September 27, 2022

How Much Is A Speeding Ticket In Arkansas – If you’re not a complete jerk in your interactions with the officer, and you’re not going 130 MPH, you’ll have a good deal more to do with your first traffic violation (or even your second). By a really good deal, I mean a discount on things that don’t violate the move or show up on your record so your insurance costs don’t go up.

If your brother is a lawyer, he might call for it to be thrown out entirely, but otherwise, it’s unlikely.

How Much Is A Speeding Ticket In Arkansas

How Much Is A Speeding Ticket In Arkansas

Hiring a lawyer will not get your ticket dismissed, and if it does, the lawyer’s fees will be more than the ticket’s value.

Study: 9 In 10 Drivers Admit To Speeding In 2020

Arkansas law does not allow a prosecutor to reduce or dismiss a traffic citation for a CDL holder, even if you were only in your personal vehicle. This is because drivers who drive professionally are held to a higher standard than other drivers and those standards always apply.

Our only option in a CDL case is to argue aggressively and convince the judge that you are completely innocent. A CDL ticket costs $1500. A steep price compared to fines, but fines you’re not really trying to avoid. It’s a point on your license and a conviction can affect your employment status and insurance rates.

If you’re not a CDL, you don’t really need a lawyer. This is something you can do yourself – call the prosecutor and ask for a deal. Don’t start defending yourself, ask for leniency and offer a civil penalty, pass for removal, or any ongoing traffic violations such as impaired driving.

Fines range from $75-250 depending on the county and how fast you’re going. Attorney fees start at $500. Even if we save you the penalty, you will pay more than your savings! Especially since you can achieve the same result by calling the clerk yourself and asking for the contract.

Damascus Police Begins Issuing Tickets Again After Speed Trap Probation

If you still want to hire us – perhaps you live out of state and need to appear in court – or if this is your 3rd or 4th ticket or looking for effective legal representation from an Arkansas law firm that won’t break the bank, find us here What are your options and your situation? We’ll help you determine what the realistic outcome possibilities are Say the word and we’ll come to the rescue!

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How Much Is A Speeding Ticket In Arkansas

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Asp “click It Or Ticket” Enforcement Plan Scheduled

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Mph In A 55 Mph Zone: Virginia State Police Shares Picture Of Reckless Driving Ticket Issued In Norfolk On Social Media

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How Much Is A Speeding Ticket In Arkansas

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Most Expensive States To Get A Speeding Ticket — And The Car Models That Get The Most

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New Arkansas Law Targets Left Lane Drivers

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How Much Is A Speeding Ticket In Arkansas

Speeding is a very common, if very dangerous, driving habit. High speed leads to more accidents and fatal accidents. Even if your speed didn’t cause the accident, every Arkansas speeding ticket has consequences that last for years after the citation. If you are a chronic offender, you may have to pay fines, face license suspension and even jail time.

How Do Speeding Tickets Affect Your Insurance Rate?

Your Arkansas speeding ticket can also affect your car insurance. According to the 2021 Annual Premium Study, the average cost of auto insurance in Arkansas increases 25% after a speeding ticket.

How much will your insurance cost after a speeding ticket? The cost of your speeding ticket varies from state to state. Generally, the faster you go over the speed limit, the higher the fine you will have to pay. If you’re told you’re going 15 miles per hour or more over the speed limit, it’s considered a serious offense and the penalties are more severe.

The fines you pay for tickets aren’t the only financial consequences. You may face increased car insurance premiums after a speeding ticket in Arkansas. Although your age and gender also play a role, the average growth rate is 25%. Car Insurance Act

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