are basically bugs. Their scientific name is Cimex lectularius. They are small, about 7mm long, but they are big enough to be seen with our eyes. They have flat and oval bodies of reddish-brown color. Bed bugs cannot fly, but they can crawl long distances.

How To Kill Dust Mites And Bed Bugs

How To Kill Dust Mites And Bed Bugs

Dust pincers are arachnids. Their scientific name is Dermatophagoides spp. These are microscopic organisms up to 0.5 mm in size that you cannot see with the naked eye. They are spherical in shape and creamy white in color.

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Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of sleeping people and animals, but these bugs can go months without food while they search for their perfect host.

Dust mites feed on dead skin cells that we and our pets leave behind; And we lose them throughout the day and when we sleep – 0.03 grams to 0.09 grams of skin every hour, which equates to about 30,000-40,000 old skin cells per day! This amount may seem small to us, but it is a lot of food for these worms.

Bed bugs can also hide in crevices near the bed and in other parts of the bedroom such as curtains, behind headboards or under nightstands.

Dust mites prefer dark and moist environments, such as pillows and blankets, where they enjoy a stable diet. Yes, from the skin we feed them.

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Bed bugs are one of the few parasites that do not carry disease. Although it won’t make you sick, many people are allergic to bed bug bites. The bite may be swollen and itchy.

Dust mites are not parasites and cannot bite us, although they can cause allergic reactions such as rhinitis, asthma and eczema.

The best option to keep both pests at bay is lots of cleaning! Although you can completely kill bed bugs with pest control solutions, there are dust mites that cannot be completely eradicated, but can be greatly reduced.

How To Kill Dust Mites And Bed Bugs

For deep cleaning, you need professional help. At De Hygienic we offer deep cleaning for sofas, rugs and carpets.

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We also have dust mite treatment that is safe for clothes, people and pets. Potema Mattress Cleaning Spray has been proven to effectively reduce dust mite growth by up to 90% and last for 4 to 6 months. We can only offer free shipping to the 48 states in the US (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).

Goodnight Bed Bug Spray is unscented, water-based, EPA registered and can be used in homes, dorms, motorhomes, hotels or wherever you sleep. Ideal for bed bug control and prevention of bed bugs and many other pests.

Goodnight Bed Bug kills lice, mites, fleas, dust mites and bed bugs for 8 weeks on contact.

Bed Bugs: Treat even the toughest bed bugs. These pesky insects can cause a variety of effects, from physical bite symptoms to allergic reactions and minor bite marks. Although they are not considered dangerous, their presence can cause itching and loss of sleep. Ecosmart Bed Bug Killer For Mattresses & Carpets 14 Oz.

For treatment, spray blankets, especially around tufts and seams. Disassemble the mattress and spray all the joints with it. After the mattress is dry, cover the mattress pad and sheet. Process pillars, molds and floors. Repeat if infected, but no more than once every 2 weeks.

House dust mites (Dermatophagoides spp.): Sprayway Good Night Bed Bug Spray controls house dust mites that cause asthma, hay fever, rhinitis, runny noses and sneezing.

Treatment lasts up to 8 weeks, after drying, vacuum the entire area. Because vacuuming raises dust into the air, anyone with allergies should vacuum or wear a dust mask and use a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Upholstery: Before finishing the entire piece, test the product to make sure the colors don’t bleed. Hold the container vertically with the nose away from you. Depress the valve and spray from a distance of 8-10 inches. Do not use on delicate clothing. Allow the furniture to dry completely before use.

How To Kill Dust Mites And Bed Bugs

Fleas and Ticks: Fleas can transmit bacteria to humans and animals through their bites, and they also carry microscopic parasites that can cause other diseases. Ticks are known for spreading Lyme disease, ticks can also spread ehrlichia, anaplasmosis, tapeworm and cat scratch fever.

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To treat, remove and thoroughly clean or destroy pet bedding. Spray pet sleeping areas, bedding, entire floor and floor coverings, paying special attention to cracks and crevices, moldings, window and door frames. Infested upholstered furniture can also be treated by testing an inconspicuous area of ​​the upholstery or drapery before treating the entire piece.

Lice and lice eggs: Although not considered a medical threat, they can cause excessive itching, which increases the chance of a secondary skin infection. They are spread through shared clothing such as hats, scarves or towels. Sprayway Good Night Bed Bug Spray can be used on these products to prevent further infestations.

Before treatment, check an inconspicuous area for possible staining or discoloration. Check after drying, then proceed to spray the entire area. Allow sprayed products to dry completely before using. Spray only on clothing and bedding, including blankets and furniture, that cannot be washed or dry cleaned. Do not use sheets or pillows. If humans are infested with lice, use a product labeled for use on humans. New with tags: Practically new, unused and unworn item (including handmade items) … More about conditions New with tags: Brand new, unused and unwrapped item with original packaging (eg , including original box or bag) (including handmade items) ) and/or original tags added. View all status definitions open in a new window or tab

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How To Kill Dust Mites And Bed Bugs

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Dust Mite Bites Or Bed Bugs? See This Infographic To Find Out!

Back to Home |See more about Proof Bug and Dust Mite Killer Top 16 oz Back to top Controlling the amount of dust in your home is only one part of the solution to keeping dust mites at bay; The second aspect revolves around dealing with the actual tick. Worst of all, these dust mites cannot be seen with the naked eye, making them difficult to control.

Dust mites burrow into upholstered furniture, cushions, pillows and mattresses to get close to you, feeding on your human skin cells in warm weather.

Are you ready to make an effective homemade dust mite spray to control dust mites in your home? Are you ready to get rid of dust mites and everything related to them, including seasonal allergies, allergy symptoms and asthma attacks?

Could this be the end of the dust mite population in your home? Forget the chemical sprays you see advertised on TV as a guarantee of high efficiency; Instead, save a few extra dollars and start using fancy tricks like essential oils and high humidity levels to keep dust mites at bay. Dustmitex Dust Mite Spray

Dust mite covers may not be widely known, but they work wonders in keeping those pesky insects at bay.

Cover your bed and pillows with covers as long as possible if you suspect dust mites. They cannot move through thick material to establish their warm and comfortable environment.

Throw your sheets in the washing machine once a week, but make sure your wash is programmed to wash them in hot water. What if dust

How To Kill Dust Mites And Bed Bugs

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